Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I wanted to show everyone one of my latest projects.  Karnwyr Reborn!

So this project started a few weeks ago I was reviewing all of the permissions in the mod when I noticed that I had not heard from the author of True Wolves for permission to use the texture and mesh for Karnwyr in the mod.  It was disappointing but I refused to give up and use only Skyrim’s ugly wolf mesh.

It doesn’t look like a wolf to me.  So I started to do some research on the majestic timber wolf!  I loved the color in the fur and how beautiful each wolf looked.

So I asked my mesh artist Peri if she could help me take Skyrim’s vanilla wolf mesh and make it look like a real timber wolf.  She asked me for some direction, so I began to make a diagram of what I was looking for.

It was a LOT of changes but she began right away editing the original Skyrim’s wolf to match my diagram.

Her Results!

Wow!  She does such great work.  Now to see what those changes look like in game.

Looking better already!

Next is my favorite part because it’s time to start to create Karnwyr’s new texture.  I began to create Karnwyr’s fur and got the help of graphic artist Nehsta to help me construct the texture.

Look at how realistic that is!  Now time to fix those teeth.  I asked Peri to reduce and straighten the fangs on the mesh.

My next schematic was to focus on the eyes and face of Mr.Wolf.

With the strength of the pack, determination and talent Karnwyr was REBORN!!!! (Fleas included)

Wolf Image Credit