• Lou Zan, a fellow Skyrim Romance enthusiast and friend to the community, has remade her youtube account after her old one was deleted. If you never had the privilege to see her awesome videos, she created a […]

  • Today’s a very special day, Forbidden Love fans! It’s the birthday of Christian Gaughf, the voice of Cael! Everyone on the team wants to wish him a very happy birthday, and here’s to many more […]

  • The members of the Forbidden Love team know that you’ve all been eagerly awaiting news about the mod, and we are proud to present something big: a playthrough of the mod’s first quest has been recorded and is […]

    • After viewing the video of the first quest playthrough, I am very excited for the launch of this mod. The music sounds amazing and I love what I’ve seen so far of the voice acting and the character design. I eagerly await the release of this amazing looking mod>.<

    • OMG!! This looks so amazing! Good work you guys!!! Will the entirety of the mod be released sometime this year? The suspense is killing me! Love you guys!

    • I am super excited!!!

    • Out of curiosity will forbidden love be using the same supporting mods as Bishop’s mod? I know it’s probably too soon to divulge any details. But I thought i would ask anyways. I await with bated breath for this amazing mod to come out. Everyone is doing an awesome job.

  • Greetings Skyrim Romance Community! Dark times are upon the kingdom. Due to unforeseen events, we must regretfully announce the official cancellation of Casavir Romance. It has been over a year since we have […]

    • Oh this is so sad, I hope one it can be continued.

    • I really hope Casavir will get a new mod someday…I was really looking forward to this.

    • Oh no 🙁 This is the worst message I have read in recent months! 🙁
      I was so excited about this mod. I literally bought a game for this and recreated my kalach-cha….
      Still, I believe Tyroscribe only took a break because of her private life. Such mods take a lot of time. I hope that sooner or later, she will finish her mod and our dragon ladies will be able to meet their knight in shining armor 🙂
      I’m learning right now how to work with the CK and making custom armors, clothes.It takes time but maybe,in the future,I will be able to help her somehow, if she would decide to come back to us 🙂
      Don’t worry @Tyroscribe, we will wait patiently!

  • In light of a holiday celebrating love, some very amazing and talented artists have brought some Valentine gifts of their own, in the form of some wonderful artwork! Share the love with these beautiful […]

  • A review by DeskiEs on Forbidden Love’s elk mounts

    Typically, when you think of the vanilla elk, you probably think of the blundering, ridiculous creatures that honestly look more like a moose than an elk in S […]

  • By Eroeh

    By Sunnval

    Christmas Wager By Jiggle_Physics

    “It’s not going to fit.” Gisla groaned while her husband stroked slow circles into the arch of her spine.”C’mon Ladyship, a little faith here. […]

  • Merry Christmas Eve, guys! It’s almost time to rip open presents with our loved ones and celebrate with our unique traditions! To get everyone really into the mood, check out this adorable holiday video parody […]

  • Hey guys! The Skyrim Romance team is back and today, we’re bringing you another holiday event: How are your Dragonborn and Bishop spending this Christmas together?


    For this event, we will be asking for yo […]

  • The work of our amazing team has finally paid off! After much anticipation of new Forbidden Love content, we’re excited to bring you a glimpse into a world you’ll soon find yourself lost in with the launch of the […]

  • Travelling alone the deadly lands of Skyrim is not only foolish, but a guaranteed death. “Humbug!” said a large orc, as he sipped his stale drink and, he recalled a moment in which he single-handedly fought off […]

    • I can’t wait for this mod! I was very interested in Cael when I played with Bishop, and the mage guy. I’d even be willing to learn whatever I needed to help with it at this point, I’m really excited for this mod!!!!

  • Are you a big fan of Skyrim?


    Do you like to write?


    What about Photography?


    Do you have a knack for studying or research?


    If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then yo […]

    • Hi, by curiosity I wanted to know if writing also include a story mod? Because I love your game and was interested of writing a background story of the dragonborn. Like whatever past we have may infect Bishop, Cael or Casavir. And that we (as in dragonborn) is after for whatever reasons is about her past.

  • Hello fellow sparrows! The Skyrim Romance marketing team is hosting a Q&A with the lead writer for Forbidden Love and the voice of our beloved chieftain, Christian. Have you ever wondered what some of the […]

    • Question; As far as the story line goes, will you be able to have kids with Cael like you do with Bishop?

    • when will it come out and can i play has a forsworn

    • Question: I recall reading that Cael is about 20-23 years-old but upon reading the bottom of the homepage where his description is, it says that he took the mantle of chieftain at the age of 17 years-old and had been ruling for a decade. That would imply that he’s actually 27 years-old wouldn’t it?

    • What made you choose this particular structure for the story? How did you go about delving deeper into the ideas surrounding it? What do you like and dislike about it? What’s your favorite part overall and how would you describe your method for writing this?

      (Sorry for the multitude of questions. I, myself, am something of a writer and curiosity compelled me to ask these questions)

    • he is 26 years-old

    • – Will we have any rivals for Cael? Like we already have with Bishop

      – Is it possible to install both mods and break Bishop’s heart or Cael’s one by choosing one of them? Like, if someone install both and marry both, then it’s kind of weird 😛

      – Is there any way to be recognize as a Forsworn by other Forsworns in Skyrim lands? I mean, not being attacked by them and recognized as one of them with this mod? Ther’re some mods already doing this but if yours is also making this posible, then it’s perfect !

      – Devin Carmen Lewis already asked, but will we be able to have kids with him and watch them grow in a Forsworn world?

      – Will other Skyrim characters react nicely while looking at Cael? He’s a Forsworn after all

      – Is it possible to have other followers with this mod? Since the tribe seems kind of big, I’m just asking c:

      Sorry for all these questions. I’m waiting for this mod since … Sooo looong, since you announced it I guess? I was already there when you released Skyrim Romance, so I can’t wait to see your wonderful work on this mod and Casavir’s one too !
      Thank you for all your wonderful work ! I’m still playing with Bishop for now but he’ll probably be replaced by Cael as soon as this mod will be released 😛

  • By Louisharee Zan
    It’s that time of the year again, folks! In preparation for Halloween this year, we’d like fans of our mod to submit Halloween-related Skyrim Romance content, be it:

    Sc […]

  • Good morning Skyrim Romance Community!  So sorry we have been away from the blog for quite some time, but we have some exciting news!  In our silence Mara has been working day and night with the Forbidden Love t […]

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone, from the Skyrim Romance community! Today all of us from the crew have a new monthly event we would like to introduce to you all. Starting now on the 11th day of each month […]

  • To all you lovely Sparrows wishing to join another community-wide event; the team has planned a marvelous Saturday morning (PST) -this week- for you. If you missed the last RP or is a new member of the Skyrim […]

  • Collars for Muinfang, Madanah and Rudahan by Euclesia

    Cael Concept Armor by Avis

    Tribal Outfit by AeehyehssReeper

    Cael Weapons by EroehAurelia

    Elk Design by Ardy

    Cael Weapon Concept by Rain

    Cael […]

  • For years, our community has been dedicated to love, it’s our brand. Not only pursuing love in mods, but in real life too. We have always been extremely encouraging of all types of love: romantic, family, f […]

  • Greetings to our community that covers all parts of the globe, all so beautiful and grand. Today we all have a special person to celebrate and cheer on. He is the voice that many have fallen for and felt irritated […]

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