Special Thank you to Elizabeth Warden for the questions below!  Enjoy!
1. Does it have any known issues with certain mods?
A: As of this moment no it doesn’t have any issues with any other mods. But I have a few beta testers who are going to review that once I have the mod completed. They will try to hunt those problems and give me a report before the release.
2. Will any mods be required to play this one?
A: No other mods are required to play. You will only need the Skyrim and it’s Update to play this mod.
3. Considering Hearthfire and all that, will Bishop have any sort of dialogue that refers to the children? It does not need to be interactive with the kids, but tell the Dragonborn how they’re doing and the like? Or maybe say things like “I still can’t believe you picked up these strays.” and maybe have him grow to like them? Or maybe not? Maybe if they get kidnapped, say that it’s the PC’s fault for not teaching them how to defend themselves? speaking of which, HF has a point were your spouse gets kidnapped; will that happen with Bishop?
A: I have not made a version for Hearthfire, but yes I do intend to make Bishop do and say those kind of things once I make the Hearthfire patch.
4. Will Bishop comment on the PC’s lycanthrope? Maybe say she’s stupid for selling her soul to a Daedric prince, even if her form is quite useful? Perhaps express that it’d be something he’d like for himself? Maybe say that now he will have Karnwyr as competition? (that one is ridiculous, sorry) Maybe have him comment when she feeds on corpses?
A:  Yes Bishop indeed will warn the PC no to get to close to Werewolves or Vampires “If she doesn’t want to mess up her pretty face” as he puts it.  I plan to make more dialogue when you actually become a Werewolf or Vampire.  Bishop’s reference to Daedric princes comes in his dialogue once he realizes he has fallen in love with the PC.  He questions her if she made some sort of deal with them to make him feel the way he does.  You can have Karnwyr follow you guys or return to Riverwood.  Karnwyr only follows Bishop and only responds when his master is in trouble.  I hope that answers that one!  I want to add some dialogue involving the PC feeding, Bishop definitely doesn’t like the undead or vampires he makes many references in game about them.
5. This question has been nagging me. TES are games which main focus is the fact that you live your adventure in first person view. So the character knows only what you can see. So if the PC isn’t present in parts like Bishop’s interactions with Neeshka and Casavir, why would we be able to see it? I’m not trying to pop your bubble here or anything, it’s just I don’t think it’d be appropriate unless the PC snuck up behind them and listened to their convo. But it’s perfectly fine, either way. I mean, it’s your mod.
A: Great question!  Alot of the dialogue is out in the open in front of the PC. But Bishop goes off away many times from the PC to have some of the conversations he has with other characters. Sometimes you can sneak and hide behind a wall to hear them.  For example Neeshka approaches Bishop as first brazenly infront of the PC, showing her interest. It’s not until later after you go to bath in the Bannered Mare’s new bath house, does Bishop go and stand by the door to guard it from any peeping toms. At this point if you’re not listening Neeshka will approach Bishop alone and try to seduce him and actually gets upset at him for choosing the PC. There are many times throughout the mod that these type of private conversations will happen you have to be on the look out!
6. Will Bishop’s be the only ‘big’ romance? or will the others develop further? Will we be able to marry Casavir, Cael, etc? I think it would be interesting and that it’d give a lot more depth to the mod. Also having them make comments about random stuff, like Bishop does. I think it’d be nice to have them actually develop feelings for the PC.
A:  I do wish to develop the other romances further.  But not until the release of the mod can I then judge which character’s romances will be developed further.  It all depends on the fans and who they want to have a further relationship with.  But the characters are set up for future add-ons as followers and romances on a larger scale.