With multiple projects now in-development Forbidden Love and Casavir Romance, we invite you to join the teams as they go forth full steam ahead!

To begin we invite you to enroll into the Skyrim Romance Marketing Team, from this we can see what team you are best suited for and what talents you can contribute.  Our enrollment and auditioning process is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the massive and impressive projects of both Forbidden Love and Casavir Romance.

What is Forbidden Love?

Indepth romance featuring Cael the Forsworn Chieftain

  • Enter into an entirely new land: Explore the wild forests of the Reach, the untamed nature of the creatures and tribesmen’s that live within, witness the dark rituals of the hagravens and join the Forsworn.


  • A unique, wondrous and adventurous DLC sized project.


  • Several side-quests and new locations to be explored.


  • Professionally voiced dialogue and exceptional voice acting. 


  • Newly-composed soundtrack: Character themes, world tracks and fighting tracks


  • Life-like characters with unique personalities and backgrounds.


  • Brand new creatures, animals, structures, lands never seen before.


  • Unique animations made specifically for Forbidden Love romantic interactions, dancing and mounted battle combat


Who is developing Forbidden Love?

Lead and directed by Mara, Forbidden Love will be like it’s predecessor Skyrim Romance, DLC content sized, award winning, ambitious project pushing the boundaries of the modding community.

The writing for Forbidden Love will be led by Christian Gaughf  a published author in dark fantasy novels.


Want to join Forbidden Love Team?

Be apart of something unique, beautiful and wild.  Taking on such a large project featuring the Forsworn is only for the fierce at heart.  Enter into a team ready to take on the darkness of the mysterious world surrounded by the savage and untamed.

Work with some of the most talented and professional people in the modding community.  Entwine yourself into the rich lore and story behind the legends born from the lands of Tamriel.

The recruiting process will involved joining Skyrim Romance Marketing Team where your talents and commitment will be put to the test.

Only a select few will be chosen to join the team of Forbidden Love and Casavir Romance, applying and participating for the roles and auditions does not guarantee a spot on the teams.  Only the most dedicated and talented will be chosen to join the ranks.

We are looking for…


Concept Artists

3D Modelers

Voice Actors

Musician or Sound Artist


Audio Editors

Level Designers

Texture/Mesh Artists


Lore Experts

Video Editors



Casavir Romance: A Paladin’s Tale

The second project you can potentially join is Casavir Romance. It is a project that has been underway since the later part of 2016 and has been enjoying much success in development, but can still use more talented people to make it an even richer experience! Introducing the ability to romance our favorite Paladin Casavir, this mod will offer opportunities for much enjoyment and exploration.


  • A brand new, exciting take on Casavir! With a new appearance and voice actor, Casavir Romance (CR) presents a unique take on the character introduced in Neverwinter Nights 2 and then Skyrim Romance.


  • Several new locations to explore, all of which have been seamlessly integrated into the existing Skyrim map.


  • The ability to restore a legendary Order that once brought peace and stability to the land. If your dream is to be the leader of a group of knights with a rich history, look no further.


  • The ability to own and live in an amazing, fully functioning castle with breathtaking views. Of course, a castle cannot be complete without its own customizable throne hall! Offering several decor combinations and options, you really can live your way at the click of a mouse.


  • A gripping, true-to-life storyline for Casavir that provides an arc with a variety of player responses. Get to know the man in the chestplate in a way that suits your distinct character.


  • Unique music appropriate to the world, times, and lore of Skyrim.


  • Player driven choices that impact the development of the story. You pick your destiny.


  • The ability to have a unique family with Casavir, which provides new insight into the real origins of the Civil War conflict.


  • Several uniquely voiced personalities to meet and get to know as you proceed on your journey with Casavir.


How You Can Help

You can potentially join in any of these roles:


Voice Actor

Audio Editors

Website Artists

Video Editors

Anyone can join the recruiting process. There is always room for more in the family!  For inquiries in regards to team positions, please contact us at our email. When you do, please let us know which team you’d prefer to potentially help with in your message or subject line:

Email: admin@skyrimromance.com