WOW! This had to be one of the most intense moments of my life!  My heart was beating so hard and my face was a permanent smile all day!  The mod is now finally released!  Oh my goodness the amount of work put into Skyrim Romance 3.0 took everything I had to complete it and was one of most greatest sacrifices I have made in my life.  A huge THANK YOU to my team and my amazing voice actor and Super Star River Kanoff who voiced thousands of lines and incredible talent to make Bishop come to life.  Thank you everyone for sticking by my side and never giving up on me!  <3

You can download Skyrim Romance 3.0 at the link below!  Remember to run FNIS after install of this mod!

The site took a huge beating today, but it withstood the largest amount of traffic the site has ever encountered!

Also for myself the weeks leading up to the release of the mod have been the most hardest to get through.  Bringing it all together, beta-testing, enduring late nights and a full time job during the day.  I can only thank God that I was able to withstand the incredible hardship and journey.  The photo that describes me at this moment…


I do plan on sticking around to make sure everything is set and good to go before I take my break!  But today hanging out with the packed chat room with messages going 100 miles per hour was one of the funnest & exciting moments ever!  Thanks guys for the huge hype and patience leading up to the final release of the mod.

I want to share some of the funny gifs that I was able to catch along the way during the HYPE TRAIN! <3 Mara

Featured Painting by Mara






























Casavir and Bishop