• We all decided to go exploring further up the mountain to see if there were any clues to were my uncle was. I was wondering if he was hiding out in the woods and this was a joke he was playing on me. However, I realize that this was no joke. It still is a mystery about what happened to my uncle. My friends urged me to try and call my aunt to see…[Read more]

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    This is just the start of a story my daughter who is now 13 we started when she was 11 I just thought I would post some of the work we have done together. She loves Skyrim. She keeps up with skyrimromance website. I don’t let her read the ones which are 18+. She has not done pictures to this story yet. If you have comments or want to criticize the…[Read more]

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    During, my college years I remember during spring break my friends, and I selected to go up to my uncle’s log cabin. We decided to leave early Saturday morning. I went home to call my aunt to tell her some of my friends were coming with me to the log cabin up in the mountains. There was a mystery surrounding those mountains. The hills in the back…[Read more]

  • Nice Start can not wait to read more keep going


  • Can’t wait for this mod to be finished keep up the great work and i know more and more are so excited about this updated version coming out. I wonder if this will be the skyrim romance team christmas present to everyone ūüôā

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