Hello Everyone!

Mara here!  I decided it was time for an update, I’ve been so busy beta-testing the mod.  This has been such a long journey for me and I appreciate the support from everyone I have been given through it all.  It’s been a total of three years since I began Skyrim Romance, I have been creating the entire mod with the Creation Kit since day one.  It was so hard for me to learn the Creation Kit to make the vision I had for Skyrim Romance, each release has taken me a year to make.

First, Skyrim Romance 1.0, Skyrim Romance 2.0 and now Skyrim Romance Animated 3.0 which has passed the year mark but is now more than doubled Skyrim Romance 2.0 in size.  My skills in modding, website development, social media and leadership have developed over the years because of the Skyrim Romance mod.  The overall hits of the site and mod have reached over 3 million in total which is so incredibly impressive!  So I just want to thank you guys for helping me reach these incredible goals and going through this journey with me.  <3 I love this community and every user that has joined is unique and special.  I look forward to speaking with you guys every time I can find a spare moment to drop in the chat.

To review my latest progress, I have been going over Skyrim Romance Animated 3.0 Beta by myself.  I have not had a complete and flawless run through of the mod.  I have successfully beta tested up until the honeymoon scene.  With all the extra content added to the mod it takes me a total of two days of testing to just get to this point and I know how to get through it super fast!  It’s incredibly in-depth and I am so proud of it.  To be honest with you guys I am embarrassed of 2.0 when compared to Skyrim Romance Animated 3.0, I feel the quality, content, locations, dialogue, immersion, romance and NPCS have so vastly improved that 2.0 does not even come close.  I have improved the mod and it’s experience exponentially since over a year ago.

My next testing stage is post marriage content and dialogue.  A lot of new content for after marriage has been added to Skyrim Romance Animated 3.0, testing all conversations and their three choice dialogue options takes running through it multiple times.  Then after that is testing the pregnancy, which means running through the pregnancy cycle with many different body types.  I need to check the growing belly and how it affects different races.  Finally after pregnancy I have to test the child and their dialogue and scenes with Bishop.

After I have a complete flawless run through with all of these things, the Skyrim Romance Team will be beta testing the final stages.  When the mod is completed, Nexus has asked to review the mod for approval.  Since this is one of the first mods that combines Nexus and Loverslab, it’s bridge between the two worlds of these large modding communities.  It’s a momentous accomplishment and it’s something I have great happiness into building for this wonderful community.

I will try to keep you guys more updated I know it’s been a long wait.  To be honest I’m being asked multiple times a day when it will be released, with this new information you can see we still have a ways to go.  When it’s reaching these stages I will update you on it’s progress, I am getting closer and closer to the finale.

With all the new content that I added I “bit off more than I could chew” I realize that now, but it’s never discouraged me.  It’s just taken a little longer to iron it all out. I wouldn’t have the release any other way, Skyrim Romance has been my masterpiece and for me I’ve done everything with it that I’ve ever imagined and more.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support!

– Mara