The amazing video series Machinima is now released, please see videos below.

A message from Louisharee:

I am in love – I am in love with the mod, the story, River’s voice of
course (!) and all the passion the team has invested.
A special thanks goes to Mara – a woman with visions and passion –
without you this community and Skyrim Romance would not exist!
With my Machinima project, I would like to give a bit of all the love
and passion back in return.
And it is also meant to bring this wonderful story to all those, which
can not play this mod.
I was lucky to win Druundev as the voice of The Dragonborn.
A young danish woman who has recorded that role next to her school –
an absolute feat next to her exam! She really did a great job!!
For me, this project is only the beginning of much larger, much more
complex projects.
On my to do list are “Forbidden Love” and “Casavir Romance” far up.
I am grateful to be a part of this community and proud to be an active
part of the team!
I hope you like my work ūüôā

Louisharee Zan



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