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    DB: Do you think much of Riverwood?

    Cael: It’s peaceful here for a Nord village, or it is for the moment. You can’t live in Skyrim for long without enduring some form of conflict.

    (1) DB: This is where I was led after I escaped Helgen.

    (2) DB: Only running from a dragon can make it notable.

    (3) DB: Of course I wind up here after a near-beheading.

    (1) Cael: Oh? I see. I imagine that must have been a relief.

    (2) Cael: Maybe. There are…a few other things I can think of.

    (3) Cael: Would you prefer hopping from one fire into another?

    Cael: It sounds like a story I wouldn’t mind hearing sometime.

    (1) DB: There’s the inn, if you want to take a breather.

    (2) DB: I’d have to have a few drinks first, I think.

    (3) DB: I would rather not. It wasn’t enjoyable.

    (1) Cael: I’d like that, if you’re willing.

    (2) Cael: Truly? That makes me even more curious.

    (3) Cael: Ah, I understand. I don’t need to hear it if it’s a sensitive subject for you.

    Cael: Tales passed through word-of-mouth are something I value greatly on a personal level, as well as an important aspect of my culture.

    (1) DB: What sort of stories do your people tell?

    (2) DB: Nothing that requires drinks, I hope.

    (3) DB: What, like bedtime stories are that important?

    (1) Cael: Surely you’ve at least heard of the Legend of Red Eagle. Most of the stories I recall follow similar lines.

    (2) Cael: Not at all. Most are fond memories that are meant to inspire hope and pride. (3) Cael: They can be. Some people have difficulty understanding even the most simple moral message.

    Cael: If you would like, I could share some, though I’m not sure if I’m as skilled at oral tradition as the elders before me.

    (1) DB: I’d love that, Cael.

    (2) DB: And listen to your voice for a long while? Please.

    (3) DB: I’m not interested in your crazy legends, sorry.

    (1) Cael: Then I’ll be sure to remember the next time we stop to rest.

    (2) Cael: *Chuckles* You flatter me, Dragonborn.

    (3) Cael: You should reconsider. Legends are legends, but you still might be able to learn something from them.

    Cael: Interesting to hear nonetheless, from a living legend herself.

    Cael: I can certainly picture people telling stories of your travels through the ages, once this ordeal is dealt with.

    (1) DB: I’m worried with what they’ll say about you.

    (2) DB: I better not do anything embarrassing, then.

    (3) DB: Oh, I’ll make sure they do.

    (1) Cael: There’s no need to worry about me, Dragonborn. With you as the focal point, I’m not sure mentioning me will even be necessary.

    (2) Cael: Perhaps. Sometimes the best tales need a bit of humor in them.

    (3) Cael: And of that, I have no doubt. I just hope it’s a positive memory, rather than a grim one.

    Cael: You were led here, yes? So in its own way, this town and its people contributed to your story. That’s one thing I find that’s left out of many Nordic tales.

    Cael: The focus is entirely on the hero, and not enough credit is given to the community and the more common people who helped them to get to that point.

    Cael: I’m hoping to foster a different attitude among those I live with. Where the people who helped the hero grow are as important as the hero themselves.

    (1) DB: I agree. If I wasn’t helped, I wouldn’t be here.

    (2) DB: I don’t think village life is quite as exciting.

    (3) DB: These people don’t have to slay dragons.

    (1) Cael: I’m glad you feel that way. I, for one, am forever grateful for the people in my life.

    (2) Cael: Yes, but if a story were constantly exciting, would that make a good story?

    (3) Cael: Maybe they don’t carry the same burden as you do, but they have to suffer the consequences if you don’t follow through.

    Cael: Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind staying here and enjoying the quiet while we have it. Other than that, I’m not sure what else to say.

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    Line 5 – I believe you want the past tense instead.

    (3) DB: Of course I wound up here after a near-beheading.

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