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    (Hooray for last minute submissions ;P Here is my entry. Other than the editing to the meeting of  Bishop it is all based off actual gameplay for my Dragonborn. Hope you like it. Thanks for the challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about writing anything. You guys are awesome!)

    I ran through the rain in a desperate attempt to get back to the Sleeping Giant Inn. My wanderings had taken me farther out side the little rustic town of Riverwood than I had realised and by the time the thunder shook me to my senses there was little chance of making it back dry. Unless I ran. And ran I did. Long legs propelling me over hills and down mountainsides as large drops of water began their decent. By the time my boots hit the deck of the Inn my shoulders were soaked and my blond hair was drenched and weighing down it’s ponytail but the rest of me was dry. I would take that as a success. Now the inn would provide shelter and rest within its wooden frame and warmth and light by its fire place for my nightly planning as it had been doing for the past week.
    But when I opened the door my hopes for a restful evening sank to the floor. The inn was crowded with the sullen faces of men, women and children marred by soot and burns. A biting reminder of the dragons. Perhaps a whole village was crammed in here, forced from their homes by the fires of one of the monsters. I could see the husky bartender, a Nord by the name of Ognar, shoot a pained expression towards the door as it opened again but it managed to softened when he saw a familiar face. He shook his head towards me. The inn keeper still was not back yet, apparently, so he couldn’t sell me a room. I sighed and looked around for any little place to settle in.
    In addition to the rabble, the bard was strumming notes and a few of the usual patrons were managing to squeeze in their evening drinks. All eight tables were over crowded with the refugees and many still had to stand. Then I noticed there was one exception to this. A dark haired ranger with a scruffy face and square jaw sat in the back table to the far right. Clad in dark leather armor, he watched everything with a critical golden eye as he slouched over mug of alcohol in his hand. Anyone that was brave enough to try and sit was sneered at forcing that individual to continue to stand somewhere else. Somewhere else far away. I had seen this man here for a few days and after being on the receiving end of his glaring yellow eyes the slight familiarity felt more comfortable than the thought of seating myself next to a desperate stranger. A desperate stranger who smelled of ash.
    Crossing the room in four long strides I set my sack down on the seat not even glancing at him as I pulled out my map and journal. The two mismatched swords on my back clattered as I sat down. The brown leather armor I had on was minimal and suddenly seemed a little inadequate as the feral man eyed me, clearly agitated. I looked up and met his stare briefly before looking back to my work. If I was going to delve into some ruin I was going prepared this time, damn it. I shuddered just thinking about it.
    “Cold, Princess?” came a deep, guttural and very condescending voice diagonal from where I had set myself. I looked up at the ranger only to see a mocking sneer on his face. I twisted my head to look behind me, in order to hide the angry heat making my pale skin turn red, and made a point of looking for someone only to appear confused by the lack of no one else being present.
    “Princess?” I asked as I turned back, “If you are referring to me then you must have had way to much mead if these simple clothes have morphed into regalia in your eyes.” Came my sarcastic response. I wore little more than dark brown trousers, boots and a white shirt that was too large. It might have been a mans shirt. The few pieces of protection I possessed were simple and covered only my chest, thighs and wrists. I heard him snort and saw him point at my neck. There was a gold pendant in the shape of upturned dragon wings nestling a smooth, blue stone. A childhood gift from my father. I had been lucky to find it on a soldier when escaping the dragon.
    “That necklace, a clean face and words like ‘regalia’ speak volumes, Princess. Now go.”
    “There is nothing else I would rather do more, however, since there are too many people occupying the other tables to reasonably keep my belongings safe and… clean…”
    “Like I give a damn,” he interrupted.
    “Well you certainly seem to… ‘give a damn’ about that wall you have been supporting for the past week. It must feel rejected out there all by its lonesome. Are you certain it will be able to keep standing in the rain all night without your assistance?” At this I lifted my head higher, cold blue eyes set in my narrow face meeting his amber now glowing in either anger or amusement, I couldn’t tell which. My pointed chin lifted further as I stared down my straight nose at him and narrowed my eyes. I was not willing to leave a comfortable work space just so he could continue to have more room than necessary. He retaliated by raising his head higher. Neither of us was backing down. Like two wolves locked in a battle of wills is likely what the rather unnecessary display looked like.
    “So she has a sense of humor,” He half groaned half chuckled, relaxing slightly and looking pleased with himself. I wasn’t sure why. “I could shoot a wench like you from the top of High Hrothgar,” he boasted casually. That got my attention.
    “Really? You believe you are that skilled?” I asked with intense interest trying to ignore my hairs standing on end from as a result of the insult. My sudden change in attitude seemed to alert him to my intentions for his guard went back up.
    “I’m not for hire if that’s what you’re thinking,” he growled. “I was just stating fact. So don’t ask me if I’ll chase down some lover of yours that couldn’t stand to be with you.”
    I had to snort back a laugh as this struck me as probably more humorous than it should have.
    “Oh please, I would not ask that,” I was still trying to contain the laugh. “Besides, I chased him off myself long ago. I just need a ranger. That is all.”
    “That wood elf over there…”
    “Shoots with the strength of a butterfly,” I interrupted “The dark elf in Whiterun, while pleasant company, abandoned me to a bear and while the… bulky… warrior who loiters around Windhelm was more than adequate, we got in each other’s way more often than anything. The dog I bought… Got lost somewhere.” I let out a sigh at the last one. I had liked that dog.
    One eyebrow raised in irritation as he responded, “That is quite a few problems… that aren’t mine. What do you need a tracker for, anyways?”
    I opened my mouth to speak but quickly shut it and pursed my thin lips. I looked down at my map in silence. What could I possibly say that would convince a stranger, especially one as ill tempered as this one, to help me. I was hunting dragons. In order to do that I had to get some horn from a stupid undead infested ruin to prove my worthiness to some addled old men that lived on top of a dangerous mountain who were terribly out of touch with how difficult, nay deadly, life was down below. On top of it all I did not have the wealth required to pay for my own equipment much less could I pay someone adequately enough to aid in such a deadly task. Five hundred Septims was good for a few bandit raids when you were allowed to split the loot, not a commitment to almost certain death. I was silent for a long time before finally managing to get the words past my teeth.
    “I am hunting dragons. They move to fast for me to shoot.” I glanced up at him through my eyelashes to judge his expression. His eyebrows shot to the top of his forehead for a moment before settling back to the scowl they’d been in previously. Did it surprise him that a beanpole of a girl was hunting giant fire spitting lizards? It surprised me, too.
    He settled back to his drink without saying a word and continued watching the people and the doors. Such paranoia was dearly familiar to me and would have been comforting but for the uneasiness of the silence between us. I was not able to tell if he was still thinking about our conversation or was choosing to ignore it and me. At least I was no longer being threatened for taking up a seat.
    Going back to staring at the spot on the map where this Ustengrav was, my mind wandered. Images of that first crypt I had to crawl through in order to find a stone tablet, a so called dragonstone, came flashing through my head. The crumbling stone walls, the stench, the damp, the cold. But that was nothing. The gangly, rotting, convulsing undead creatures with glowing eyes who’s weapons, covered in centuries of rust, were only capable of killing you slowly, they were the real problem. It was enough to send me shuddering, again, as though my body was trying to shake off the memory. Or maybe I was still a little sick from the fever I had fought afterwards.
    In an attempt to distract myself I let down my hair from it’s oppressive knot, massaging out the ache of it being contained so tightly for so long. I left the small braid in tact as the tight waves splattered around my neck and back like a mess of pale, wet seaweed. Some water splashed onto the papers and I jumped to rub it off. I could not afford another map. As the droplets melted away leaving behind rippled paper the map absorbed all my attention, mind flashing to many different things. My family. Being chased across the border by a psychopath. Running into the ambush by the imperial soldiers. Listening to the prisoners as we rode to our deaths. Dragon. Escape. Safety. Magician. Crypt. Thu’um. Power. Death. Undead. Fear. Blood curdling fear. Family. My mind continued to circle like this and by the time I looked up the ranger was gone.
    In fact, everyone was gone. My head swung around in search of life anywhere other than my own before my eyes found Ognar in his usual spot, looking to him befuddled.
    “You been sittin’ there all night, lass. Again.” he said “Everyone’s left.”
    “Oh.” I looked up at the windows near the top of the wall. The light streaming through did indicate the presence of daylight. I must have dozed off. Shrugging off the confusion I began to gather up my things and pack them away. I had made plenty of health potions in the past week. The only thing holding me back from claiming that horn was my own fear. I had to conquer it or the blood of this world would be on my hands. When I had prayed for adventure this is not what I had in mind. Maybe I should have been less childish.
    Leaving a few coins on the counter for the bar tender in a sort of payment, there were no rooms to rent but firewood wasn’t cheap, I stepped out onto the deck, shouldered my pack and prepared to step out into the sun.
    “Princess, a word.” I could have jumped out of my skin for the sudden voice behind me. Reflexes whipped my body around and into a crouch drawing a bone dagger from it’s sheath. It took me a moment to calm down as I realized it was only the ranger. He had drawn a knife of his own, in apparent response to my violent reaction. I mumbled an apology and lowered the dagger before lifting back up and tilting my head in inquiry. Once his knife lowered he spoke.
    “I thought about our conversation,” he began, sheathing his dagger and crossing his arms. “Let’s say you do me a little favor and then I’ll decide whether your company suits me.”
    I straightened even further, hope lifting my spirit to soaring heights it hadn’t experienced for ages before caution grabbed it by the tail and yanked it back down to shove it into the ground with a thud, causing my posture to hunch a little in defense.
    “What kind of favor?” I asked suspiciously.
    “Don’t flatter yourself,” he scoffed “Not that kind of favor. Besides… you’re not my type. I just need some help retrieving something of mine.”
    “Is it an ancient hunting horn at the bottom of a dragur infested crypt? Because that would be very convenient.”
    “No…” he paused to frown with eyes narrowed, perhaps questioning the wisdom of reconsidering “It’s my wolf, Karnwyr. He disappeared while hunting a week ago. When I went looking for him I found he’d been captured by some trappers. I’ve been tracking them since and their trail continues on east. I would have gladly taken them out by myself once I caught up but from the looks of the trail they were joined by a small army of bandits. I’m not about to go stumbling into an ambush.” He let loose a wicked grin, “But if I had someone to draw their fire… it would change my odds of getting out alive.” I pressed my lips together in slight irritation before chuckling.
    “Bandits?” I asked breathing a heavy sigh of relief, “I think I can help with a few bandits. If you manage not to shoot me during battle.” I sheathed my dagger and crossed my arms. “What is your name?”
    “Brigitta” A sense of relief began to wash over me as I realized that, for just a little while, I no longer needed to take command. I could put off the undead for a little while. My tense muscles relaxed and my arms uncrossed, resting a hand on my hip. “I will follow your lead, then. When do we leave?”

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    Stone-paved road stretched to the horizon. Forest that starts after the road goes to the gently sloping hill and forming it. On another side of the road cliffs rise to the sky.  Sun cast ray to all directions above all this magnificence.

    The girl walked the road and covered her eyes from the light by hand, trying to discern further way. Clear days very rare in this part of Skyrim are very rare and people trying to use this time for all 100%. Light-brown hair was gather in the puffy topknot at the lower part of the head at one side. Her gray-green eyes look along sides and try to discover any small movement among the trees. The girl was wearing in black armor with small square plates throughout the body and dark thick trousers. The high boots with leather staps on legs. On the belt with two sides hang two swords. It is noteworthy that, in spite of such a severe outfit, the girl was a fairly small increase, and it can easily be mistaken for a child.

    Looking around, Leo took a map of the area of the camp bags. She traveled to Rift rarely and not very good oriented here. Based on the position of landmarks, somewhere in 3-4 hours of walking will be crossroads and then descending should find a small path that leading to the mountains. The girl was looking for this particular path, but going in the sun so much time is not very good idea. She pave approximate road and decided to cut the way over the forest. Leo wants to do this job from Jarl of Riften as faster as she can.  Long time Dovahkiin out of job and her wallet lost weight, because of that, job to search dealers of skooma – it is what she needed.

    At some point, walking through the woods, Dragonborn realized that there are no sounds of animals and birds in this place.  So someone scared them recently. After another 5 minutes of going, she heared the sounds of battle. Maybe two band of bandits have a fight or someone like that. And where the bandits there a can be find a some gold. Money does not never superfluous.

    Leopard accelerate step and start move to side a little, for come to the location of battle from leeward side. Looking out of some distance from bush, Leo able discern that group of six people gather round one guy and attacking him. He fought them fiercely, trying to keep a distance and firing a bow, but him clearly began to take positions. Two bodies are far from him randomly. It seems that number the attackers were even more.

    From this distance to see something else was difficult. She decided that the judge of the battle in the bushes is not a heroic deed. Leopard straightened her coat and pulled out a sword. Girl crept quietly for a few meters, and then jumped out of her hiding place, attacking opponents. Surprise attack from the back a little disoriented bandits, and giving Leopard advantage. Guy also did not waste time and two inattentive thugs went into the world of the dead. Men were more than a head taller than the girl, wide in the shoulders and was strong smell of sweat and skooma from them. One of the bandits, a bald man with a patch over one eye was armed with scimitar dodged the arrows and turned to his comrades

    –  Look, we have a desert!

    He didn’t say something creative. Usually, similar personalities have limited vocabulary. By sometimes, Leopard wanted to hear something new, but not this time. She only snorted at his words, blocking the kick. On this rabble, even the Voice spend very pitifully.  Taking on the part of opponents, Leopard made it possible for a stranger to move a certain distance and fire at enemies from there. Dovahkiin noted that his archer’s skills were very good. He maneuvered between the stones, letting the arrow after arrow. Soon they killed bandits.

    Leo took the sword from the fallen corpse and put to sheath. No sooner had the girl call out a guy like right next moment to her face an arrow flashed. She barely managed to avoid the shot.

    – If you don’t want that next arrow sticking out of your adorable forehead, be a good girl and do not move.

    Leopard at first time able to distinguish him. On his right cheek was seen two scars, and another cut through the eyebrow. Stubble on his face clearly said that the razor on his face had not seen for about a week. Leather armor was painted black, and the number of straps and pockets on it, Leopard did not count. Man was obviously good-looking, but obviously far from dreams of a prince, which is so Dragonborn dreamed. Take his education, He try to kill his savior immediately after the battle: even Altmer didn’t do so beastliness thing! “I hoped that saving the handsome knight, but in fact, unshaven barbarian!” Leopard gasped with disappointment.

    – And you do not have to be ill. What do I owe such a warm welcome? Dragonborn put her hands on her hips and arched her back slightly to seem a little taller. Man, however, was not going to drop the bow.

    – Oh, well, if you do not shut up right now, I shove an arrow notched tip in your ass and turn it.

    – It happens only if I’m in front of it does not stick a my sword down your throat.  So much gratitude for the help, no “thank you” or something else of that sort. She put her hand on the hilt of sword and did not take her eyes with a stranger.

    – I do not know why you decided to kill your little friends, but I want give up so easily.

    – My….who?

    – You heard, now you raise your hands up and take me to your lair.

    Leopard didn’t know, should she cry or laugh? The situation became so sadly ironic that how to react to what is happening she did not know. Archer took the silence seems to be a girl as weakness and came closer. Ultimately, the arrowhead rested her little face. Leopard is indignation folded her arms and firmly think over the answer.

    – You misunderstood my actions.

    – Oh, really? You think, that with you pretty face, can make me to doubt. I’m not so stupid.

    His voice was low, husky and sounded sharply. He looked straight into the eyes of Dragonborn and burning her in fire of his brown eyes. Leopard eventually broke down and laughed loudly.

    – If I had intentions to kill you, I would have done it during combat. And yes, these gentlemen I meet for the first time.

    She shrugged. No, it does not bother that he could at any time to release the bowstring and kill her. Not the first time Leo went hand in hand with death. Archer is also sighed and lowered his weapon.

    – And then, this tavern wench forget hear? – He made it clear that one wrong move and he did launch an arrow at her head. Strange girl too well to hand, and man did not believe in the luck. Leopard also want to know, how it is possible to adopt a war, even a female, in full battle equipment for the tavern wench, but she did not elaborate. Flick of the wrist, she pulled out of the sleeve a little rumpled parchment and handed to archer. Man reluctantly took the document and quickly ran through his eyes.

    – Job from Jarl. I have been looking for drug dealers who settled here nearby. I think, guys are from those band attacked you.

    – So you’re Jarl’s cur.

    – Hey, hey, I have a name. By the way, I hope you have it too. Well, if you did not accidentally forgot your name, in the heat of battle.

    – It is surprising that in your head is something left, because by the lack of a helmet, you often get on it. Bishop. Ranger. And these bastards took away something that belongs to me. I have a lot of time trying to figure out where their camp.

    – Leopard. Extremely not, glad to get acquainted. It seems that the goal we have is the same.

    – No, princess. My goal – to get back what belongs to me. And I do not care about you.

    – How kind of you. If you did not catch, I think that if we the attack the camp of bandits together, the chance to deal with them will be taller than you or me go alone.

    Bishop chuckled and put a bow behind. It is worth noting, that his face expressed extreme disdain or anger, and sometimes all together. It seems that today he got up on the wrong foot.

    – Not “what” but “who”. My wolf Karnwyr. He disappeared a week ago, when we were hunting. When I went looking for him I found that he had been captured by some trappers. But if they were simple hunters, I would have done without outside help. No, it looks like a real small army of thugs.

    – Okay, I’ll help you. In the end, I have what to say to them, too. – Leopard took the paper from the hands of Bishop and took her back into the sleeve. Ranger it only approached close to the Dragonborn and threatened forefinger.

    However, she was not listening him, instead she took the map again and buried her in her head, wondering which way to move now. Ranger snorted and snatched the map from her hand.

    – We do not need this right now. You know, find the trails and tracks in the woods, it’s sort of my specialty, well, I say this in case, if you see a live ranger first time

    – If this ranger doesn’t stop, then quickly turn from living to the dead and I’ll help him in this.

    Bishop only grinned and went ahead. He was amused by his new friend reaction. However, as far as she was good in the battle, he still had to learn. Leopard, walking back, and writhes faces mocking manner of his speech.

    Most of the way they walked in silence. Bishop constantly humbled eye surroundings and watching the movements of the companion. In his view, the girl conduct like a spoiled princess, she behaved too blithely with the man, who she saw the first time. Leo was also not very happy with this partnership, and has clearly a gloomy mien, but in silence. It can called a mutual discontent, which, however, and suited both. Although they occasionally exchanged barbs, and the tense atmosphere came to naught.

    Soon they approached the camp of bandits. When they got to the place, it is already beginning to get dark. Sunset marks the end of the day and start of night. Raptors went on hunting at night. Sneaking in the dark, they are looking for their victim. And Ranger, making his way through the forest, with a predatory grin looked ahead. He notices every detail that surrounds him, every pebble on the ground and mark on the bark of a tree. Was agreed that Leopard distracts the guards, and Bishop covering the girl’s back from the ledge over the camp of their shells.

    – Hellooooo! – Leopard waved her hand men stood at the entrance. There were three. They all were armed with swords, and a mile away from them reeked of liquor. They immediately switched their attention to the unexpected guest, and began to approach her.

    – Baby, you came to the wrong place

    – Come on, exactly where to go. Standing here is too boring and with this baby we can have fun.

    And they laughed disgusting, flexing their fingers. “Ugh, how rude. But what else to expect from them” Leopard thought and took the both swords from scabbard.

    – That is, guys. Let’s have fun.

    – Oh yes, baby has claws. And what you will do with us?

    He made a mistake, the same that his comrades a little earlier. He called Leopard “baby.” And Leo could not stand when her called like that. No long thinking, Dragonborn inhaled a deep breath and Shouted.

    – Yol Toor Shul!

    Words escaped from the girl’s throat immediately turned into flames, burning nearby enemy faster than burn wood chips. His death cry of pain echoed through the neighborhood. There was a smell of roast meat and hair. The body of a bandit, writhing in pain, get limp and fell to the ground. Two others stood rooted to the spot and could not believe their eyes. What happened did not surprise them alone, Bishop kept watch from above as well did not expect what would happen something like this. A strange familiarity grew even stranger. However, quickly took himself in hand, the ranger pulled an arrow and shot at one of the guards hit him in the throat. Last survivor too late to come to the senses, leopard pounced on him with the speed of the attacking cat.

    –  Bitch!

    It was his last word. Frightened by the sudden death of his comrades, the bandit began to chop at the girl without thinking, in a blind rage. Leopard was not difficult to avoid them. And when the cat played enough with mouse, then she dealt the bandit a few punches, then a man, uttering wheeze fell to the ground. Leopard wiped the sweat on her forehead, and cleared her throat. Using Voice, she quickly dried up in her throat. So, while she sips water from her canteen, Bishop approached, who has decided to immediately clarify something.

    – At such a young age and already possess a voice, but you are not so simple, Princess

    – Well … Let’s just say that it’s something like my innate talent.

    – Innate talent … – There was an awkward pause. Bishop with half a second thought about Leo’s words, and then with great skepticism in his voice and asked.

    – You are Dovahkiin?

    Leopard nodded, confirming his guess. She did not like about this spread, but once asked a direct, and she not going to lie.

    – I thought that Dragonborn is a huge nord with tempered character and an empty head. However, in the latter, you are similar with him.

    Leopard barely perceptible sigh. That’s why she did not like to talk about fact that she is Dragonborn. Immediately begin such ridicule. Yes, she is a bit did not match the exterior “Real Dragonborn” but that is what it is.

    – Any person primarily characterized by what he did, not appearance. If you always judge people by their appearance, you not survive for a long time.

    Bishop approached the girl so close that she could feel his breath. She tentatively raised her head and their eyes met. He burned through the girl on through his brown, almond-colored eyes. They recited smile, mixed with curiosity and malice. Dragonborn is looking at him ironically to himself and to the world around. Ranger according snorted and replied.

    – Even in your empty skull may appear sensible idea.

    Leo had a great desire to look and turn away, but if she did, it would mean that she defeat. The new partner was clearly an unusual person. However, the same can be said about her. It seems that after all, they will be able to find a common language. Better mutual understanding can be achieved by fighting back to back.

    Inside the cave, passing along a long narrow corridor could be heard scuffling in the end. There was an old iron cage, and huge wolf went inside it from place to place, angrily flashing eyes. He obviously did not like this place, his attitude to the situation, he expressed with the a deaf growl. Seeing his master and wolf’s mood abruptly changing. Bishop immediately found himself near the cage and tore off  lock.

    – Ah, there you are, mongrel! Well, what are you thinking when you gave yourself to grasp? You made me stalk you till this gods forsaken cave!

    Karnwyr jumped out of the cage and clung to the owner, began gently licking his hand. Leopard standing a little way off and watching the passage.  Realizing that someone close to them, Leopard hailed Bishop, to which he again showed his predatory smile.

    – Get these bastards to pay for everything!

    With these words, the he sent wolf forward and went after him. Leo didn’t hesitate and, exposing the blades, she decided for herself that doesn’t want to die in such company.

    People turned out really quite a lot, even though their skills left much to be desired. The main problem was their quantity. It was hard to beat from all at once, but in the end, companions managed to win. During the battle, the Leopard has received several wounds, but it was not deep. To pierce the armor of Dawnguard needs to work harder. Bishop got so too, but overall he looked pleased with the result.

    Collecting jewelry and coins that they have managed to find companions finally got out into the fresh night air. Leopard after a short pause turned to Bishop

    – Karnwyr safe now. How do you like the idea to continue the journey with me?

    – I am impressed. I did not think that woman like you as can kill.

    – Oh, I have a lot of talents, Bishop.

    – Well, in that case, I’ll stay with you. Who knows what adventures wait us.

    – Do not worry on that score. I’m going to drag you into all possible troubles.

    – M-m-m-m-m-m! I look forward to – Bishop again demonstrated his predatory smile, slightly revealing fangs. In the light of Moon, his face looked even more sinister than a day. She grinned and said to herself that quiet journey not for her.

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    Accidently exposing your surprise boner shouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Well, at least that was what a sobering Bishop chanted to himself as he leaned against the front wall of the Sleeping Giant’s Inn. The inn’s door slowly creaked to a close from his hurried escape. His heart still raced as he propped a foot against the wall and hunched his back slightly, all in an attempt to bring his leather trousers away from his hard on. Fortunately for him, he was standing in the shade on an empty Riverwood night, and his trousers were black. unfortunately, the entire inn may have already seen his deed, including the lady who somewhat caused it.

    Just moments ago, he was downing Riverwood Ale by the dozens and staring at the tavern girls, all in a desperate measure to forget about losing Karnwyr. Well, at least forget the pain of it. He kept his wandering eyes strictly below the face, staring at cleavage and ass in quick darts of his eye, only ever looking when he called Orgnar for more drink.

    But of course, the ale got to him.

    Whatever control he has vanished as his amber eyes lingered hungrily at the curves of the ladies’ bodies, glinting dangerously as he tried to control the urge to reach out and let his fingers gently dance down the curves of their torsos while pressing his lips against their necks. The features of faces began to matter, as he traced the shapes of their jaws and the curves of their noses, humming pleasantly to the rosiness upon their Nordic noses and cheeks. He finally noted their eyes-a dangerous move to make in the art of staring at chicks, and drowned himself in the waves of blues and greens and occasional light browns, shining from the alluring shapes of their eyes adorned by thick, luscious eyelashes.

    Safe to say, that by that moment, he had a raging hard on. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he placed his elbows onto the table in front of him and hunched his back.
    “Damnit,” He thought to himself as he gulped down another mug of ale. Damnit, these girls were pretty. Damnit, he wanted to caress their soft skins. Damnit, he wanted them to warm his bed that night. Damnit, he just wanted some company.

    He reached a hand out to under the table, expecting his beloved wolf to place his soft muzzle into his hand for a comforting chin scratch.

    The tavern air warmed his lonely fingers. A log in the fire pit crumbled to ashes. His happiness and his stiffness died with.

    He straightened his back as he waved his mug in the air, ready to drink himself to death. He twirled the handle through his fingers, waiting for Orgnar to mutter a single “Alright” and open a flagon.

    Instead, the entire inn broke out in a cheer.

    “Dragonborn!” Their drunk voices babbled in complete discord as they raised their mugs towards one of the inn’s open room doors. His head, now abuzz with a headache, turned to look at the source of their happiness.

    A woman. With Khajiit ears. And a full set of furry cleavage.

    A certain something rose to the occasion.

    His expression twisted in confusion as he tried to figure out what exactly got him stiff. Fur covered boobs? He turned to look at her body, clad in a rich red empire-cut gown that hid everything but those fur tits, covered in tan short-fur and black stripes.

    “No way in hell,” Bishop thought, unwilling to reconcile to any sort of fetish-ish attraction to such. So if it wasn’t her body, perhaps it was her face?

    He looked up at this ‘Dragonborn’ to find a beautiful tan-coloured woman’s face covered with fur, adorned with wavy dark velvet red hair and topped with ears. She had turned to look at something on the floor, displaying her strong square jaw and her small dainty nose in its profile glory. Faint dark red warpaint resembling a butterfly’s left wing seemed to spread across her eye and cheek, and now that she had turned her face, had a matching wing on the right. Her chin was strong and straight, her lips were perfectly even, her nose was a small sharp button and her eyes were…amazing. They were slitted like a cat, with dark velvet red orbs surrounding each slit.

    “She’s gorgeous,” Bishop reckoned, but the reality that he did not notice such features before his tent was pitched hit him with abject misery. He let himself slip back into reality, only to find the woman who was and yet wasn’t behind his ram rod staring right at him.

    He blinked for a bit as he surveyed his environment, and found the entire inn staring right at him. Confused, he drew his raised arm back towards him, to find it devoid of his mug. He looked around and found it laden upon the middle of the inn floor, rolling ever so slightly.

    Dwemer gears clicked in his head as he realised that he had been holding their attention the whole time while he was glaring up the lady.

    “Thank you.” Cheerfully spoke the lady in question. Her eyes was still trained at him, indicating that she had replied to him.

    “What?” Bishop asked, confused.

    “You said I was gorgeous. Thanks.” She spoke in some indiscernible accent. Bishop’s jaw dropped as he realised that he was blabbering. Anger and insults fueled to his head. He turned his body towards her to begin his intimidation, only to expose the impression of his flag pole upon his leather pants to the tavern fire’s flickering light and her sharp and interested eyes.

    She quirked an eyebrow and stared naughtily at him. He was out the door in minutes.

    So now he stood, his brows knitted and his cheeks aflame. Moreover, his wood wasn’t going down, and the author was running out of fun ways to describe it.

    He clasped a hand around his forehead as he dealt through his embarrassment of his no-reason boner at his age and the possibility of the entire town seeing it. Well, he could at least blame the hard-on on the lady. She was pretty enough.

    “Hey,” The lady herself announced as she leaped out of the inn’s door. Bishop internally screamed.

    “You!” He shouted, and immediately regretted as his voice carried across the night’s silent air. The woman immediately brought her hands to her ears in an attempt to cover them. The night air suddenly picked up and blew against her gown. The curves of her torso and legs revealed itself through the silk, carving a figure so divine that it could make Dibella jealous. Bishop finally felt properly turned on again.

    “Yes. Me.” The lady cheekily replied with a wide smile and suggestive eyes as she lowered her hands. Her red pupils seemed to glow, and combined with her sudden closeness, revealed sultry upturned almond eyes with sharp corners and long thick eyelashes that gave an femme fatale-like aura of “Please Screw Me”. Obviously, she wasn’t here to scream and berate him for his deed, which of course, confused him.

    “You know, most ladies scream when they witness that kind of thing.” Bishop spoke as he slowly regained his boldness.

    “Yes, I was considering it, but you did say I was pretty with that voice of yours. And I took a proper look at your face. What can I say, I’m prejudiced like that.” She spoke, her vaguely Cyrodilic accent rumbling at a low alto. Bishop felt his pride immediately swell.

    “She sure knows what to say,” He thought internally.

    “And I was sure that no one else saw it, so bringing attention to it felt a little too mean.” She continued her Good Samaritan stride.

    “She really knows what to say,” He thought as he felt his fears slowly dissipate.

    “Either way, if you’d come back in, a flagon’s waiting for you,” She spoke cheerfully. “It’s on me.”

    “Excuse me?” Bishop fell his pride swell. “I don’t need you to buy me a drink. And I’m not going back in there.”

    “Oh come on, as long as you go back in with me, everything will be fine!” She cheerfully added, further fueling Bishop’s frustration.

    “And why is that? Cause the town thinks you’re some kind of Dragonborn?” Bishop threw his sense of logic out the window as the embarrassment of what had happened came back to haunt him.

    “Yes?” The lady replied in confused non-denial. “The Dragonborn’s friend is everyone’s friend, no?” She spoke. Her sense of elitism struck the worse chord within him, and was henceforth out for blood.

    “Pah! There’s no way that a tiny…whatever weird race that you are could be a mighty dragonslayer!” Bishop spoke, dealing the first of many insults he had handy.

    “I’m a Dagi-Raht. A kind of Khajiit. And unfortunately for your preconceptions, I am the mighty dragonslayer.” She seemed to speak seriously for a moment, donning a deeper voice and a deadpan tone. Bishop felt as if he’d just met another person.

    “Well in that case, princess, I guess Skyrim’s doomed to be saved by some horny tavern wench! Seriously, your eyes have been begging me to bed you this whole time. Me, the man who made a fool of himself just moments ago! I mean sure, I don’t blame you for being into me, god no, but still, looks like you’d open your legs for anyone!”

    “Well yeah alright, that much is true,” She admitted nonchalantly. Bishop blinked.

    “What You’re fine with trying to bed a pervert?”

    “Did you just call yourself a pervert?”

    “I-agh!” Bishop moaned in defeat

    “God, you have the anger of a toddler and the pride of a woman.” The lady finally spoke in exasperation.

    “I-what! Princess, watch your mouth, or you might end up at the wrong side of my blade.” He threatened, his hand hovering over the hilt of his prized dagger.

    “Oh, I’d never noticed that. I’d only taken notice of your bow. You’re some sort of ranger, right” Princess’s nonchalance suddenly continued, unfazed by the threat. Bishop felt like trying to gouge his eyes out instead.

    “Agh! Whatever! I don’t have to deal with this. Karnwyr let’s go-” Bishop began to rant as he extended a hand behind him.

    The hand clenched into a tight, unforgiving fist. He slowly brought his arm to his side, before taking another step.

    “Miss someone?” The lady asked, her voice not poisoned by malice but instead filled with concern. Bishop stopped in his place.

    “Yes.” Bishop responded, unsure of his actions and what their current conversation was going to lead to.

    “Who was he?” She asked as she began to walk towards him.

    “My wolf brother.”

    “Ah,” She quickly spoke, as if she’d remembered a similar experience of her own.

    “I understand.” The lady placed a warm fur hand upon his shoulder in a much needed form of comfort. Bishop felt his barriers break into tiny, insignificant pieces.

    “What’s your name?” She asked as she walked from behind him to his side, all while her hand rested upon his shoulder.

    “Bishop. You?” He asked as he tilted his head towards her.

    “Ashukhsa. Just call me Ash.” She answered.

    “There’s a hole in your heart, isn’t there, Bishop.” She spoke as she held his chin between the claws of his fingers. Bishop looked down at her, amber eyes hungrily glinting in the moonlight. He nodded his head, vainly hoping to not let his internal sadness spill into view.

    “Come here, I’ll fill it.” She whispered, as she brought her lips to his. They chastely kissed, with Bishop letting Ash take a slight lead before dipping and wrapping his arms around her waist to bring her closer for a deeper kiss. A fur hand clasped onto his cheek for support. He placed a hand onto hers, feeling both the brotherly comfort of his wolf and the lustful comfort of a woman collide in ultimate passion under the moonlight.

    An argument lay broken to a side. Two opposite personalities collide. Such a fated sight. But among it all, the best part arrived.

    Bishop felt warm again.

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