What’s that I hear you saying? Is SRM really on Facebook? Yes it is because I am talking to myself in this strange pseudo narrative of a blog post article that is now meta because I just made it become self-aware. Don’t let me become a journalist.



We are on Facebook! The page will be run by myself, moderator Iris who you may know from the chat, and Mara.  It will be filled daily with fun content related to Skyrim romance in general (that includes other romance mods we may find) as well as much official exclusive content we won’t release on the website. This includes:


  • Monthly competitions with prizes varying from artist commissions, custom stories, requested lines from VAs, mentions in our new mod, etcetera!

  • Sneak peak videos of our upcoming mod, Forbidden Love!

  • Weekly features of the talented people who we work with!

  • Audio files of Forbidden Love! 

  • Facts you never knew about all of our characters, the mods and the team!

  • A thousand screenshots from Tara and Mara’s beastly PCs as they make the mod!

  • Quotes and visual recreations of scenes between RP Bishop and Cael in the chatrooms!

  • Shares of content we use in screenshots/the mods/we generally love using/we find. This will be the place to find links to the best outfits, mods and textures!

  • Insights into the daily banter and frustrations that go into making a mod!

  • Video series from SRM people all around the globe! Interviews! Let’s Plays! Parodies! BETA Testing! Trailers! Reviews! Naked guards swimming in a river of cabbages!

  • Hopefully less exclamation marks!


This is Facebook, a business which encourages business through advertisement. Currently, our page does not reach many people at all as we cannot afford the daily advertisement fees, so our (virtual) life is in your hands. I know that every page under the sun encourages you to like and share posts but it really does help us and every single one helps share the word! Every time you like, comment or share something from us, you get a cookie. Seriously. Ruru baked them. Cupcakes too. Hand-picked cherries. We have a whole buffet for people who give us a hand.*


If you wish to see our content more often, you have two options. I recommend 1 as 2 will become insane.

1: You can set our posts to always appear on your news feed when we publish them.

2: You can set it so you get a notification every time we post. 

FB page

We look forward to seeing you there!


– AlassinSane


*All mentioned foods may or may not be virtual property in our colourful imaginations. Don’t sue us.