• You are all hereby invited to attend the VIP Roleplay Party!

    It’s going to take place on September 24th (tomorrow) at 12:00pm/noon Pacific Time, hosted here in the chatrooms.

    Please come to celebrate and p […]

  • Mara here 🙂 Been bottle feeding a baby kitten since it was abandoned only few days old. I call him Creampuff. Now he is three weeks old. Very adorable and a lot of work  Totally worth it!

    You guys know how m […]

  • Thank you all so much for your love and support for what we do, we can not fully express our gratitude. Your encouraging words fuel us to continue our projects with all the attention to detail we can bring. We […]

  • Maki one of our most talented artist is submitting concept art for Forbidden Love!  Check out her work below!

    If you would like to see more of Maki’s art work please click the links below.

  • Rowe – “My character finally became pregnant! And what’s a pregnancy without some maternity photos ;D

    But before all that, I’d like to say that I think being pregnant is truly one of my favorite aspects of thi […]

  • Psssssst… Hey, we got some top secret information to uncover. Normally we keep this all away from the public, but no more! We have heard your cries of help; your questions do not fall on deaf ears! We give you t […]

  • Wedding Ceremony Screenshots by Rowe

    To check more of Rowe’s Wedding Ceremony gallery post please click HERE!

  • We are really starting to dig into the making of Forbidden Love, so it was about time we make FL its own page. There, you can find information on the mod, such as the team members of it and the character guide. […]

  • After being hard at work for a few days, Mara and her trusty Personal Assistant, Eboni have finished redesigning the Skyrim Romance Website! Pictures were carefully selected and pages designed with a picky mind; […]

  • Hello Everyone,

    Big announcement!  The website is going to be re-designed over the weekend, so I’m going to be closing the site temporarily from 8/11 – 8/13.  I will give you updates and announcements from o […]

  • Magnificent news, after hearing about all the bugs many fans of The Skyrim Romance Mod were facing, modders – Chris HPZ, Peri & Mara – went out of there way to fix these problems. So we send our gratitude to the […]

    • 😀 The last part is what I needed to hear 😀 No SL required version sounds AWESOME!! <3 Thank you for the FANTASTIC NEWS!!! <3<3<3<3<#

    • Yeah i agree with Risa on this one, generally when an update comes out it’s uploaded and the general public check it out.. but however you choose to do it, thank you for taking the time to sort out the bugs <3

    • Can you also look into fixing his armour bug? You can’t give him different armours to wear. I mean, you /can/ but he either doesn’t wear them or his arms go missing because his default gloves & boots stay on. I removed all of his armour through the CK but it still shows up in game :T No idea how to make this work lol

      Anyway, thanks!

    • One more (possibly): Isn’t Bishop supposed to change into his Ball outfit for the wedding? There is dialogue suggesting to, and I saw a “Let’s Play” with him in it, but for me he did not change, glitch or bug? Also, I heartily agree with the armor issue and non-SL version (you really don’t -need- it, the dialogue is certainly enough for the Player to visualize w/o having to -watch- it). Thanks very much for fixing these!

    • I’m finding a few bugs, myself.

      1) His outfit doesn’t change no matter what armor you give him. He won’t put on anything else except necklaces, rings, and earrings.

      2) Not sure if this is a bug or not, but Karnwyr’s mouth never closes for me. The only time I see his mouth animation is if he’s fighting or if he’s barking. I do have the Mod to change the wolves to “real wolves”, so maybe that might be a conflict?

      3) If you have any of the Mods that change the look of the towns, the Candlehearth Inn gives you ILS.

      And just a suggestion, if the player goes through the main quest line after some of the later dialogue options (such as “No matter what comes at us, nothing will tear us a part” (or something similar to that) it might make sense to have that dialogue happen AFTER killing Alduin. When you are about to hop on the dragon to finish the main quest, that scene (while although one of my favorites for this mod) doesn’t make sense when some of the other things he and my DB have said to one another.

      After the release of 3.1, can one of your Super Awesome Beta Testers type up how to align the DB with Bishop on some of the hugging/kissing scenes? Even with me tinkering with my DB height, it’s still not working right for me. It’s not a deal breaker for me since I can use my overactive imagination, but it might be neat to get a few screenshots of this for my fanfic.

      Thanks a lot to EVERYONE who worked on this. Y’all really have went above and beyond any of my expectations. For me to repeatedly start the game over just SO I can do this questline over and over, speaks leaps and bounds. (Especially since I can’t stand the beginning part of the main questline, I’ve done it too many times.)

    • I am also really really REALLY excited about a non-SL version!! Thanks for all your hard work, team <3

  • Wow!  Great quality, voicing acting and range!  I would love to get in touch with you for placing you for a role.

  • I love your voice acting but is there anyway you can change your mic?

  • Screenshot fanatics, we have seen your amazing work and we are greatly impressed! The pieces you show to us are amazing and they gave us an idea.
    Recently, planning for the redesign of the Skyrim Romance Website […]

    • I LOVE this picture!! I’d really like to know what bow that is, and what outfit, please? 🙂

      • Hi! I wanted to know what bow and outfit were used too so I did some looking. The outfit is “Linkle Outfit” on Nexus and the bow is “Natura Bow” on Steam community. ^^

  • I am proud to announce the first translations of Skyrim Romance 3.0 into Japanese, Polish & German.  These amazing women have stepped up and translated the mod so that others around the world can enjoy it!

    A h […]

  • Beautiful!

  • Mara replied to the topic Kailia's Cael scenario in the forum Writers Corner 2 months ago

    Great job!

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