Hello Everyone!

We are getting so close now, only a few days away from the release and I can already feel the excitement & nervousness!  I’m going to try and stock up on my sleep as much as I can but I know it will be more and more difficult as I work late nights to make sure everything is perfect for May 27, 2017 release date.

Special Thank you CPU

Before I get into the Skyrim Romance Guide I want to give a special thank you CPU our Master Scriptor, a generous and wonderful man who is one of the moderators of LoversLab.  I met him through one of my animators Anubis (who made the Ballroom dancing animation),  CPU truly was one of the great engineers in the development of Skyrim Romance Animated 3.o, with his extensive knowledge, masterfully skill, enduring patience and immense kindness.  He scripted the animations start to finish kissing, holding, ballroom dancing, sex and all animations that make the mod breathe with life and realism.  Through late nights and weekends he was dedicated to help me develop the vision I saw for Skyrim Romance Animated, without his help Skyrim Romance would not have animations.  So the community, the team and myself give him a standing ovation for his amazing contribution to the mod.  Also, additionally he was the one to pave the bridge between Loverslab and Nexus, an unknown alliance to connect the two modding giants. And what better than a mod that was about love, Skyrim Romance.  With deep sincerity and love thank you CPU <3 <3 <3

Special Thank you GypsyWolf

Also I want to give a special thank you to Gypsywolf, whom has been the most passionate and featured writers here on Skyrim Romance website and has engraved her words onto the very heart of the mod itself.  Her passionate writing and love of Bishop ignited Skyrim Romance with the passion is so needed to bring Bishop to life.  With many talented writers that paved the way of Skyrim Romance’s foundation and depth, Gypsy’s input through the progression of the mod was vital to its success.  With her skills and knowledge of Bishop she was able to bring his charm back into the writing and I am so grateful for her dedication to the mod and her love for Bishop.  Her writing helped inspire me and sculpt a deep connection into Bishop’s most passionate and sexual depths and bring Skyrim Romance to it’s most intimate scenes. Also, additionally her writing with the flirt menu, rest menu, love confession, re-written & reworked new NPC encounters, Post sex conversations and new romance scenes. Her skills and contribution to the mod is greatly appreciated.












Special Thank you Peri

Another extremely grateful thanks is to my dear friend Peri.  She is our connection to our Japanese friends and has translated each mod version into Japanese for the last three years.  She is also our Lead Mesh Artist who has dedicated so much of her talents and time into the construction of each of Skyrim Romance’s special and unique 3D models.  Thanks to her we have our own ballgowns which she developed and designed many of, Karnwyr’s custom appearance, Bishop’s custom armor, custom wedding ring, pregnancy outfits, ground models and so much more.  So is one of the sweetest and most giving woman I have ever known.  She is always so delighted to help and does so with a joyful heart and gracious soul.  Her hours of dedication to the mod gave it the beautiful uniqueness to each character and scene will always be loved and appreciated.  The ballgowns are one of a kind beauty that she made possible.  She helped me achieve my goals of making Karnwyr into a real timber wolf!  I am so blessed to have her in my life for so many years.



Peri’s Adorable Avatar <3

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