Yes finally I have made the date for the Skyrim Romance 3.0 release and I’ve chosen May 27, 2017 to be the day I will upload the file on Nexus!!!!

I also want you guys to be ready to play right away, so I’ve arranged for you to get started with this amazingly written guide and installation tutorial by Santalum <3

Written Guide

Video Installation Guide

A Special Thanks to Santalum who spent so many months perfecting both the guide and the tutorial for this community and for anyone who wants to play Skyrim Romance 3.0.  She is one of the most sweetest and humble woman I have had the pleasure to work with.  She is also hilarious and she always make me giggle and aww with her adorable photos & videos of her little quail that she raises by hand.  Also, her adorable bunny.

Santalum’s YouTube account:

<3 <3Santalums Adorable Animal Photos <3 <3 Because I love the animals