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An extremely well executed and well thought out mod with obviously a lot of work put into it. The main characters of the mod are nice and three dimensional and the comedy relief characters are genuinely funny and interesting at times. Voice acting is top notch. My personal favorite voice was Casavir ( Voice fits the character very well hats off to you Daniel Pierce) I really liked the fact that there can still be mods as well made as this even when Skyrim Modding has slowed down. Personally i would really like to see some female romance options too (i don’t mean like competition like Neeska but kinda like Bishop romance) and some male competition for the Bishop and Cael and etc.

Thanks for the perfect mod,
P.S will there be a male centric mod like this from the SkyrimRomance team?

~AsherZen (Taylan Ergil)

Anyway thank you so so much again. Best Mod Ever.

X Meg.


This mod bring out a screaming little fan girl in me and please let your team know even if it's from some stranger on the internet that I've had the most fun in the past 2 hours with this mod installed then I ever have in Skyrim before. I literally cannot thank you and your amazing and talented staff enough for making this. It sounds awfully weird I know to gush as I have but it's how much this mod has affected me personally. 

There is one thing I forgot to mention and I'm not saying it needs to change because it's fine as is but the other 3 suitors; overly romanticized. 
I think the reason Bishop is the best pick if the only one currently is because he has his quirks. when you meet him and excuse my lovely language; Dragonborn? Why do I care? A single fuck isn't given even if your a person of stature in Skyrim. But the others, when you meet them all instantaneously just; I love you. It makes it far less interesting, I'm not saying overhaul their dialogue but if you don't have to fight for their love, then why try at all? If they are boot kissers from the start how will it change to make it exciting?

Casavir for example; Paladin, white knight, maybe falls in love with you enough to try to break his knightly vows? Sexy, oh yes. Very. But if he's infatuated from the start then it's not.. Exciting. If you ever expand on him I would love to see what kind of 'darkness' he's hiding as Bishop suggests in their conversation. But if he's wanting to do it from the start then it'll be hard to make it fresh, and heart pounding as bishop was made to do. (Without fail may I add. -insert fangirling-) Now this is no insult to your writers but it's hard to love someone who doesn't feel like a person even if it's in Skyrim. If they say all the perfect things, well there's a prince for your princess. again Bishop, definitely not perfect. Would I choose him over anyone so far given the choice; absolutely. some hate Bishop which is fine because we both know he's an ass however, that makes him more believable. He won't say or do things just to get you to like him .which bring me to the thing you've done wonderfully. Development of character. Even if it's fast paced seeing how Bishop's words and actions change over time is just awesome. (Not saying they all have to be mean but it's boring listening to how amazing you are every time they speak with you unless you like that sort of thing then why not?)

Okay I've bothered you enough for one night and I thank you with thegift of a mightysoul of a dragon and a sum of gold to further fund your endeavors in this project. Cheers! I will be donating to you later this evening and I hope it will be enough to get your staff a boost of confidence!


To See Skyrim Romance Review fast forward to 3:00!!!!






Loaded up this mod out of curiosity and I have only two words: My ovaries. Holy cringle crap this is amazing, simply put it’s one of the best mods I’ve gone through and I haven’t even played all too much of it. I always thought it was silly the amount of hot female companions you could get but you could never really find any male counterparts.
‘Scuse me while I just fangirl over here forever and bleed estrogen out of my eyes.


I don’t comment on here very often so I’ll be blunt; this is quite possibly the best mod I’ve EVER downloaded and played save the GEMS (which moderators if you’re listening this mod NEEDS to be a GEM if not seriously encouraged). I’m not giving much up but Bishop really tugs at the heart strings. At first not really but later on. For a hopeless romantic like me (surprisingly I’m a guy and I LOVE romance novels) this mod makes the unfeeling vanilla version of marriage obsolete. You feel a connection which is what the vanilla lacked. Vanilla was mostly, “hey you like greatswords and so do I so lets get married!” It felt empty, cold and hollow. I realize the whole idea was that life could be very hard and short in the game but still the marriage seemed more like another job not an actual relationship. I realize its just a game but when a guy like me actually starts to feel tears welling up in his eyes when progressing in this mod you know when someone has done a VERY good job at modding.

WingedTwilightoftheDawn…you are an artist! You’ve filled a void in the game that all but gutted the soul of it. When you play its just another RPG so that when you die you just reload from a different save. Now…with the female Dragonborn having someone who really cares about them you get the notion of, “I can’t afford to die because someone is waiting for me to come home.” Auughh the FEELS!

Moderators I don’t want to give this one endorsement; I want my next 6 years of endorsements pooled into this mod. It’s really breathed life into the game. Life where it needed it the most; the heart.


This is the mod I always wanted but was more than sure would never be made! Thank you to everyone who made/helped with this mod, you made a girl’s guilty pleasure come true!

Gah, I love all the characters!
Hahaha, It was great when I first tried out the mod I was surprised(though not in a bad way) by Bishop’s attitude towards Dragonborn right off the bat; I had a to start a new game because I didn’t think my big, tall, werewolf-looking scarred-up Nord lady was going to get along well with a man who called her the other word for a tool or a barlady. Or maybe they could? …Probably not.

But honestly, Cael was my total favorite! His lines, man. Especially the last one before you decide what to do with him♥ /melts. Those words are pretty much burned into my brain…
I really hope you decide to expand on him!

I wish I could comment on everything but since I am more of a lurker than a commenter… and this is my first comment ever… I feel like I’m not adding anything that hasn’t already been said!
Thanks again for the wonderful mod!


I finally finished this masterpiece today and all I can say is HOLY s***T this mod is AMAZING!

Of all the years that I have been playing Skyrim and modding, this is by far the best mod out there. Let me say that again. BY FAR THE BEST MOD OUT THERE! I wanted to say thank you again to Mara the creator and the whole team that worked on this beast. The voice acting was insanely superb – its like every voice matched the character perfectly. My favorite character was Bishop by far. He was well written and the way Jonah Scott delivered the dialog made his character so damn interesting. I really hope that this project will be expanded into more plot lines with Casavir and Cael. I had to replay the whole Crystal Ball story a few times because…well…*ahem* I thought someone extracted my fantasy and put it into a video game! I also think Raven would be an interesting character to expand on as well, maybe not on a grand scale like Bishop but a bit more story like Casavir and Cael.

I think it would be nice to see more interesting dialog with Bishop after you marry him. While there is some new dialog (I think maybe two or three sentences referring to you as his wife), but it would be nice to see more, and possibly take out the older options (like the menu selection of the comment of the tavern girls to your liking.)

I really can’t say enough great things about this mod. I better stop before I get all fan-girl crazy! <3


I just want to say that I absolutely love your mod and I’m amazed at the level of quality and well.. just everything about it! It’s so great to finally have a relationship in skyrim that actually feels like a real relationship. None of the “Oh hi honey, have some coin from this imaginary shop I randomly set up, in literally 2 seconds. Ok bye Honey, see you whenever you get back in a year or so.” I just wanted to give you my thanks and tell you how great of a job you and your team, including voice actors and such, did on this mod. It really is something fantastic. 🙂

Best mod I’ve ever experienced, you did such a great job on this. I can really tell that everyone involved worked very hard. The characters, voice’s and dialogue were perfect. You even worked in many surprises and it was never expected. I’d give this mod a million out of 10 and endorse 1 billion times if i could! Great job, i really hope to see more in the future! ^_^




This mod was utterly stunning. Once I started playing, I couldn’t stop! The dialogue was phenomenal as well as the thought-out character plots.



Hi Mara & Team!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your efforts on this mod, it must have been such a labour of love for you. I started to mod Alistair from DAO into Skyrim (using the origin voice files) but stopped the mod after the first hurdle – which was very early on 🙂 so I can appreciate the enormous effort you’ve all gone to here.

I loved Bishop on NWN2 and you’ve captured his spirit perfectly. and his conversation with Casavir is classic! So again a huge thank you! I’m not a great modder (can’t get my follower to follow lol) but if I can help at all in the future with testing or even some voice acting (I’ve had some training and limited radio experience) please let me know. Please note that I am Australian with a voice on the posher side – more Naomi Watts than Sam Worthington (“come at me bro”) thankfully 🙂

Anyway thank you so so much again. Best Mod Ever.

X Meg.

I found your mod watching Skyrim mods weekly by MMOxReview, and I’m SO glad I watched it
It has been a while since I played skyrim, but I just instaled this mod and now I simply CAN’T stop playing!

I love everything about it- the characters, the writing, the voices…It’s all perfect! I’ve been dreaming about a romance mod or just a follower mod that was aimed at the female audience for AGES and I’m so hyped about it now!

Best. Mod. Ever.
I can’t express my gratitude enough.


Well,that surely was a lot of work!
Even if i’m a straight male and thus only tested the mod out,
it’s a great addition to the game 

Maybe some modders will bring out some optional romance options for guys
based on your mod. That would be great! 

Keep it on! 
People like you make the game even better!


Just got back from your home page. I have downloaded and endorsed your file, I am a firm supporter of all mods that add realism or innuendo to the stage we play on. After all, Skyrim is a theatre for many of us and mods like this improve that to no end.



I'd just like to give a review that everything was, very, very well done. And that's just after having bishop around for 30 minutes, i love his design, you made it spot on. While I've never actually play'd the old Bioware game, Neverwinter Nights. You all seem to have spent your hearts at this work, I belive you all need a good recommendation for it, and some nice words.

The voice acting is stunnish, i'm the type of person, who's very, very, very iffy on mod voicing. But, man you folks pulled it off, really well aswell! I feel like there's so much to explore now with a companion that progresses like I do, it feels good to have company, I haven't seen all the goodies this mod has yet, so I'm eager to jump on it right now, I just thought I'd give you all a review, that the mod is perfectly made, it makes me want to play the game even more, thank you so much for creating this. You all brought some sweet story progress into it, a Bioware feel to it, and since I'm a very, very big fan of Bioware. It's good, just... BRILLIANT, hope all goes well with you all in the future! 

Much love, Caroline. &lt;3

THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this kind of mod, I really appreciate all of the work that’s gone into this and i’m so excited to start playing…the female community thanks you.


While I do consider myself exceptionally in touch with my sexuality, I can only be called M’lady in a deep silky voice so many times before I start squirming. I appreciate what you’ve done though and will gladly make my first female player character to experience this mod. Will endorse if I can make it to the end or it turns out I’m gay.


Having placed a comment on the last incarnation of this absolutely wonderful mod, I’m pleased I get a chance to respond again (and endorse) this mod which I’ve been waiting on and searching for since Skyrim launched! This is an obvious labour of love from all involved, so all kudos to WingedTwilight for the vision that created this, and to DigitalVixen for all the assistance she’s been providing as well. This for me is about must-have a mod as their can be for a deeper and more intimate experience in the narrative of my character’s “life” in the game. I can’t wait to see any further evolutions of this masterpiece, and plan to enjoy this like dark chocolate… slow and savoured! ^^ As far as any suggestions for the future, I can think of only one, which I mentioned in my last post: it would be even more involving if the NPCs that you meet or comment about you made some observations regarding the PCs race (orc, dunmer, vampire, etc). As a player who runs multiple characters, it’s always a boon to immersion to be recognized for it. Either way, amazing mod! Many Thanks!


Skyrim Romance Review by AsherGaming




Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who created this mod. I’ve been searching forever for a male followers/love interests mod with female audiences in its mind. I always wished that there could be a mod with beautifully created, fully voiced, marriable male npc (just like hundreds of beautifully created, fully voiced, marriable female npcs out there) , so this mod is way more than what I was asking for. One of the best feature of this mod is the voice acting. It is done by professionals so the all of the voices are top-notched. I seriously can go on forever about their voices (I watched MxR’s review and when Bishop started to speak I was like, WAS THAT JONAH SCOTT?). Another thing is that, although I haven’t explore them all, but I trully love the variety of NPCs that this mod has to offer (Forsworn! people tend to forget about them). So yeah, again, thanks for bringing us this mod. It is a very ambitious and promising project. There are still a few minor bugs here and there but they are not game-breaking. I hope it can become an initiate that encourages more contents aiming at female players.


This has some freaking amazing voice acting. I understand a few of them are professionals? Are they willing to work for other mods? I would love to have the Bishop and Casavir VAs for other projects! You should use them again for more dialogue! I would love to hear more of them! Very good work everyone. 10/10 would reccomend.



Thank you so very much for you and the team working on this mod for us! I am very pleased to see this and watch it develop. I have a feeling it is going to go very far and become glued to our mod list.

P.S. Thank you to DigitalVixen for the fixes (read on description).


Thank you, really appreciate the work done here, the whole team. Been waiting a long time for a mod like this to come out. Now Skyrim feels complete, Thank God. Having more dialogue choices would spice up the story line, and looking forward to that in the future, if it will happen. Again thank you truly, theirs no mod like this, couldn’t believe it exist when first seeing it. Can’t wait to add screenshots.