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    (Authors Note: I failed to mention Xrea is a Nord. Her name is pronounced {Zer-ray-ah})


    Xrea’s hands traced the outer rims of the dried mud. What was left of the footprints crumbled against her delicate touch. “Tch. Trail’s gone cold.” She muttered crouching over the pools of dried mud. She stood up and stretched her stiff muscles, two days she spent tracking these forsworn, wasted. The fog began to roll in as the sun drifted behind the mountains. Xrea quickly retreated back to her horse, Frost. “Better go find that Old Hroldan place before it gets too dark.” She sighed pulling herself up onto his saddle. The fog only seemed to get thicker as dusk quickly turned into night. “I’m so lost right now. Are we even on a road?! This is ridiculous!” Xrea yelled riding around in what seemed to be like circles. “I’m not blaming you of course Frosty.” She gently leaned down and kissed his mane. “We just need to get out of this fog.”

    Dusk turned to night and the fog only grew worse under the two moons light. “Go get the Sybil of Dibella, they said. It’d be easy, they said. Well Ms.High-Priestess, you forgot to mention I’d have to rescue the brat from a group of savages! Just great.” Xrea angrily cursed Dibella as she and Frost trotted aimlessly onward. Suddenly a black shadow darted across their path. Frost reared up in surprise almost throwing Xrea! “Please don’t be a saber cat!” She gasped reaching for her blades. She was a master dual wielder but on Frost it’d be a challenge. Her eyes shifted through the darkness and fog until they caught the silhouette of … a dog? “A dog?” Xrea wondered. She moved rode closer to it, revealing a black wolf. Xrea readied her blade but the strange wolf just watched her approach. Xrea sheathed her blade while their eye’s remained locked on each other. The wolf began to playfully whine at her as she drew closer to it. “Can’t be a real wolf, its too tame. Must belong to somebody close by though. And that somebody has to be staying somewhere.” Xrea thought as she watched the wolf sit and stare at her, eager to be acknowledged. “Hey buddy, where’s your master?” She sweetly cooed. The strange wolf suddenly jumped to his feet, tail almost wagging, and darted off into the darkness. “Hey! Wait! Frost follow that weird dog!” Xrea kicked her heels into Frost and they darted through the darkness. As the chased, she could her the strange dog’s howls, almost like he was purposely guiding her somewhere.

    “There! Lights!” Xrea exclaimed in relief. As the reached the source, she saw the strange dog standing on the porch of the Old Hroldan Inn! “Thank you!” She laughed steering Frost towards the small nearby stable. Xrea slid off and unsaddled him for the night. “See you in the morning, Frosty.” She whispered as she kissed his forehead. Xrea leisurely strode back to the inn’s entrance and walked up the steps only to find the strange black dog still there, waiting for her. “Wait, you’re actually talking me to your master?” She jokingly teased, as if he could understand her. But he whined happily in response as his eyes darted from her to the door handle. “By the Gods, fine.” She swung open the door and he eagerly ran inside. Xrea peered around the inn, it was pretty deserted except for a few late night drinkers and the typical bard begging for requests. She was making her way towards the innkeeper’s counter when she noticed the strange dog again, but this time he was next to someone. The handsome man was leaning against the wall away from the other patrons. He gently stroked the black dog as his eyes intensely watched her. Xrea cocked her eyebrow at him. “Master, huh?” She thought to herself. Xrea changed her course of direction and swiftly yet gracefully glided over to the stranger.

    “Your weird dog helped guide me out of that fog. You teach him that?” The stranger’s golden eyes narrowed. “Anyone with eyes can see that he’s a wolf.” Xrea examined the man’s attire. Rugged, worn. He looked like the sort to know his way around these mountains. “You a tracker, maybe a mercenary looking for a job?” Xrea asked as she removed her hood and face mask allowing her wavy black hair to fall wildly down her back and chest. The strangers eyes widen as she revealed herself. “Whats wrong with your skin?” He demanded, straightening his posture. “Relax, I’m not one of the afflicted. It’s more interesting that that.” The Stranger raised his eyebrows and scoffed at her. “Really, now?”

    Xrea tossed her hair back and leaned against a table top. “When I was a small child, I fell into the frozen harbor of Windhelm. I was so frostbitten my skin turn this pale blue color, a dunner from the gray quarter managed to save my life. But I remain frostbitten, hence why some mockingly call me the Winterborn, but you might know me as Xrea, the Dragonborn.” She arrogantly smiled at him. “And your name?” “It’s Bishop.” He returned her smile with a wolfish grin. “Windhelm’s a long way from here; What brings the might dragonborn so far east?” His eye’s traced her curves as he spoke. “Looking for someone, a small child. Some foresworn kidnapped her. You think you can help me out?” Xrea played on his desires and seductively posed. Bishops eyes darted back to her silverly irises. “Sure, I could help you out. Might lead to something interesting. But Gods forbid you treat like one of your lackeys.” Xrea cheerfully smiled, she’d loved getting her way. “Great! You can be my shield. But one more thing;” She bent down to the sleeping wolf and gently stroked his head. “Whats his name?” Bishop grinned, “Kanwyr.”


    The morning sun cut through the last remaining remnants of fog. Xrea stretched blissfully from a good nights sleep in an actual bed as she walked to the stable; Kanwyr close behind her. “Morning, Frost. Ready to go?” Frost snorted as she saddled him up. Bishop casually walked down the porch steps, leaned against the railing and yawned. “Do you even remember which way you came from. Princess?” He quizzed her rolling his eyes. Xrea flipped her hair as she turned to glare at him.”First off, I’m far from being a helpless princess. Secondly, aren’t you supposed to be a tracker? Those hoof prints over there might be a good start.” She sassed him as she climbed onto Frost. “I’m a Ranger.” He retorted. “So watch it. I’m more dangerous than I look, princess.” Xrea coyly grinned at him. “Lets get going, We have a Sybil to save.”

    Xrea was ready to push Frost into a gallop if Bishop had not stepped in front of her. “No horses.” Bishop stated. “What?!” She scoffed in disbelief. Never had Frost parted from her since they had met. “No Horses.” Bishop firmly stated again. “On foot is the best way to track; Besides this is the safest place to leave him for the time being.” Xrea pouted but climbed out of the saddled and returned Frost to the stable. She’d never put Frost in harms way. She sighed and kissed his velvety snoot. “I’ll be back for you, I promise.” Xrea returned to Bishop and crossed her arms temperedly. “Now let’s go.” Bishop grinned and his golden eyes gleamed with a wolfish charm to them. “As my lady commands.”


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