Yeah, try as I might I could not think of a witty title for that. Oh well, simple is best!

Through the auditioning it has come to my attention that we have a few singers in our cast. It would be such a shame if that aspect of their lovely voices was not used…

There is a party in Forbidden Love but sadly it is without music. What we need is a couple of fireside songs for the Forsworn, nothing complicated. Think along the lines of the normal tavern songs or those of any game. A lively but one-instrument ditty relating to the Forsworn. Maybe it could be about ridiculing Ulfric, the Old Ones the Forsworn worship (Ancient Nord gods, the animal symbols throughout Nordic ruins are their avatars), falling in love, mishaps or just about waking up in the wilds. Or how on earth these people wash and don’t smell atrocious.
Anything lyric-less suitable for looping subtly in the background would also be fantastic.

Go wild! If you’re not a musician feel free to submit something anyway, we could fit the lyrics to a vanilla tavern song if that’s extractable or even to a tune somebody else composes. Submit to

Do any of you know somebody who does this kind of thing, for free? If so, let us know!

Quality is paramount for any music recordings, I don’t think our voice actors have drums or maracas at hand to record with even if it’s just to the tune of humpty dumpty… Who knows, if we get a big enough response maybe we could hold a little contest…

– AlassinSane