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    Product Introduction
    Godsend’s 3.6V 25Ah NCM(LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2) battery cell is built with high energy density, high power output and high stability. It can be applied for EVS and E-bus. The GSNCM46160M-25 delivers high useable energy over the charge-discharge process.
    Item Specification
    Model GSNCM46160M-25
    Rated capacity 25Ah
    Rated voltage 3.6V
    Standard charge current 1C (25A)
    Max. continuous discharge current 4C (100A)
    Max. instant discharge current 8C (200A)
    Impedance ≤1.5mΩ
    Weight 600±10g
    Dimensions Height:178±1mm
    Operating temperature Charge:-20~45℃
    Storage temperature -10~35℃
    Ø High energy density and small volume
    Ø High safety ensured by unique patents protected explosion-proof valves
    Ø Environmentally friendly and no pollution
    Ø impedance less than 1.5 mΩ
    Ø Charge under -20℃ can be can be achieved by our own BMS
    Ø Over 2000 life cycles
    Ø Mandatory test by China National Passenger Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
    Safety performance
    ItemTest nameResult
    1Over chargeNo fire,no explosion
    2Over dischargeNo fire,no explosion,no leakage
    3Short CircuitNo fire,no explosion
    4DropNo fire,no explosion,no leakage
    5Hot ovenNo fire,no explosion
    6CrushNo fire,no explosion
    7Needle punctureNo fire,no explosion
    8Sea waterNo fire,no explosion
    9Thermal CycleNo fire,no explosion,no leakage
    10Low pressureNo fire,no explosion,no leakage
    Product applications
    Hybrid Vehicle(384V,40Ah)
    4-Wheel SUV(400V,155Ah)
    Electric Bicycle(72V,20Ah)
    Electric Bus(461V, 132Ah)Electric SUV(124Ah,340V)Electric Motorcycle(72V,50AH)discount EV Battery