It’s been a month already?! Cor blimey.

With the banner almost completely revealed and the trailer coming on the last panel unveiling, this week’s panel brings a new feature to Skyrim Romance as well.


Bishop’s past is a big question and you will hear it from the man himself when the update comes. But a conversation is not a story and we have repeatedly stated that our Bishop is not the Neverwinter Nights 2 Bishop, so who is he?

A man with many siblings and a bandit family we’ve said. But where are they?

Bishop is a pessimistic womaniser who trusts nothing, not even the bunny rabbits, but how did he get like that?


This week’s panel features the ghosts of his past because that is exactly what is being published!

Once per week there will be a chapter released of Bishop’s backstory, Brothers in Arms. Going from when he was 17 years old to the current 27!


The first chapter is available for reading at these links:

The Blog –

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