How did this post come to be? Why was it made? Simple answer: Marketing.

This post is made for the same reason as all of our other posts, to market what we do, give you guys a look into our project. We write these post to keep you updated, improve our project, expand our team. Blog posts are extremely important in keeping our community flourishing, without them our family would be much smaller.


Currently, there are only two people that write posts the majority of the time, Mara and Eboni. But we have noticed that this wasn’t enough, both of these people can get pretty busy with community responsibilities, modding, management, work in general really. Then there’s real life responsibilities that burden them. How can we get out more information and keep our fans satisfied without cutting out work?


We may have found the solution, a new team. The Skyrim Romance Marketing Team, directed by Eboni, the new Head of Marketing. She needs a great team on her side to help keep our community informed and interested. Spots are open now and anyone can join the new SR Marketing Discord to see what you can do. Show us what you have to offer.


Below are roles we hope to fill on this team with hard working people


Bloggers: In this role, you would be writing the very posts that we put up on our site, Facebook, Discord, and other places. We give you a topic and you strut your stuff and wow us with your writing skills. We need you to be researchers of lore, an excited friend, the “voice” of your team! We’re sure you will catch on quickly, but if not, Eboni is always there to help out and give pointers on marketing tricks.


Graphic Designer: This role can be filled in many different ways, but as this role, you will use the same program as everyone else to finish the project you have. You can help by taking screenshots, doing photoshop, or even art for the covers of our posts. The cover is what catches people’s eyes, as much as we all like to say “don’t judge a book by the cover,” admit it, you know you do.


Editor: Alright, where are our prefectionists and masters of grammar? We need you! As an editor, you will be reviewing posts written by our bloggers before they are sent out. Help us out by correcting spelling, grammar, or spice up the wording of a phrase. We need to make our posts the best they can be; we are only human, we make mistakes, so we need an extra set of eyes to check things over.

If you have other ways you think you could help out this team, let us know! Join the SR Marketing Team server: