Happy New Years 2018!

I sit here sipping champagne reflecting back on 2017 with awe, so much has happened in this past year. Skyrim Romance 3.0 and 3.1 released, Casavir Romance website launched, Forbidden Love launched, our website hitting 3,321,217 views and our Nexus page soaring to a total of 1,029,146 views with the new updates.  The team is so strong and the friendships I’ve built with each member I treasure.  2017 held great challenge and victory, with the new release of 3.0 and it’s development putting a halt on Forbidden Love’s progress, I was able to finish up Skyirm Romance with the ending I desired and envisioned for so many years.  Incorporating post marriage dialogue, a birthing scene and custom voiced child, seemed so far away when 2017 began, I did not know if the team and myself could accomplish such great dreams, yet with the effort of many it was done.

So many wonderful and beautiful things came with Skyrim Romance that I will treasure the rest of my life.  Hearing how it impacted so many members of the community for good, deeply humbles me and I am grateful for the journey, even if it was not an easy one.  The mod was one that benefited so many women and men all over the world and our testimonials are only a fraction of the lives the mod has touched.

Forbidden Love now carries my dreams into the new year of 2018.

What new challenges and victories will we have?  What ever 2018 holds, I am incredibly optimistic and excited.  I love a new adventure and am glad I have you with me in this new journey!

Happy New Year!