Merry Christmas Art and Stories

By Eroeh
By Sunnval

Christmas Wager By Jiggle_Physics

“It’s not going to fit.” Gisla groaned while her husband stroked slow circles into the arch of her spine.
“C’mon Ladyship, a little faith here. It’ll fit, trust me.” Bishop nestled into the side of her neck where he buried his face, she’d pulled her mess of locks up despite the snow on the ground.
She shifted in his hold to raise an eyebrow at the man she’d decided to marry, “Fine. If you can get that damned tree into the house and not destroy anything when you cut the cord off it, I’ll wash the dishes for a week.”

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By Zira Davine
By TheChronicler

Skyrim One-Shots By Sylvia_Fey


Luna groaned, tossing the pies into the trash bucket with a sigh and shaking her head, “guess I gotta start over,” she muttered, lifting the bag of flour onto the table with a grunt.
“Something wrong, princess?” Bishop’s velvety voice purred from the doorway as he leaned against the frame, smirking at her with his arms and ankles crossed. 

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By Angel Awakened

The Dragon, The Ranger, and the Child By Slayer_Arakhiin


The cold winter breeze sang a symphony as it raced around the great mountains and past the leafless birch trees. Bishop clasped the hilt of his dagger, if there was anything that he hated more than Thorn and his gang, it was sitting idly not knowing whether his beloved was facing another blood dragon or pierced with sharp blade and bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere. “Dad, when will Mum get back?” Julian ruffled Eira’s head whilst lying against Karnwyr’s back. Bishop slashed his dagger one last time against the wet stone on his hand before setting both items down on the wooden table next to him “Your mother’s probably picking up her present for you.” Julian gave an exasperated groan before getting up from his spot and moving to sit next to his father, Eira followed but Karnwyr remained looking out to the road that led away from Riften.

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The Final Touchby Nivennoir
By Rona
By Causticwitch

By Causticwitch
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