Hello Everyone,

As we plan our new updates for the website.  We come across a very exciting and fun new feature, CHAT ROOM!  Whoo Hoo!  I imagine our Chat Room parties where we all get together and chat,  Or Meet the Voice Actors Chat, or Ask Questions Chat.  The possibilities are endless and so exciting!

I’m looking into this amazing chatroom called iFlyChat

The Features on it seems pretty awesome and exactly what I’m looking for design, functionality and quality.




As far as pricing goes Basic seems to the best option.  We can have 60 Simultaneous Users, No Branding from other Sites, Single Sign-On, Popup Chat, Tab Synchronization, Chat Moderation (No Trolls), Unlimited Chatrooms, and Global Embeded Chatroom.

The Basic is $19 a month, but we purchase a 1 Year Plan we get 10% off.

So the amount for a the iFlyChat comes out to be a $204.00


If we can raise $204.00 we can have our Chatroom for a whole year!

I believe having the Chatroom will bring us closer together as a community.  A fun, positive, and wonderful way for us all to get together to goof around, discuss games and mods,  to develop relationships and friendships with other gamers.

I’m not asking for donations for the mod Skyrim Romance or Forbidden Love.  I’m only asking for donations to improve our website by adding a Chatroom so we can all enjoy it together!

It might take some time to raise $204.00, a dollar here and there are little steps but we’ll get there eventually!

Donate on the Main page if you want a Chatroom

Thank you so much!