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//Skyrim Romance – NPCs
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Bishop is voiced by River Kanoff *New Version Coming Soon!*

Location: In Riverwood in front of the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Description: “With his perpetual shadow of facial hair and rugged physique, Bishop is rather handsome even if his demeanor is thoroughly unwelcoming. Late into his twenties, this veteran of the wilderness has scars and burns across his skin. Constantly on the look out, sniffing the air and checking what’s behind him, Bishop’s hands are always on his weapons. Every time you look over to Bishop, he’s looking right back at you.”

Character Information
  • Main Romance Follower
  • Tons of new dialogue
  • Interacts with the other characters
  • Full Flirt Menu available
  • Strong capable fighter with perks

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Casavir is voiced by Daniel Pierce

Location: In Solitude near gate entrance.

Description: “Casavir radiates an aura of strength even though his face often carries an expression of resignation. Well into his thirties, Casavir takes his status as a paladin very seriously and maintains a dignified and sophisticated air to him. Casavir is polite, measured and calm in speech and body language.”

Character Information
  • Invites you to the Grand Crystal Ball
  • Lots of banter between Bishop
  • Buys you fancy dresses and jewelry
  • The Perfect White Knight

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Cael is voiced by Chris Gaughf

Location: In Markarth near gate entrance in a cage.

Description: “Cael is a Forsworn also known as the Wolf of the Reach.  He is part of the aggressive force attacking Markarth, Cael was captured in warfare and is being held a prisoner at Markarth’s city gates.  Despite his primitive nature, Cael is a sharp tactical agent who is a force to be reckoned with.”

Character Information
  • You must decided to kill or save him
  • Lots of banter between Bishop
  • Offers to be your lover

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Darren is voiced by Ryan Hoyle

Location: In Winterhold by the Frozen Hearth

Description: “Darren is an eager mage studying at the College of Winterhold.  His romantic interest in the Dragonborn becomes very apparent when they first meet in the town of Winterhold.  He will ask her to join him in The Frozen Hearth for a drink and some private conversation.”

Character Information
  • Asks you on a date
  • Lots of banter between Bishop
  • Wants to get to know you
  • Not afraid to fight for your hand

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Neeshka is voiced by Hena Garcia

Location: At Whiterun inside the Bannered Mare.

Description: “Neeshka is a thief located at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.  She likes her men wild and untamed and instantly takes interest in Bishop.  Whether the attraction is reciprocated is to be seen.”

Character Information
  • Takes what she wants when she wants
  • Brings competition for the Dragonborn
  • Lots of Banter with Bishop

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Raven is voiced by Brandon Kennedy

Location: At Riften near Honeyside.

Description: “Raven is a suave handsome highwayman that robs travelers as they enter the city.  But the only thing he wishes to steal from the Dragonborn is a single kiss. “

Character Information
  • Asks to steal a single kiss
  • Will melt your heart in a second
  • Is in awe of the Dragonborn

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Thorn and His Gang



Thorn and his gang is voiced by Andrei Saar and Brandon Kennedy.

Location: At Falkreath in front of the entrance to the town.

Description: “Thorn and His Gang are long term rivals of Bishop.  Thorn their leader is a strong handsome leader is only concerned with revenge and taking the Dragonborn as a trophy. “

Character Information
  • Lots of banter between Bishop
  • Wishes to take you as prisoner
  • Dangerously Sexy

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Thomas and Darian


Thomas and Darian are voiced by Justin James and Mir Weiss Najibi

Location: In Riverwood infront of the Sleeping Giant Inn

Description: “These hunters are good friends, but find conflict once they both lay eyes on the beautiful Dragonborn”

Character Information
  • Fun banter between them

Marin and Arias


Marin and Arias are voiced by Justin James and Aleksandar Ivicic

Location: At Whiterun inside The Drunken Huntsmen.

Description: “Marin tries to stop his drunk friend Arias from being lecherous to the Dragonborn.”

Character Information
  • Fun banter between them

Frodo and Anomen


Frodo and Anomen are voiced by Justin James and Mir Weiss Najibi

Location: At Riften infront of the Temple of Mara

Description: “These two best friends debate who get’s to court the Dragonborn.”

Character Information
  • Fun banter between them