Can you taste it?

Can you feel the hunger for the hunt?

Hello, SRM lovers far and wide!

As previously announced, Skyrim Romance is launching a brand new mod currently in production called Hunt for Love. With all of the love and affection for Bishop, Cael, and Casavir shown by our amazing community for the original Skyrim Romance Mod, we thought we should share the love and expand the community a bit more.

In Hunt for Love, we’ve taken the original characters and re-imagined them with a genderbent twist. We have added in new backstories, adventures, quests, NPCs, and other exciting encounters into this brand new mod. Hunt for Love is designed with men in mind, inviting them to get lost inside a romance of their own.

Today, we’re giving you the first peek at our brand new characters featured in Hunt for Love!


The hunt is coming…

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  1. Mey August 1, 2018 at 11:16 am - Reply

    How exciting! I’m glad to see efforts to help the community expand 🙂 I know that this mod is going to be designed with men in mind, however I would like to ask if you would consider making the romance/dialogue gender neutral or perhaps make it keeping both men and women in mind. I know a lot of male Skyrim players who have female characters could benefit from this, as well as girls who like other girls- and this could help expand the community even more. With how much I enjoyed SRM 3.0 I’m excited to play Hunt for Love as well (it would be especially fun for me if I could play as a female character during the mod). Much love and please write back 🙂

    • Lottie Rose August 19, 2018 at 12:18 pm - Reply

      Hi Mey! So the direction given for this mod is that it will be more male-based, meaning our characters’ dialogue lines will be directed toward a male dragonborn player-character. However, that’s not to say a mod in which there are both male and female characters to romance or flirt with is out of the question. There’s just a lot running concurrently right now in terms of the mods that are in development. But I’m right there with you! Stay tuned, darling! <3

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