I have been asked a lot what I think about the whole paid mods ordeal.  I decided to give my views on the subject.
When I was told by one of my writers that paid mods was now being implemented.  My first thoughts were of frustration and annoyance.
A few months ago when I had attempted to raise money in donations for my new mod, I had the desire to pay my team for their efforts.  Only having my Kickstarter up for a few days I was bombarded by the community for even trying to raise money in donations.  So I took the Kickstarter down.
But charging for mods goes against what modding is all about, in my opinion.  But on the contrary to that, I whole heartedly agree that if someone wants to be paid for their efforts doing something they love they should pursue their dreams.  That is what we try to accomplish in our lifetime is the pursue our goals of making money doing what we love to do.  Whether modding should be a creative expression or a job preference is up to the individual.
Regarding the choice that Valve and Bethesda decided to have paying mods makes me curious.  Is it just coincidence that after the drama of Skyrim Romance Mod that this new sudden decision to help modders suddenly sparked their interest.  Perhaps it was the events of Skyrim Romance Mod that lead them to think modders should be paid for their work.  How they wanted to split the funds I believe was not fair, in my opinion.  But still the timing makes me think that Skyrim Romance shook the foundation of the modding world more than we all assumed.
But whatever the reason behind it was,  nothing good came out of this event.  If anything an ugly light revealed just how angry and hateful the Skyrim modding community really is.  The company that made Skyrim was given only resentment and threats after they made their announcement.  Even modders were given death threats and hate for even siding with Bethesda.  This kind of behavior saddens me so much and makes me so disappointed.  Those who stayed out of the hate and the rage I commend for their honorable behavior.
Those who gave death threats don’t realize that they’ll never be able to play a single video games once their filthy asses are rotting behind bars for life.  They are no better than terrorist and deserve to be caged for the ravenous dogs they are.
For the modders that were bombarded by hate and death threats, I encourage you to be strong.  I experienced this in full measure and I understand your pain.  I encourage you to rise above the hate like a phoenix from the ashes.  Because people are trying to tear you down you must stay strong and hold onto your courage.  Keep doing what you love to do.  Stay close to those who stay loyal to you and support you and this will pass.
The world is full of so much hate.  We play video games to create our own fantasies AWAY from the real world.  We are here to have fun!!! Let’s be good to one another and realize we are all human.  We all have feelings and we are all just trying to live a good life.
I don’t think anyone wants to pay for mods.  I believe that mod theft would become a real issue if paid mods had stayed.  A person could easily re-upload someone elses mod on another site for others to download.  The whole thing could have been very painful for a lot of modders and the law suits would come, I guarantee it.
Now that the issue of paid mods is now officially over.  Let’s just move on.  Hopefully this event has not made Bethesda think twice about trying accommodate modders.  Just seeing the backlash they received, I can see them reconsidering not making another Creation Kit for future games.  This worries me and I hope that it does not come to that.
If you love mods, support their creators.  Mod authors are given lots of scrutiny for their work and don’t get enough praise and love.  I for one am blessed by those who have filled my inbox with so much love and support.  I can’t thank you guys enough for that,  you all have encouraged me everyday.  I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Thank you,
I would like to hear what you guys think about it and your opinions.  Feel free to comment below
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