Hello, SRM community!

For those of you who are 18 years old and up, we’re having a night of naughty storytime in the SRM Discord tonight at 9PM EST!

Here’s how it works:

At 9PM EST we’ll gather the crowd in the NSFW voice chat on the SRM Discord.
If you’re not yet a part of the Discord community, click here: https://discord.gg/wghXjPs

We’ll gather some delicious NSFW fanfics from across the internet and members of the community will read all their scandalous content in our sultriest and weirdest voices, to the delight of the community listening on. If you know of some stories we could read, feel free to post them now in the Discord on the #nsfw_voicechat channel!

As this really is very NSFW content, only members who are 18+ will be permitted entry.

Prepare for shenanigans and debauchery! See you soon!