Congratulations Cael!

You have been chosen to be the newest in-depth romance character for Skyrim Romance.  The voice actor that will be voicing Cael is the amazing Christian *Aranas* Gaughf.  His smooth, silky, sexy voice captured hearts all over the world with his words of poetry.  The writers have begun to write and the character is taking form into the newest in-depth romanceable character.

New updates for Skyrim Romance Mod are going to be developed as well.  I have received wonderful suggestions and ways to improving this mod and I’m excited to get started!  More lines for Bishop will be added, with more conversation decisions/answers, more characters and fixes to bugs.

Future updates also include the Skyrim Romance Animation Add-on that is being put into production  as well.

Also, I have added a donation button to the main page to help aid me in the process of developing this mod further.  If you feel inclined to help out, I would be very thankful!

As I mentioned in my post before I am making an in-depth walk-through of Skyrim Romance Mod that I will be releasing to YouTube in episodes.  If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’m planning to release my first Skyrim Romance Walk-through Episode 1 here in the next few days or less.

Also one of our main writers Elizebeth Warden has an awesome tumblr account if you want to check it out!

Here are a few awesome screen shots taken of Skyrim Romance Mod!

By JoshuaSmith1234



By JoshuaSmith1234




By JoshuaSmith1234



By Jukegirl223