We’ve been teasing about this for months and the time has finally arrived! At long last, the Official SR Discord server is now open to the public! We are ecstatic to invite all of our community into this new server, whether you’re looking for some advice on how to best woo your companion, itching to chat with others about their adventures, or possibly looking to get involved with one of our teams directly.

All of Skyrim Romance is pleased to offer you access to the very best of who and what we are. Members of the Discord chat will have exclusive access to polls put out by our staff, as well as updates from the SR website, special events and contests, and a few other surprises! Community members will also be able to connect with other artists, writers, modders, and other talented individuals like never before. We’ve thus far been fortunate enough to have a smooth testing and transition period in integrating Discord usage (with deep thanks to the many people who assisted), and we’re happy to incorporate community suggestions as they roll in!

Finally, we want to express our deep gratitude to Eboni, our SR Marketing Team leader, for spearheading this new chapter for Skyrim Romance. Eboni collaborated diligently with Mara and many members of the Skyrim Romance community to develop our new home away from home. This new Discord playground opens up many great opportunities to reach out and connect with our community in ways we have previously been unable on the SRM website. We all deeply appreciate Eboni’s work in laying the foundation here, and we’re sure you will too as we continue to make it grow.

So what are you waiting for?? Come join the community!!

Official SR Discord server link:   https://discord.gg/wghXjPs


Special Thanks to Eboni, Muunie, LarnieaOfNarnia & LottieRose