I am proud to announce the first translations of Skyrim Romance 3.0 into Japanese, Polish & German.  These amazing women have stepped up and translated the mod so that others around the world can enjoy it!

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Japanese Version




German Version




Polish Version


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So what makes Skyrim Romance 3.0 so great?  A story & review by Santalum

The comfortable darkness of the Inn is broken as the heavy door of the Winking Skeever swings open, carrying the daylight and sounds of Solitude’s main drag. Normally the latest occupant headed to the bar would be a cause for hushed gossip, but today all were in quiet awe of not only the Dragonborn’s latest appearance in the capital city, but of her current choice of accessory.

She takes the far seat and motions to the barkeep for the usual ale. The owner’s son, Sorex Vinius takes the order, pushing her a tankard before going back to shining goblets. The glint of metal near her throat catches his eye. “Look at you,” he says, motioning with a cup still in his hand, “ wearing an Amulet of Mara. Are you saying you’re available?”

She looks him once over, jugging her prospects. Sorex was a well off man, with broad shoulders, dark profile, and a full beard. She certainly wouldn’t be bad off marrying a man like him. She leans in one elbow, gaze flirtatious, “Perhaps. Interested in me, are you?” He shrugs, “You are pleasant company, more than pleasant. And what about you?”


… I’m sorry Sorex, did you just treat possible marital intent from the god damned walking talking legend of our age with the passing interest equal to, “Meh, I guess I have nothing better to do next Tirdas”? Are. You. KIDDING ME?!

From your standard marriage options to modded companions; the struggle for an interesting, engaging and marriageable male companion is very real. Until now!


Welcome to Skyrim Romance 3.0

Find all that you’ve been longing for and much, much more!


The charming yet rogue Ranger, Bishop

He’s dark, he’s sarcastic, he’s strong and forward, flirtatious and protective. Sometimes he’s a downright jerk. But at the end of the day he won’t let you forget he’s your Ranger and you his Ladyship.

Battle your way through the waring land of Skyrim with Bishop at your side, along with his loyal wolf Karnwyr. Bishop will always almost always have a comment on your current adventure. Whether venturing in a cavern or doing quests for the Companions, Bishop will be sure to let you know what’s on his mind (especially how he doesn’t like the way those werewolf twins keep eye you up).

Into roleplaying? Mara has got you covered. With multiple avenues for dialog your Dragonborn can respond and interact with Bishop in your own way. Play innocent at his sexual innuendos or shoot back a witty retort. Its up to you!


Romance at every turn

Not only will you have your very own sexy ranger, but Skyrim Romance 3.0 adds a variety of attractive men. A white knight to take you to a grand ball. A forsworn chief inviting you to join his clan. A talented musician invites you to his next recital. And a…. Drunk pirate!

All across Skyrim there will be different and engaging men along with original content you can complete with Bishop at your side.


Dazzling new locations and never before seen animations

The team at Skyrim Romance has not only worked to bring the characters of this mod to life, but the amazing new destinations as well. The most notable would have to be the absolutely amazing ballroom has been added to the Blue Palace for a grand ball and custom gowns. New and improved for the 3.0 you’ll be blown away by the detail of the crystal chandeliers, and gold and ivory marbling as your character dances the night away with custom waltz animations, made just for SRM.


Live your dream wedding and family life like never before

Have the fantasy wedding of a lifetime in a beautiful garden, another original location for Skyrim Romance. Once you’ve tied the knot, move into your Honeymoon Cottage, a now upgraded, charming home fully loaded for your new life. You can even experience the various staged pregnancy, give birth, and raise a child.


If you’re looking for hours of additional questing, a professionally voiced companion, or just a hunk to follow you around as you blast dragons out of the sky; you can’t go wrong with Skyrim Romance 3.0!

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Download the mod here: (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71754/?)

For installation assistance: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHWTLgJFvAQ)

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