• It was worth it to see Bishop all dressed up haha

  • It worked!  It worked it worked it worked!
    /does happy dance 🙂

  • The issue is, I really love JKs skyrim, and hate playing without it.  But Im thinking if I can ever get through the ballroom scene, I will add it back after that.  Same with AFT, I use it for other followers on other characters, but will wait till Ive finished a playthrough of SRM to use it.
    I have my barebones game ready to play, and figured I w…[Read more]

  • I did placeatme before, but didnt try movetoplayer.  Placeatme moved him into the ballroom, and things seemed to be fine, but then when he asked to dance my character basically froze in place and I couldnt move her no matter what I tried.  🙁

  • Do you think the Lanterns of Skyrim mod will affect it?  Or any mods that change the vanilla player house in solitude?  Or the Outfit NPCs mod?  Im going through my mod list, and I didnt realize how huge it was lol

  • maybe its because I had JKs skyrim, and even tho I uninstalled it, it left something behind?
    Ok, Im going to start with a bare bones build and try it.
    Time to delete my entire mods folder and start over!  Yay!  🙁

    face/body/hair/clothes mods shouldnt affect the mod, right?

  • Ok, so Cas is still not following me into the ballroom, and I dont have any mods that alter anything in that area, or any follower mods anymore.  Also, when I zone into the ballroom area, the announcer guy isnt there anymore either.
    I think this mod just hates me 🙁

  • I removed every mod I could think of that might be conflicting, and somehow managed to corrupt all my saves, so…. starting over….  I will let you know if it works when I get to that point again


  • Visenya- I reloaded the save several times, and he still wouldnt follow me.  I use AFT, should I delete it?
    Rayne- I do use JKs Skyrim, but I think it was you who gave me the fix for that.
    I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod, but now half the people at the ball are naked LOL
    Thanks, ladies, for helping me with this.  You are a…[Read more]

  • Hi again!
    So I havent had the chance to play Skyrim much in awhile, because, life, you know, and was FINALLY able to get to the point where Im going to the ball tonight.  The game didnt crash, (hallelujah!)  but Im not sure what Im supposed to do once Cas and I teleport to the blue palace.  Do we need to wait to be invited in?  Do I shout the doo…[Read more]

  • I dont suppose either of you would be willing to just let me have a copy of your SRM? 🙂


  • Oh, ok.  I just put it in a folder on my desktop and ran it from there.  I ran the facegendata through the optimizer and replaced the files, but the game still crashes in that area, so Im at a loss.  All I can think of is starting over with a clean skyrim install, and see if it works without any of my other mods having changed anything yet


  • Visenya, what exactly do you mean by the Nif Optimiser folder? Do you mean the window where I tick the “heads only” thing?  Cuz I dont see any place in that window to paste the facegen file

  • Rayne, Im using NMM, but I installed SRM manually because mod manager wouldnt install it.
    Visenya, Thanks so much for your help.  I am going to try this and see if it helps.  I will let you know!
    You guys are awesome 🙂

  • I have no idea how to do any of that 🙁  I got my copy of Romance for SSE from someone else.  They didnt have any issues like this tho.  Could it be one of my mods that alter facegen?  Like  CBBE or something maybe?
    When you say NIF Optimizer, do you mean Nifscope?

  • I did that, and I could enter the courtyard fine.  I enabled Romance again and crashed every time I got near the courtyard again.  Will doing things out of order make it do this?  Because I already met and talked to Cael before this


  • So a very kind person helped me get this running on SE, but I crash to desktop everytime I tell Casevir “lets go to the ball”.  So I made a new character to test things out, started her out in Solitude, and I cant even walk into the Blue Palace courtyard without crashing to desktop.
    From reading this thread it sounds like I need to delete JK’s…[Read more]

  • Thank you SO much, I will check it out

  • For those of you who have managed to get this working on SE-  Have any of you had issues in Solitude around the Blue Palace, or going to the ball?  I get a crash to desktop if I try either of these things.  The mods in LE that have been suggested as fixes dont exist in SE.  I have tried everything I can think of, and am at a loss.  Any help woul…[Read more]

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