For years, our community has been dedicated to love, it’s our brand. Not only pursuing love in mods, but in real life too. We have always been extremely encouraging of all types of love: romantic, family, friend, and self love. But we’ve been thinking, have we made it obvious? Our fanbase is more than just, well, fans, we think of you all as our second family. We pride ourselves on how open, friendly, and warm the members of Skyrim Romance are.

Because we have such an amazing community, we decided that maybe we could have a day purely dedicated to all forms of love! So, we would like to present “Love Day”, an unofficial holiday for everyone who wishes to participate. Together as a family, we make the traditions, we hope this can be a fun event for everyone.

Love Day events consist of giving out random words of kindness to a stranger, or creating a heartfelt gift for a good friend, spending time with your family, and going out with your partner. But most of all, it’s about doing what makes you happy, treating yourself with respect and compassion, loving who you are.

We are all going through something that makes our hearts sink to our stomachs, yet day in and day out we’ve seen so many of you giving affection to others. Offering advice and a shoulder to cry on. This is a holiday to celebrate everyone, ourselves, and the simple, yet complex premise of the word “love”.

Today marks the first day of this giving event, Happy Love Day, everyone! Tell someone you love them, hug your friends, share a night out with your family, and remember to take care of yourselves, because you are all beautiful!

<3 Skyrim Romance Team