The work of our amazing team has finally paid off! After much anticipation of new Forbidden Love content, we’re excited to bring you a glimpse into a world you’ll soon find yourself lost in with the launch of the site’s brand new home page!

View never-before-seen material. Delve into the story surrounding the Western Reach and the tribes within. Get a glimpse at the stunning scenery, amazing characters, and mystifying creatures you will encounter in this brand new landscape. On top of that, be treated to a small taste of the backstory on the gentle-yet-fierce chieftain of the Rudahan tribe himself!

This is only a small portion of what awaits you during the epic adventure you’ll partake in through this mod. Stay tuned for further updates as development progresses, and thank you for joining us on this amazing journey!

A huge thank you to DaedricDoll for the amazing screenshots for this page!

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More Forbidden Love pages still to come! Stay Tuned!


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