Behind every great mod is an incredible team of extremely talented human beings.
There are endless stories to tell and we can’t bring them to life
without your time, your talents, and your awesomeness.

If you’re interested in helping to build the Hunt for Love mod,
scroll down and check out the submission info below for the team of your choice.


Anzen Senzengumi


Lottie Rose



Modding Team

Scripting, texture & mesh artists, animators

How to Apply:

Send a portfolio of your work
(with links to any projects):

Writing Team

Writing quest details, dialogue lines, etc.

How to Apply:

Send us links/attachments
of your writing (with dialogue) to

Artist Team

Concept Artists, 3D Modelers, etc.

How to Apply:

Send a portfolio of your work to

Voice Acting: For anybody interesting in auditioning for roles, stay tuned!
We have a bunch of male and female parts that will require voice actors!
Stay tuned to updates on the Skyrim Romance Mod Facebook page
and in the SRM Discord community for when the casting calls are announced.