Allo allo allooooo!

As promised, a new Saturday brings a new panel unveiled on our home page’s banner!


Now I will confirm two things only.

1: Yes, that is specifically Alduin’s head on our anonymous Dragonborn’s shoulder.

2: What does “rewritten” mean?


Well, we have not rewritten the entire mod. That would be a momentous year-long project that no one on the team is willing to do for a third time.

What Skyrim Romance 2.1 is, is new content meaning encounters, locations, outfits, animations, and most importantly, dialogue. Some of this content replaces parts of Skyrim Romance that we felt needed it the most. It’s not just rewriting, it’s a complete overhaul of those things written from scratch. As for what they are, you will have to wait and see!

So to experience all of this new content you will have to begin romancing Bishop again from the very start.

Another thing that “rewritten” means is that absolutely everything added by SR 2.1 will have the 3 personality choices for the Dragonborn in every conversation she’s in! This is not for the entire mod but it is a customisation for all of the replaced and new scenes that lets you, the player, interact with your own choice of how to respond and hear Bishop uniquely react to it!


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

– AlassinSane