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Questions we asked…

1) How would you compare SRM’s romance to the regular vanilla “romance”?


2) Do you think with the update for SRM that it has given the player a better insight into the ranger & his personality? How his past made him what he is when the DB first meets him?


3) Did you have a hard time finding the right personality to inflect into the voice of the ranger so many of us have fallen for?


4) Do you think Bishop’s past has maybe damaged his ability to connect with anyone? Or can you maybe empathize with his views on the world of Skyrim & how he sees it?


5) We know most of the writers for V3.0, the update, were female. Did you do anything to contribute to the ranger’s personality other than lending him your amazing voice talents? If so, can you elaborate?


6) If Bishop had a hidden talent, what do you think it would actually be? You know, something he doesn’t want anyone knowing he can do.


7) We know what was written in the mod but what kind of father do YOU think Bishop would be?


8) How do you think Bishop would react if he had a daughter? Would he be the super protective type of his little girl?


9) Has working on the SRM mod been a fun experience for you? Got a funny or silly story you’d like to share with all of us?


10) How high do you think SRM has set the bar for any future romance mods by other creators? For both male or female romances.


11) For anyone who has never played SRM at all, not any of the versions, do you have any advice for them on their first run through of the update?


12) Do you think mods like this can give insight for guys into what some women want or find appealing in the opposite sex?


13) Were you really drunk when you voiced certain lines for Bishop? We’ve all heard the rumours you were! :’D


14) How difficult was it to actually voice the more adult oriented content for the update? Were there times you just broke down laughing & couldn’t believe you were actually doing it? Not that we don’t appreciate your enthusiasm! XD (talking about the naughty sounds lol)


15) If your daughter took up retro gaming when older, would you tell her to not play the mod?


16) Do you think Bishop ever expected to find a woman to settle down with let alone one he could end up falling for? Or do you think he gave up on that or believed “love” was just a lie people tell themselves & it doesn’t really exist, especially for someone like him?


17) Out of all the other NPCs, in a drinking contest with the ranger, who would win? & who would be most likely to end up in jail or maybe naked in someplace questionable? :’D


18) If Bishop wasn’t a ranger & hadn’t had the childhood he did, what kind of profession could you see him doing? Farmer, blacksmith, maybe even a merchant or trader? Or something else entirely?


19) And last but not least, would you mind saying something romantic that is uniquely the ranger in the “Bishop voice” just for us?