Hello My Beloved Community,

  After much testing and tying up loose ends, we are finally releasing Skyrim Romance 3.1! The Skyrim Romance Team thanks you for your patience and support through the process of beta testing. Skyrim Romance has been a passion project of ours for many years, so we are happy that this update will fix some of the bugs you may have come across while traveling with our favorite moody ranger. Below will be a list of fixes that Skyrim Romance 3.1 has to offer.


SRM 3.1 Bug Fixes and Tweaks


  • Dragon priest mask display fixed
  • Weapon plaque in cottage basement
  • The player bed in sravhouseinterior was fixed, the play did not own the bed
  • “A Night to Remember” Quest
  • “Are you insane! You are going to trust that-that overgrown lizard and fly it!?” Bishop speech fixed to happen only at Whiterun at the Great Porch
  • “Bishop’s Wolf Ring” for the additional race
  • Patio benches to appear at the Honeymoon Cottage
  • Daedric Artifacts Displaying
  • Removed previous wedding quest “sravArieWeddingScene”


Luckily, you do not need to start a new game after installing this update! Just download, install and select “replace all”, and play! We wanted to make sure our community could spend time with their families and friends on Christmas without the overwhelming urge to be wooed by a handsome and sharp tongued man. So we released it today instead of on Christmas.


  A final thanks to our beta testers and of course the modders that made this update possible! We, The Skyrim Romance Team wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Please ENDORSE the mod page!!!!

Please Click Here to Download New Version

This is an update to the original Skyrim Romance Animated version, it has the same requirements.

If you need a guide for the installation please see our video here.


A non-Sexlab version will be released soon.

Sincerely with love,

Mara and Eboni


Featured image by Causticwitch