Each panel depicts a major scene in the new update, Skyrim Romance 2.1, and this one definitely is.


Before we go any further I will make one thing clear:

You cannot get pregnant in the new update.

A mod such as BeeingFemale, Knocked Up, or Baby Mommas will allow your character to become pregnant or visually represent it, but they would have to be installed separately by you.

Now those of you who read this can answer that question if it is ever asked by someone else.

So what does it mean?

Well in the current mod you marry a man who is constantly trying to get you to do the do with him, but you never see any results of it conception-wise. After marriage he stays silent and blissfully unaware even as you possibly adopt and expand your family.

What this mod focuses on most of all is role-play. So although we cannot provide the options gameplay-wise, we have written dialogue for you to be able to discuss these things with Bishop.

Having a baby? Going to adopt? You can tell him and hear his reactions.

What happens after that is up to you and your story!


Have an awesome weekend guys!

– AlassinSane