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    This is an alternate start to my actual story, so that I did not fill the story up with the already existing conversations from the mod.


    Waking up in this shit hole of a world had been nothing but trouble so far, and Elasha had finally had enough. She had managed to get a bounty on her head and was currently on the run to the city called Riften. Not that she was actually running, in fact it seemed once she got out of the town no one gave a rats ass about her. So it was more along the lines of just following the dirt road and getting to the next damned city.

    That was indeed what she did at this very moment, in the wee hours of the morning. She had noticed plenty of wildlife around this morning, as deer seemed to trot about. Seemed the perfect time to go hunting, and as luck would have it a huge bear thought this too. In fact, it seemed to ignore the deer and rush right after the small half elf that now found herself in its path.

    “Merde…” she cursed as she watched this beast rush at her. What the hell could she do? Drawing her blade she took stance and prayed to he gods that she would live though this fight. Yet, the beast never reached her, for it was attacked by a wolf whom tackled it from the side. Why the hell would a wolf attack the bear though? It was illogical, yet this is what she saw. The beast swiped at the wolf, who let out a yelp as it was flung to the side. The bear seemed to lose interest in Ela, and started making its way back to the wolf.

    The bear roared as if hit by something, not that the she could see at all. She did however hear the sound of splitting air, and it made her think. I have one shot left… I might as well make it count. She quickly pulled her flintlock from its holster and ran up to the beast. She shot it, point blank, in the back of the neck before she found herself flying back to the ground. The bear was not dead, but it was mad now. As it ran up to her she noticed some arrows in its chest, but that didn’t matter. Not now, not when the bear was about to finish her off.

    She closed her eyes and started uttering a prayer to Onatar that her crew may survive without her. A final growl came from the bear before she felt the weight of the beast on her, and yet she still lived. She listened for a pulse the beast did not have and let out a sigh before regretting her decision. She struggled to get it off her, so that she may breathe. It almost seemed to feel as if it were pulled off her, as she turned over on her hands and knees and began coughing, gasping for air. By the time she had opened her eyes and steadied her breath, she was locking eyes with the wolf that had first jumped to her rescue.

    “Hey, who is a good puppy?” She asked as she reached out to scratch the wolf behind its ears. The wolf seemed to like it as he sat down, tail wagging. “Does the good boy want a treat? Who wants a treat?! I bet you do!” She smiled and sat back, reaching into her pack and handing the wolf some jerky. He seemed to swallow it whole before jumping up, his paws on her shoulders as he licked her face.

    “Who the hell are you?” Came the voice of a man Ela had not known. It caused her to jump as she looked over, the pup finally calming down and trotting over to the man. It sat at his side, and he was looking down at Ela like she was a child in trouble. His arms crossed over his armor, his face showing his annoyance at her being there.

    Ela sat there with her butt on the ground and legs to either side of her. She imagined that this man must have had quite a sight of her right now. Just a small half elf sitting on the ground in disarray, her clothing covered in dirt and blood. No armor to speak of at the sight of her. She probably looked like a sailor who got lost on the land. She scurried to her feet and pushed her flaming red hair behind her short pointed ears, and blinked her big gold eyes at the man.

    “Thank you for saving my hide from that bear…” She said as she offered a hand, not that the man took it. He simply glared down at her and it caused her to squirm. “H-hey no need to be angry. Geez. What do you want me to pay you or something?”

    The man smirked down at her. “Not a bad idea, thanks for thinking of it for me.”

    “What?! I wasn’t serious!” She paused for a moment before she pouted and bat her eyes at the man. “Come on sir, I don’t have much to my name. I’m simply a young woman who was recently left on her own in the world.” Truth she thought as she stepped forward, almost pressing herself against him as she gave him her best set of sad eyes. She even gripped his arm, timidly. Hugging it to her, she could feel his arm stiffen up as he fought against her grip. It forced her to instead pull herself against him as she pleaded with him now. “I really would pay you if I could…” Psh, as if… “Please, I just need a little help. Won’t you do me that kindness?” She finally batted her lashes at him again, pouting and hugged his arm a little tighter, pressing her chest against his arm.

    “Hah!” He laughed at her and shook his head, followed by shaking her off of him. It left her baffled and looking at him with shocked eyes. That had never failed to work on a stranger before! Had she not flirted enough? Did she go overboard on the sappiness? “Those tricks wont work on me, wench.”

    Ela glared at him as she took a step closer again. It wasn’t very intimidating, being this close and glaring up at him, but she tried her best. How foolish she must have looked. Like a little bird puffing up its feathers in an attempt to look intimidating. “Don’t you dare call me a wench again!” She let her voice and eyes fill with her anger. Overall she still looked so adorable glaring up at him, like she’d never be able to harm him. Yet that look in her eyes told a different story.

    He just gave her a smile, amused at how angry she got over the small comment. It was strangely interesting how someone so delicate looking could hold such a look in her eyes. “But you are a wench.” He spoke slowly, watching the anger flash in her eyes. She certainly had a spark, this one! If she had that kind of fire in bed… He watched as she balled her hands into fists, as if she would strike him. “If you even try it my wolf will tear out your throat.” His voice was low, like his words were a threat. That was enough to make Ela want to hit him, and yet, as she was about to strike, her attention was brought to the wolf at his side. This made the man glance down as well.

    The pup seemed to nuzzle her hand, craving attention. She turned her gaze from the man back tot he pup with a smile. The wolf certainly liked her, at the very least. She seemed to fully relax as she looked back at the man then. “I don’t think so. I think your better half likes me and wouldn’t attack me even if you ordered him too!” With that Ela stuck her tongue out at the man, only to find him growling much like a wolf might. Without realizing it, Ela had made a terrible insult to him. She had insulted the bond between him and his wolf.

    “Woah now! Easy there Fluffy. Don’t get all furry on me. I was just teasing” She said as she held up her hands and backed away. But the man just continued to glare at her. She suddenly didn’t feel very safe. Yet as she stepped back, he stepped forward. The pup just sat there, watching. Ela you idiot, now you’ve done it! You have gone and pissed off this….. thing! What are you going to do if he is a werewolf?! You just called him Fluffy like some nobles pet dog! He’s probably going to shift and eat your heart!

    She backed herself up, until she was pinned against a tree and she seemed to pale. “L-look, look I’m sorry okay?” She said as she watched him stalk closer. He moved so very slowly, maybe, just maybe, she could run past him? As she thought about it, he closed the distance and suddenly she was pinned there. “Eeek!” She screeched as she closed her eyes and looked away. “Sorry! I am truly sorry! I’ll pay you! Please, I just want to go home!” her words escaped her lips like pleas, and she hated just how pathetic she sounded.

    She hadn’t realized he wasn’t moving as she stayed there, too afraid to even look at him as she whimpered like some beaten stray mutt. “I just… want to go home…” She fell down to the floor as he seemed to back away and watch her for a moment. One minute she was filled with fire, and now it was like that fire was suddenly smothered.

    “You really don’t have anywhere to go, do you?” He asked her, not that his voice sounded as if he really cared. She didn’t answer, and she still hadn’t looked at him. It annoyed him as he crouched before her, his words coming out as a growl. “Answer me!”

    She let out another squeak as she jumped and finally looked at him, her eyes locking on his amber ones. He still looked human, could it be that that really was all he was? She swallowed and licked her lower lip before she nodded. It was enough for him to push up off the ground and away from her. She blinked as he turned his back to her. “Damn it all…” He muttered before looking at the wolf. They seemed to be speaking to each other without words right before Ela’s eyes, before he groaned.

    As he turned to her she jumped up on her feet, ready to bolt if needed. “Easy, princess…” he said sounding tired. “I’ll help you, but you are gonna owe me big time, you got that?!” With that he turned back to the wolf as Ela tried to make sense of this entire situation. Why the hell was he helping her? She watched and listened carefully as he crouched by the wolf.

    “There, happy now?” He asked as he ran a hand through the wolf’s fur. It responded with a happy bark and trotted over to Ela, tail wagging as if he were an overgrown puppy. She was dumbfounded at the thought. I… I was saved by a wolf… Her thoughts were interrupted then as the man stood up. “Come on now, princess. We have a bit of walking to do before we even get to Riften. Once we hit a tavern you can tell me how to get you home alright?”

    Ela nodded and rushed to catch up to the man who was a bit ahead of her now. She stopped just in front of him and met his gaze, and her face looked…determined? Whatever that look was it was supported by that fire yet again. How did she do that? Finally she bowed at the waist, and it was the most formal bow the ranger had ever seen. Complete with a sweeping arm, and all the while she kept her eyes locked on his. “Elasha Ellarian, artificer and rogue at your service, good ranger. May I ask the name of my savior and his companion so that I may properly serve and repay them?”

    The man watched her, and she could see the thoughts passing behind his eyes. Ela you idiot! You probably made him think you are a loon with that introduction! First of all, no lady ever bows! You were supposed to curtsy! Everyone knows it isn’t proper for a lady to bow! Secondly… why the formalities anyway?! Just look at him in all his rugged outdoorsy-ness! He could probably give a rats ass about a noble greeting!She was uneasy at his silent watching, and she knew it showed. A twitch of the lip, and soon she was watching the man as he chuckled at her, before she finally started to relax again. “The names Bishop, and this is my wolf, Karnwyr.”

    Ela finally smiled and stood tall, nodding with one quick motion. “If I may… You mentioned that I will owe you big time for your help. What sort of payment are you looking for?”

    He looked her over again, really sizing her up this time. She was shorter then he, with fair skin and a very delicate frame. An oddly hourglass shaped figure that one did not come by normally. He noticed her ears, being pointed but still short, poking out from her hair. Overall she looked young, and had a pretty face that would no doubt get her into trouble often. She didn’t particularly look like she could fight. What could she be good for? He really had no idea at the moment, and so he shrugged. “At some point in time, I will need something. That will be when I collect my debt from you.”

    Ela was actually feeling slightly guilty, but did not let it show. She had not told him where her home was, and that it meant she would be forever gone from this world. I suppose I feel bad, for I won’t be around for him to collect his debt from me. Yet… I will not risk loosing his assistance, and not being able to get home. She thought as they finally started off again, heading in the direction the city was said to be in. “Very well. I look forward to the rest of the journey.”

    Bishop rolled his eyes, not that Ela could see. “Whatever you say, princess. Just prepare yourself for the trip. It’s a long way ahead of us still…”

    If only either of them knew how true his words really were.

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    My humble submission, I hope you enjoy.


    Gisla winced as she tugged the rough fabric of her pants and small clothes off her skin, she made it even worse by lightly tugging the skin around the fresh sword gash. She hadn’t even bothered wasting supplies on patching it up, not tonight of all nights. She worked off her breast band ,it being the last remaining fabric on her and taking a deep breath of the clearing, ears picking up on everything. The slight rustle making the leaves dance, the sound of the creek bubbling over rocks as fish elegantly danced in the waters, most importantly the smell of fire, ash and burning wood. It wasn’t her camp’s reason, no, it was the bandits just down the hill.

    The nord admitted it wasn’t something she was proud of when she changed, there were many perks to being a werewolf but feasting on flesh was not one she rejoiced in. She began to unbind the red locks of her hair from the two loose waist length braids she kept them in and went to the creek to wash the kohl from her eyes, there was no point in keeping it on not to mention it was irritating on her fur. The moon would rise in moments, the beast under her skin was begging, aching to run and hunt. She was becoming antsy. Her feet dug into the rich earth below her as she rolled her shoulders.

    Just as her instinct promised the moon’s light spiraled through trees and making the woods glow. Gisla let out a piercing scream, a blood- curdling sound from somewhere deep in her soul, as she dropped to her hands and knees. The loud snapping of her bones dislocating and growing filled the air, her clawed hands desperately almost violently tearing off her shedding skin to show the animal tearing to the surface. Her cerulean eyes had changed to glow in the night. Her underbelly a cream color fading into the red of her fur and then black as it ran down her spin and masked her face glinted in the light as she stood. Tilting her head back a piercing howl radiated through the silence of the forest filling the night with dread.

    Bishop had been track the bastards that had taken his companion for days, they’d banded together and gathered other wolves besides Karnwyr. The animals snapped at each other, savage, angry. Pit fighting wolves, he recognized with fury setting into his bones. The night had fallen and with it a stillness, and a chance to free his wolf. The howl that shattered the silence was chilling, long, deep and close. He could hear it rush through the woods at an alarming speed, breaking over the forest floor, too heavy to be a normal beast but whatever it was it didn’t care how loud it was being.

    The men and women in the camp began to look about with a type of fear, he heard them talk about how the moon was full and he wanted to scoff at the idea. Werewolves were myth and legend, the thing hunting them now was most likely an alpha wolf from a close pack. Imagine his surprise as the blue eyes hovering in the dark stepped out to where the gamblers could see it, not it but her. She stood towering above them on hind legs with long sharp ebony claw gleaming in the moonlight.

    They didn’t stand a chance. The wolves shrank from the beast as she let out a roar, the bandits scrambled for some sort of weapon but she was upon them in a single breath. Her jaw snapping around throats to tear them out, claws piercing flesh and breaking bones. She devoured her kills as their begs for mercy and prayers for Talos’ protection went unanswered as she feasted. It took only minutes for her to devastate the camp. After her killing spree with her fur colored a deep crimson and hot blood on her muzzle she stalked forwards to the wolves tied to a post. Some were feral others were not. One smelled distinctly of human that was different from any of the bandits with deep brown fur. Pine, fire, ash and something male. A man had tamed the creature.

    Bishop pulled the arrow he had set in his bow and loosed it the same moment her clawed hand drawn back as if to strike them. The same time her talons broke the binding keeping them captive the arrow sank deep into her arm. She turned with a growl towards the direction it had been loosed from. Gisla didn’t break stride as she fell to all fours and rushed to it, another arrow loosed and embedding itself into the flesh and muscle between her shoulder and her clavicle. She didn’t stop stride until the man was pinned under her. Her maw was opened and ready to add him to her body count but a growling stopped her.

    The brown wolf was snarling at her, challenging her and warning. So this was the human who’d tamed the canine. The beast atop him glanced at Karnwry’s snarling form then back to him. She took a breath and roared in his face, the smell of death invaded his senses as hot blood dripped onto his face. She got off him and fled into the night, leaving a trail behinds her. He sat up, wiping the crimson liquid off him with a sound of disgust but almost toppled over by his own wolf barking and nuzzling into his master.

    “Stupid mutt what were you thinking getting yourself trapped?” He scolded but the wolf’s tail kept wagging, happy to be free.

    Bishop looked at the blood trail disappearing into the trees. Werewolves became human, at least that was the assumption and she couldn’t truly disappear. He’d gotten too close to her and found a distinct mark across her muzzle. A scar, old and raised up through her fur, her human form would have it too.

    “C’mon boy.” His curiosity demanded to be quenched as he followed the tracks and blood.

    Morning came with ache, pain, arrows and the taste of blood in Gisla’s mouth. She stumbled into the clearing bare as the day she was born and used her uninjured arm to cup water into her mouth. She sloshed it about and spat it out on the ground trying to get the blood off her palate. She was able to get her small clothes and breast band back on at the least before she sat down and began to process of ripping out arrows. The wound on her leg had healed nicely all things considered it was a perk of full moons, her lacerations healing, now being nothing but a scar. The arrows couldn’t heal, she couldn’t tear them out, as they did nothing but tear continuously through her skin try as her body might to heal her.

    Bishop followed the sound of a loud curse through the thicket of trees, “Talos’ balls!”

    She’d just ripped out the rather tender one sticking from the front of her shoulder, when something felt off, something settled in the pit of her stomach. The breeze picked up just so and she could smell it. Pine, ash, fire and something purely male, it was much stronger than last night on the wolf but was remnant of the scent she’d rolled in her mouth before leaving the man.

    “Nice shot by the way.” She called, looking at the treeline in front of her, holding up the arrow.

    Bishop realizing he’d been caught and decided it wasn’t the worst way to start his morning with a mostly naked woman in his sight, “I never miss my mark.”

    Gisla took in everything that was the man stepping out of the wood’s dark. His copper hair seemed brighter in the morning light, his tanned skin had scars. Two on his face, one on his cheek, the other through his right eyebrow. His eyes were wolflike, a color so golden they looked almost orange, the eyes of a predator. A strong jaw was set with stubble that gave him a rugged look. His clothes were ragged, worn and haphazard much to her irritation with only a bow and knife that she could see as his weapons. A ranger, she mused.

    “How nice of you not to put one between my eyes, hate to tell you this but you’re not the first man to nail me.” She tossed him his arrow with words that were drenched in sarcasm.

    His eyes raked over the form before him. Wide hips, shapely legs crossed, a supple bust with corded muscles under sun tanned skin. Scars too. They were scattered, raised up against the skin, marring what some would consider perfection. Some were angry, red, fresh looking, others were old ranging from thin to wide. Even if he’d found her after she’d removed and dressed the arrow wounds she would be given away by a unique scar. It had been across her muzzle, now it was a thin wire like abrasion starting just on her lower left cheek and curved under her right eye. Eyes that were watching him as intently as he was hers, something feral his in those blue eyes. Something dangerous like hooks to the soul ready to drag a person under and into the dark, bewitching.

    “See something you like?” He asked with a smug look on his face and watched her eyebrow raise up.

    “If I’d found something worth mentioning I would have commented on it already,” Gisla smirked at him.

    “Ha. Ha. So you’re a funny werewolf.” He snorted as she went to dressing the wound he inflicted.

    “I’d like to think so.” She was paused as the wolf from last night bounded over, licking his maw from catching breakfast and bumped his head into her shoulder in a way of thanks, “Well hello to you too.”

    She had smiled at his companion and paused to scratch behind his ears in fondness, it was odd to see the animal so open to a person but she was a wolf in some ways.

    “Suppose I’m indebted to you for saving, Karnwyr.” He was and if he was honest being in debt never suited him.

    “Seems you are.” She finished and began to tug her clothes over her body with having a care of the sore arm and much to Bishop’s discontent, “Luckily I can think of a lot of uses for you.”

    “Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not my type.” He huffed and watched her snort in a wolfish manner when the wanted to get a scent out of their nose.

    “I was thinking more like dragon bait.” she threw a look over his body, “ Little on the lean side but you’ll do. So ,dragon bait, you got a name?”

    “Bishop. My companion is Karnwyr.” He answered as she finished lacing up her boot and standing up.

    “Gisla.” she offered a hand and he shook.

    He’d travel with her, maybe she was more than just a wolf and tantalizing body. After all, it was not every day a woman offered to make him dragon bait. Little did he know the trouble he would get into at this woman’s side and the sheer frustration she’d cause in his life. The constant need to help people despite how truly idiotic it was, taking jobs like pillaging a cave full of vampires to recover an old man’s spoon then despite the difficulty of the job she asked for nothing but a smile as payment. Silly woman. The loud fighting and disagreements that they would get into that would cause nothing but furious silence the next day. He also didn’t anticipate the nights at a bar laughing, joking and the lighthearted teasing. Her trust in him when they hunted together, even on a full moon when she was venerable. Her refusal to take the paladin with her simply because he threatened he that would leave. How her smile would light up the room, how freely she’d give him her body and heart. The punch to his gut at how easy it was to give into the warmth that seeped through his chest as she wore his ring and never took it off. Or Gisla asking if he’d rather her punch him after kissing him breathless as her way of saying yes when he’d ask her to marry him. Bishop wouldn’t expect any of it.

    All because a wolf had the misfortune of being trapped but had the fortune of a considerate werewolf that broke Karnwyr’s bindings and took two arrows.

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    OK, Here’s my submission. Hope you guys like it! 🙂

    She peered from her hiding place behind the tree outside the cave. A thug stood outside keeping watch, large cages filled with wolves were outside with him.

    “Oi horker face!” She yelled as she threw a wet lump of mud at his face.

    “You’re going to regret that wench!” The guard hissed as he ran after her. She ran back and hopped over the obvious bear trap she had put down and heard him laugh.

    “HA! You think I’m gonna-”


    She pulled a branch back and released it full swing into his face making him fall back landing his leg perfecting into the trap. He screamed in pain unable to move as she came back round to look at him.

    “Is Viguri in there?” She asked, he glared at her with gritted teeth.

    “When I get out of here I’m gonna…!” The bandit began but she slapped him across the face as hard as she could.

    “Is Viguri in there?” She asked again. The bandit spat at her and remained silent, slowly and painfully attempting to free himself. But the more he wriggled around the deeper the bear trap dug into him.

    “I’ll let you out as soon as you tell me what I want to know.” She said. He whimpered almost in tears as the rusted metal dug deep, causing excruciating pain.

    “Yes.” He nodded. “He’s in there.”

    “Thank you.” She smiled, picking up a branch and swinging hard, knocking him unconscious with it.

    She released him from the trap and healed him just enough to stop the bleeding before she headed inside the cave.

    Breathing heavily on her hands and knees she began to pick herself up off the floor. She should have been more prepared. Her mind reflected back on all the things that had played out to lead her to this very moment. Her home, the travelers who came to work on the mill, the midnight raid, Mother, Father, brother, little sister, Grandma, Uncle Ralph.

    All gone… This was a personal mission, a man hunt after those who took them from her… just only one left…. The leader of their band, Viguri. She had been on the hunt for this man for months, leaving a trail of dead thugs in her wake.

    Viguri was a large brutish Nord, throwing her around like she was a dog’s toy, beating her black and blue. Luckily she was light on her feet and with a fierce determination and raging hunger to see this man’s skull cracked open like an egg to keep her going. Being an adept destruction Mage was useful, but not at this moment. She was exhausted and no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t get a good shot and when she did it just seemed to bounce off him. His armour must be enchanted or something. She thought, spitting blood out of her mouth.

    “I’m going to enjoy killing you, Breton!” He barked a laughed, his big clumsy mammoth feet came bounding towards her. She felt the glass dagger on her belt, her mother’s dagger. She stayed on her knees, hunched over. From what she had witnessed with this man, Viguri reveled in using his fists to end his victims.

    His large brutish hand suddenly gripped her throat and pulled her off the ground. His grip closing in on her, she had to move fast.

    She pulled the dagger free from her belt and sliced deep into his forearm, Viguri dropped her and swung his other arm to hit her across the face but not before she got a quick stab into his stomach missing his lung.

    Viguri staggered back, leaning against a barrel, looking down at the dagger, still embedded in his chest.

    “You missed.” He barked again. “This ends now!” He began to charge for her only for her vision to be obstructed by a large black fur mess. She scrambled back against the wall as she watched, realizing the black mess was a wolf! The wolf that had materialized in front of her tore into Viguri, his screams rung in her ears. There was a loud crunch and the sound of tearing flesh, then he fell silent.

    She didn’t move, she watched in shock, confusion, curiosity… still staring at Viguri as, his final moments of pure terror frozen on his face.

    Her eyes snapped to the as it turned to face her, its blood stained fangs exposed as he looked at her. Then they returned back behind its lips as the wolf stared back at her. His yellow eyes seemed to be looking at her with as much curiosity she had.

    It took a step towards her, its ear relaxing back a little and it warily came closer and closer. She should have been scared – but she wasn’t. She found herself lost in its gaze as it grew closer and closer, a danger so beautiful it was almost hypnotizing. There wasn’t just danger but there was softness behind those eyes. It’s face inches from hers as it sniffed her bloodied face.

    “Don’t eat me. I’m all ale and spice wine” She joked wearily.

    “Well, that’ll just add to the flavor.” A deep rugged voice made her jump and turn to the side.

    A man was leant against the wall with a bow relaxed at one hand. Wearing leather armour, his hair copper brown and frayed in all directions and his molten bronze eyes staring right at her. The wolf went bounding over to him and licked his hands. Her worry that this man was another cut throat vanished as the wolf that saved her life seemed to trust him.

    “I see you’ve made a friend, Karnwyr.” He smirked looking her once over. “I wondered why you were so persistent on coming down here.”

    Karnwyr… the wolf has a name? She remained silent and began to climb to her feet and stagger over to Viguri’s mutilated corpse, she pulled the knife from his chest and cleaned it on his shirt.

    Strange, this wasn’t how she imagined herself to feel. The hunger for revenge was gone. It was over… all that had driven her across Skyrim these past months was gone leaving her feeling empty, lost… What now? She thought.

    “You don’t talk much do you.” The man spoke again, his voice seemed closer this time. She turned swiftly to see him stood just a few feet away. Looking up at the stranger now she could see only what the light allowed her to see.

    He was young – yet older than her, possibly in his late twenties. Nord, tall, small slithers of scars across his face and… ruggedly handsome. His piercing eyes staring down at her.

    “Who are you? What do you want?” She finally spoke, holding her ground against him. There was more predatory instinct in this man’s eyes than there was in his wolf.

    “Bishop. And you are?”

    “Is this your wolf?” She asked as Karnwyr pressed himself against her leg. Bishop nodded slowly, his eyes fixed, never turning his gaze from hers for a moment.

    “I gotta hand it to you. For a little Mage you can take a hit pretty well.” He smirked handing her a rag. She looked at him warily, her eyes flicking from the rag to Bishop.

    “Don’t worry, it’s not got a bear trap hidden inside.” He smiled, exposing his spiked canines.

    Woah, was all she could muster to think. This guy was like a wolf himself, fitting he’d have one as a pet. Wait… what was that remark about a bear trap? She frowned at him for a moment, his eyes observed her features.

    “That was a nice trick you did with the bandit outside. Personally I would have just put the thug out of it’s misery. Bandits deserve nothing but a knife in their throat.”

    “Wait, You’ve been watching me?!” She frowned, slipping away to give herself some distance.

    “Ha! So that was you. I just kind of guessed. I wasn’t stalking you so don’t flatter yourself. I was just coming here for my wolf. He was captured a few weeks ago and thanks to you, I got a chance to get him out without a hitch.”

    “Well, glad I could be of assistance.” She shrugged, snatching the rag from his hands and examining it before walking over to the mirror to look at the damage. What a mess, It was all bruised and bloodied.

    Heart shaped face was shaped more like a tomato now, she wiped away the blood from her full lips that were now bust and bleeding. Her button nose luckily wasn’t broken, which was surprising! Her emerald eyes stared back at her, emerald eyes that glittered gold. Her best feature, she had her mother’s eyes, she would often look at herself and image it was her mother looking back at her. She missed her so much, what that… that… Brute did to her! The rage that burnt like molten lead in her veins when she thought back to what those savages did to her family.

    “Still haven’t told me your name Princess.” She heard his footsteps draw closer.

    “Why do you care?” She replied flatly. “If you’re thinking I owe you a favor or anything then I’m sorry but you’re out of luck.”

    “What kind of favor?” Bishop laughed as he drew closer. She couldn’t help but blush a little when she sensed the innuendo in his question.

    “Well not that kind of favor!” She snapped, walking away as she chugged down a health potion off the table. Bishop laughed following her around the gamblers cave as she looted the place of its mead, food and anything else she thought she could carry.

    “So where you heading, Princess?” Bishop asked as he followed her down the road.

    “I don’t know, away from Skyrim.” She replied. The rain had stopped and the clouds were parting to reveal a lovely sunny evening. The sun always made her feel better.

    “Why you want to leave Skyrim?” Bishop asked.

    “Because there’s nothing left for me here. I’ve given my family justice and now… I’m out of here.” She smiled and walked ahead.

    “Any idea where you’re going to go?”


    “Ha! Wow, you’re a real explorer ain’t ya princess.” Bishop laughing mockingly. She turned to Bishop and jumped out of her skin when she realized how close he was.

    “Why are you following me?!” She snapped, catching her breath that he shocked out of her.

    “Because you won’t last a day out here.” He replied bluntly.

    “I’ve been out here for months, I think I can handle myself.” She rolled her eyes and stomped ahead.

    She halted when the black wolf came in front of her.

    “Also, he seems to like you.” Bishop added gesturing to Karnwyr.

    “He’s sweet.” She sighed reaching down and running her fingers through his thick black fur. “He didn’t have to save me, but he did.”

    “He doesn’t normally like strangers, I’m surprised he didn’t rip you face off.”

    “Ha, for a moment back there I thought he would.” She giggled watching Karnwyr running ahead after a rabbit.

    She took another step and was abruptly pulled back, she turned to the ranger with a glare.

    “What do you th-”

    “Look.” Bishop gestured with his chin up ahead. She turned to see a group of soldiers running towards them. Stormcloaks, the rebels against the Imperial legion. They paid no attention to the Ranger and Mage as they ran past. Lead by a large blonde nord wearing heavy bear armour.

    “Halt in the name of the Emperor!” A voice yelled as arrows came bouncing off the road by there feet.”

    “Hey watch it!” She yelled angrily. They paid no heed as they fired again, this time just skimming her arm.

    “Move now.” Bishop ordered.

    “W – what? Why are they firing at us?” She jumped back against the Ranger.

    “I don’t know but I ain’t sticking around to find out.” Bishop grabbed her and pulled her to run in the same direction the Stormcloaks had ran, it wasn’t long til they were surrounded, caught in a trap. In the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Before she could react, a great cloud of purple smoke surrounded them. She fell to her knees, suddenly overcome by fatigue as her eyelids grew too heavy to hold open.

    “Bishop….” She breathed as she saw he too was struggling by her side. Then all went black.

    The creaks and sudden jerked movements woke her from her drugged sleep. She opened her eyes and looked around at her, towering pine trees surrounded her as she sat uncomfortably in a wooden cart with a group of people.

    “Hey, you. You’re finally awake.” She looked up sluggishly to see who spoke. A man, early thirties, blonde hair and blue eyes was looking at her, judging by his choice of armour he was a Stormcloak. “You were trying to cross the border. You and that Ranger over there.” She looked over to see Bishop slouched forward, still unconscious with his hands bound.

    “Bishop!” She called reaching over to him, she then noticed the bindings on her own hands.

    “What’s going on?” She stared at them in confusion and frustration. “Bishop, Bishop wake up!” She kicked his foot, he began to stir slowly as he tilted his head to look at her.

    “Don’t kick me woman.” He snarled groggily.

    “You need to wake up!”

    “Where are we?” He groaned, looking at the binding round his hands, he suddenly gained his awareness and was looking around at the rest of the men and women in the cart. They were heading into a small town – Helgen, passing through the gates as the Stormcloak opposite her was saying something about mead, she didn’t really care, she was too preoccupied with what was going on around her.

    Then she saw it, the Imperial band of soldiers, the men and women being nosily looking out from their windows and porches. Over by the stone tower was a priestess speaking to an Imperial officer and by her was a tall man wearing all black even covering his face with a balaclava, wielding an executioner’s axe. The realization hit her like a wave, she turned to Bishop who was already looking at her with the same expression. They both spoke in unison, saying the same thing.
    “Oh hells!”

    Shandris Moonsong
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    I apologize for the error, I speak in English very bad 🙁

    * * *

    The arrow struck exactly in the neck. Orc fell to the ground, uttering a faint wheeze.

    «Excellent. He was the last» – thought Shandris and came out of the shadows. She sneaks into the cave, carefully stepping between the three corpses. Girl did not like to kill, but simply bandits have left her no choice. Jarl gave her a job to track down and punish the people who are illegally organized animal fights. For a whole week she wandered through the surrounding forests, hunting down of scoundrels. Shandris hardly remember what means a soft bed, hot bath and safety. She slept fitfully for two hours, so as not to attract the attention of wild animals or stray bandits. And then, finally, she found the right cave and easily punish trappers.

    Upon entering into a neighboring section of the cave, she saw a few cells and weird black hides inside. The air smelled of damp and something addle. Coming closer, she realized it was not the skins, and dead wolves. Shandris noticed that all the wolves were heavily wounded, some did not have ears or tail, under every corpse earth was dark purple color.

    «Looks like they died from heavy mutilations. They were forced to battle each other. Those people got what they deserved».

    As soon as girl came to last cell, she was impaled by eyes yellow, animals, wild wolf eyes, which were locked up behind the bars. She noted that the wounds on his body are almost there. This meant that he only recently caught. Wolf did not growl, did not fear, he lay and watching her intently. Shandris without thinking twice took the blade and break down the weak rusty lock. Then had hidden weapon in its sheath and walked out of the cave. Ear edge she heard creak and then a quiet sound of footsteps behind her. Wolf, earlier lying fixedly in a cage, followed her, not falling behind, but not approaching. Shandris understood that if the wolf wanted to attack, he would be attacked as soon as she broke down the cell lock. So she went toward the exit without turning back.

    The gentle evening breeze blew on her face and the girl breathed deeply of it. Shandris is already sick of the musty air of the cave, so it is with pleasure catching every a breath of wind. Hearing behind her frequent retreating footsteps, she realized that the wolf ran off into the woods. Shandris approached the sleeping bag, left by bandits. Long road, sleuthing trappers and bad dream have wearied her. In the morning it was a long walk back to the Jarl, to get a reward for work done.

    * * *

    Late at night the bushes to the left of the girl have begun to move, and from there quietly left a man accompanied a wolf. On the prowl, as a cat, a man walked up to Shandris and pulled out the dagger from its sheath at his belt. Shandris did not stir and did not feel danger. A man loomed over her and slowly bring the dagger to her throat, but suddenly the wolf ran up to them and lightly bitten his brush with a dagger. He quietly gasped in surprise, dropped the dagger and jumped up with a frowning face. He stared at the wolf, and the wolf on him. The two as though communicate without words and to understand each other. The man sighed in exasperation, waved his hand and picked up a dagger. Hiding weapons in his belt, he sat two meters away, leaned against backs on nearest stone and looked again at the girl. She continued to sleep peacefully, and the man began to consider her. Blond hair of medium length was tied in a ponytail on the left side, only a couple of strands have been on both sides of her forehead. Human face, with the traits of imperial blood, however, a man noticed, that his ear, looking out of the hair, was a little sharp.

    «Half-blood elf» – thought the man and began to consider her body. It looked fragile, but athletic, with rounded shapes, light skin, dressed in light armor, which the stranger had never seen. Armor distantly looked like a short dress, but differ leather inserts on the long sleeves and below the waist. In this vestment easily sneak up and running, but it is almost useless in melee. Bow lying near the girl with a quiver of arrows, on a belt scabbard placed with a small blade. The stranger came to the conclusion that she was a ranger or a hunter.

    Day is breaking. The sun slowly crept out from behind the horizon. Wolf was sleeping peacefully at his feet the man, who meantime to polish a piece of skin his dagger. Heard a yawn – girl woke up. She reached over, sat on the sleeping bag and as soon as she turned toward the men, her eyes widened. Then Shandris drew attention to the wolf, lying beside and stopped in surprise and confusion.

    – It is too carelessly to sleep so soundly in an unsafe place, wench, – said the stranger, without raising his head.

    She looked at the man, then the wolf, unable to say a word.

    – If you want to know who I am, I shall say only one thing – I was here only to save my friend, – with these words, he pushed to foot lightly the wolf, lying side by side. – All appearances, I must say “thank you” for his salvation.

    – Not at all – mumbled Shandris. She was a little puzzled by this mistreatment, but the fact that she was still alive, gave her the confidence that she is not in danger. The girl began to consider the stranger. The man was young, with a swarthy skin, strong build and broad shoulders. His face was a week-long bristles, which gave him a view of wildly, his hair tousled chestnut color and appearance as needles. Dressed in black leather armor with lots of pockets and straps, light, a little worn, but sturdy. Shandris has closely followed every movement of the stranger as he carefully cleaned his dagger, how he moved. Suddenly, the man looked up and their eyes met. She literally drowned in his amber eyes. She saw them as a sneer, pride, unbridled temper, coarseness and wildness, as if looking out the eyes of the beast. She is scared of this combination, but at the same time it is beckoning her, like a moth to the flame. Above the left eye flaunted a small scar, dissecans the eyebrow, who emphasized the stranger kind of experienced and hardened battle. Handsome man cannot say, but Shandris could barely tear his eyes and was embarrassed.

    – What had happened wench? – Derisively said the stranger. – You long time not met a real man? Or I remind you of your lover, escaped with your innocence?

    She turned white from anger. Prior to that timid as a little girl, she turned into an angry fury.

    – How dare you say that? – She cried. – What do you know about life, just allow yourself to humiliate the girl your preposterous assumptions?

    The stranger risen slowly and walked over to her. She placed her hand on the hilt of the blade and stiffened. Man, coming close, squatted down beside her and looked into her eyes. He smelled the freshness of the forest – the smell of fallen leaves, resin, pine needles.

    – You know who I see before me? – said softly stranger. – A little girl who by miracle lucky to survive in the woods. You think that has made the greatest feat in your life, freeing my friend. But you know, I saved your life last night just because you saved him. And nothing prevents me to cut your beautiful neck right now.

    His words were like an early frost – piercing, sharp and cold. Shandris felt crawl back. No, she was not afraid. But the realization that this stranger a moment before smiled and joked, her was frightening. After a short silence, the stranger spoke again for more than a soft voice:

    – The life I’ve seen, people had seen enough. And I can distinguish the false from the truth. Pampered man from tempered. But I cannot read you.

    Shandris raised her eyes in surprise, but said nothing.

    – Yes-yes, I said, that I see a little girl – a stranger rolled his eyes. – If do not to look closely. Your appearance is deceptive. You act too calm with a man who is superior to you in strength. And by the way, put a hand on the blade. I’m not going to fight with you.

    Suddenly there was a loud roar, which began to tremble the earth. Wolf, earlier calm lying, vanity, and showing his teeth. Shandris and stranger both jumped, and a huge dragon flying over their heads. He began circling around and deafeningly roars, clearly intending to attack. Without saying word to each other, the stranger and the girl got bows and started firing the hovering lizard. A few well-aimed shots – and the dragon broke membrane on the right wing, and he with a deafening roar fell to the ground not far from them. But Shandris not celebrated a victory, and hastened to hide behind a rock to avoid being burned by fire.

    Sharply it was quiet. The girl peered cautiously out of hiding, immediately fireball flew into her head. She had time to hide, and the ball flew into a nearby tree. From there rang out curses – a stranger chose not the most suitable place for shelter. Shandris heard heavy footsteps – the dragon approached crawling. Realizing that with the bow she has done little in melee, she threw him and pulled out a one-handed sword.

    Dragon crawled slowly, quietly growling. The girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Shandris only the second time was fighting with a dragon. Step rang out a meter away from her. Opening her eyes, she nimbly climbed onto a rock and jumped directly on dragon’s neck. He clearly did not expect this and became much to spin and exhale the flame, but she gripped death grip. Dragon fiercely shouted, feeling that he has not long to live, and then his neck pierced iron arrow. Shandris with difficulty looked up and saw that the stranger began to fire of the dragon, while he was distracted. As through cotton wool girl heard swearing men. Either because of that she decided to act heroically, or he is still in shock from a meeting with a real dragon. Now all the force she went out to resist. Gritting her knees as hard as she could, on the neck of a giant lizard, she flapped its sword and plunged the it into same place where the arrow entered. There was a deafening roar, the dragon began squirm in agony even more, she have not sustained and flew off the neck in the next bushes.

    The stranger lowered the bow and slowly approached dragon. Life has left a powerful creature. The man stopped in five meters from the dragon, he wolf stood beside him and was calm. From behind the bushes Shandris crawled out unsteady gait. She did not look in the direction of the stranger and the wolf, just silently walked to the dragon. When she had a pair of meters, scales dragon become burn like paper, began to show the bones. Strange light rays appeared above him, which went to the girl and began to circle around her. The man looked at this spellbound eyes, sneer and pride disappeared, appeared a childish astonishment and a burning curiosity. He was afraid to move, afraid that it would ruin such a charming picture. His wolf was beside him and scratched himself, as if seen anything unusual. Rays of light rushed to breast of the girl, her slightly come off the ground, the light began spill over into her body and through the skin. From dragon meantime were only bones, all the arrows shot at him, were scattered around. Finally Shandris fell to the ground and collapsed on one knee. After all the fight was exhausting, and the forces it was not enough. Slightly breath, she went to the dragon remains, took own blade and hid it in the scabbard. Fix her hair, she finally drew attention to the stranger. He saw in the blue-violet eyes girl reflection of lights that recently flew around her. The girl was embarrassed and looked away. To a stranger again returned to his pride and self-confidence.

    – So you Dragonborn, huh? I did not think that the hero of nord legends would be tavern wench, – he said with a sneer.

    The girl looked at him meekly, but do not say a word. She picked up her blade and went along a forest trail. The stranger ran to Shandris, outscored her and stopped. The girl did not even look at him. The man grabbed her chin and pulled her to him roughly.

    – Hey, do not ignore me! Bother to explain what the hell happened here, wench? – The stranger was staring at her. She slapped his hand and turned away.

    – Shandris … – she muttered.

    – What? – Did not understand a stranger.

    – It’s my name, – the girl said quietly and looked at him. – Yes, I’m the Dragonborn, and for me it is a shock, as well as for you. But now it is important that we are alive and in good health. So let me go through, wild man.

    – I think, I deserve a polite recourse to himself, Shandris, – intentionally selecting her name, said the stranger quietly. – Or do you think that your status makes you untouchable? On the contrary, such “wild man”, as I, learns that at such a young body flows the blood Dragon will want to not only have your body, but also your head.

    – What do you mean? Are you threatening me?

    – I warn you, little girl. Others will not be so gracious with you, as I do. – The stranger crossed his arms over his chest.

    Shandris not look at him and whispered something under his breath. The stranger realized too late that it is. He pulled out a dagger, but it instantly shrouded the greenish smoke that could not be seen even their own legs. Realizing that to wave a weapon is useless, the man stood and listened.

    However, contrary to his expectations the smoke cleared after a few seconds, Shandris was not there. The stranger looked around and saw her sitting in ten meters away from him with a bow on his knees. She calm looked at him and smiled sheepishly. The stranger lowered his weapon and realized that he was defeated.

    – Since you so good own the magic illusions, Why did not done so? – With a sneer he shouted to the Dragonborn. – And why I did not kill so far?

    – It seems to me that you will be useful to me alive – ignored the first question, the girl said. – Based on your reaction, clothing and companion-wolf, you – ranger. Your skills are useful in battle with the dragon, is possible to rely on you. Despite the fact that you have a bad character.

    Shandris stood up, had hidden a bow and approached them. It his whole appearance shows that not hurt him, but the stranger after the incident closely monitored her every movement.

    – And I am not obliged to behave like a gentleman, wench – said the stranger sharply. – Your words I can be regarded as an invitation to go with you?

    – It’s true – she nodded and stroked the wolf. He obviously liked it. – Do not think that I will command you or i will make to serve myself.

    In the eyes of the stranger flashed through surprise and Shandris smiled. That’s what he thought, after her words.

    – But, I will say right away – she said in a serious tone. – Do not even think to behave with me how with your girlfriends from taverns, wild man.

    The stranger approached her and began to consider carefully. From such attention all the bravery Dragonborn began to evaporate and she was embarrassed.

    – If you have the guts, – said the stranger. – But even if I go with you, what do I get? I’m a loner, and one to cope with all the dangers.

    – Dragons are returned. And hardly you will be able to defeat even the weakest with a friend.

    – You think I’m going to fight them? – The man asked with surprise and laughed. – It’s your problem, madam Dragonborn. Your battles with the winged do not concern me.

    – For the scales and the bones of dragons good are paid – Shandris spread her hands. – Of course, if you are satisfied with the life of the coins to the coin, the case is yours. But, in my opinion, you would not hurt good repair equipment.

    The stranger became thoughtful and went ahead on the trail. A wolf a bit having inclined head followed him. The girl just smiled and went after them. She knew that the pride of stranger will not allow him to agree with her words. But the refusal has not sounded.

    – Hey, you should at least call your name! – She grumbled. – Or do you like the nickname of “wild man”?

    – Bishop. A friend of mine Karnwyr. – said “wild man” briefly, without looking at her.

    – Strange name … – said thoughtfully the girl and looked up at the sky. Day early in the morning was surprisingly complete, but none of them could have imagined what adventures await them in the future.

    Ita Corcoran
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    This is my entry to the competition! Wow 2999 words! xD Just made it! I guess it’s not really JUST 2999 since the title is in there. This was inspired by the song ‘Ellie Remembers.’ from Ice Age oddly enough and the scene so listen to that if you want to be immersed! I felt a lot of people would write about romance and impressing Bishop and all that so I thought, why not do something different? It may be obvious what i’m talking about but I won’t say anything x3 I honestly hope I win, I mean all of the entries are really good, but I have never won a competition before so I hope I can, and writing is something I’m really passionate about (even if I’m not good at structuring it) but here’s hoping! (I also felt like I should make it a link instead since 3000 words is a lot of space.)

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    My submission. Putting nearly 3000 words in one post seemed unwieldy, so I posted it offsite.

    Post count: 6

    So, finally something here that brings me out of lurker mode. This is the start of a longer story (or will be once I pull my head out of… yeah, ahem^^)

    PSA: Amateur, non-native-english speaker here, read at your own risk 😉


    “You know, you could hire the companions to help you.” Alvor stretched and pulled out a cloth to wipe his brow. The autumn sun was burning in the sky, and the heat from the forge did the rest.

    Bishop, who was browsing through Alvors arrows looked up “Well, even if I wanted to… Couldn’t afford it. Had a bit of a setback a few weeks ago. So, have to wait for someone to come around that enjoys hunting bandits and helping a man out.”

    “Hmhm… Well,” Alvor muttered “I’d help you out but I have a wife and kid, business to see to and…”

    “Hold your horses, didn’t mean you.” Bishop grimmaced. “I asked Faendal again, the other day but hes as usefull as a piece of soggy bread.”

    Alvor snorted. “Nothings gonna convince him to leave town at the moment. Not as long as Sven is around.”

    “You’d think this place would crawl with all sorts of hunters and adventure wannabes after what happened in Helgen, but so far nothing. No one curious enough to come here, get a chance to see a dragon.”

    “Heh, you could always ask the two ‘heroes’ over there.” Alvor chuckled and picked up his hammer again.

    “I’ll pass, thanks. They would get lost as soon as we left Riverwood.” Bishop glanced at the two men leaning on the fence near the Sleeping Giant. Decked out in armor as they were you’d think them at least capable of something other than wagging their tongues after every skirt passing their way. Bishop saw right through them. The quality of their swords for one, the pristine condition of the armor didn’t speak highly of them either. No matter how skilled you were, in a fight your armor would get hit, leaving marks. But no such thing on them.

    Bishop looked up as the two ‘heroes’ started to whistle and shout, after a girl no less, that was just limping into the village. Pretty torn up from what he could tell and lugging a heavy bag on her shoulders. The girl paused and waved her hand towards the men, making them shut up. He wondered for a moment what she told them. It was the first time since he’d arrived here, that anything a female resident said would shut them up. The girl pushed past the heroes and towards the smithy. He retreated to the back, feigning interest in the laid out weapons. The last thing he wanted was to talk to another wench. The ones in the village were trouble enough.

    “So, turns out you were right about the bandits up there, Alvor.” the girl put down her pack. “What you didn’t mention was the other stuff creeping around in there.”

    “Other stuff?” Alvor grunted. “Girl, you look like a cave bear mauled you. Can’t you…” he waved his hands around awkwardly. “You know, do that magic thing?”

    “Not for that, sadly. And I ran out of potions halfway through the barrow.” she sighed. “Maybe I’ll ask Farengar to show me some Restorations spells or lend me a book. Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. Look at this.” she got to her knees, opened her pack and pulled out some weapons.

    “What? Self-made bandit sticks?” Alvor snorted.

    “Take a closer look” she handed him a sword.

    “That’s… Ancient nordic weapons. Where’d you get that?” Alvor held the sword, gently as if it was about to fall to pieces any second.

    “Remember me mentioning the bandits not being the only ones creeping around in the barrow?” she shuddered. “I thought you might like them.”

    “Like them? Shor’s bones. I should give you some coin for them. I could study them and craft my own and…” Alvor grumbled along.

    “Thought so. Now, I won’t hear about coin or other nonsense. Without the potions you gave me, I wouldn’t have survived in there.” she grinned. “I’m off. Lucan’s and then to the Inn for a bath. Think I earned that. You have fun with… whatever you’re doing there” Alvor just waved and continued to inspect the weapons, mumbling to himself.

    As her uneven footsteps receded, Bishop turned around, deep in thought. The girl went into Bleak Falls Barrow, cleared it out, if she was to be believed and, above all, lived to tell about it. No small feat, especially since he hadn’t seen a weapon of any kind. Maybe that was the reason she was so beat up. And maybe, if he played his cards right, he could convince her to go hunting. A cave full of bandits shouldn’t be harder to clear out than a ruin full of undead. At least she would make some decent arrow fodder. Bait. Maybe.

    He walked past Alvor, who didn’t even register him anymore, and off towards the Inn. Past the ‘heroes’ who had a strange look on their faces, up the stairs and then propped himself up by the door. He didn’t have to wait long.

    The girl limped up the road, chugging down a potion. She was… filthy, no other words to describe it. Her dark hair (for all he knew it could also be blonde under all that grime) framed a face smeared with blood and dirt. A blood soaked shirt, ripped of sleeve on the right, under a leather vest. Leather pants, actually looking fine, despite the dirt, and thick leather boots. And, of course, the backpack. Hanging from her shoulders, even empty it looked to heavy for her. As she walked past the still stunned ‘heroes’ (who didn’t comment on her, surprisingly), he tried to figure out her age. His first estimate of the ‘girl’ was clearly wrong, she had to be in her twenties, somewhere around his age, if he had to guess. Too small to be a nord, a breton, maybe. He was still musing about, when she came up to him.

    “You must be really busy, holding up that wall and all, but would you mind stepping aside? You block the door too, you know?”

    “What are you gonna do about it, princess?” he smirked. She was a feisty one.

    She jerked her head towards the two stunned ‘heroes’ “Why not ask them? Go on, I’ll wait.” she folded her arms. “Or you could just move a bit to either side. See? I even give you a choice here. Either side is fine with me. As long as I can get through the door and maybe get a bath before nightfall. Would be great, thanks.”

    He let his eyes wander over her for a second, recognising a faint blush creeping up her face, and grinned. “After you. Wouldn’t mind to take a look, later. All scrubbed clean.”

    “You wish.” she snorted and motioned for him to move. “Scoot.”

    He couldn’t help but laugh. This tiny thing infront of him had balls. “As my lady commands. Need some help scrubbing? Since I’m only holding up the wall and have nothing else to do?” he winked.

    Her face reddened even more, nearly matching the blood smears. “You’ve got to be kidding, right?” she sighed and rubbed her forehead. “If i’d known about the bouncer of this oh so fancy Inn, I’d used my spell on you. Now there’s two confused idiots down there and a pain in my ass infront of me. Awesome. Lucky you I’m totally exhausted or you’d be on your knees right here. Now, for the last time. Let. Me. Through.” she glared at him. “Pretty please. If that helps.”

    “On my knees? You just have to ask nicely, princess, and maybe I’ll go down…”

    She pushed at him and stormed through the door.

    Yup. Girl had balls, but no common sense. He chuckled and followed her in. She was standing at the bar, talking to Orgnar. Bishop looked around and chose the only free table to sit down, ordered some mead from the tavern girl and waited.

    It took a while for her to get back into the main room. She stepped out of the baths, clean and with a shirt that was way too big for her. Her hair had turned out to be dark brown. Wild and untamed, her curls surrounded her face just touching her neck at the back. A few scratches on her skin and a scar, an older one by his guess, that started right below her left eye, curved across her cheek and ended at her mouth. A mouth with a quick tongue and full red lips. Another scar ran along her jaw, starting at her chin and vanishing behind her right ear. Green eyes, narrowed to slits as she recognised the only seating option was at his table.

    She ordered something at the bar and walked over to his table.

    “Do you mind if I sit here? God’s know I’d rather sit outside at the moment but the service outside is bad so…?”

    Just as before, outside the Inn, he let his eyes wander. “Anything for you, Ladyship.” he smirked and showed his teeth. “I have to say you look much better all cleaned up.”

    She sat down. “Yeah, uh… thanks.”

    Orgnar came over and put a bowl, some bread and mead on the table.

    “So… What happened to you that left you in such a state? Lovers quabble?”

    She’d started to eat and looked up from the bowl. “Yeah. Your dad says hi, by the way.” A chunk of bread vanished in her mouth. “I’m eating. Don’t talk!”

    He waited patiently and partly amused for her to finish her meal. When she finally leaned back and downed a bottle of mead he grinned with a raised eyebrow. “Permission to talk, your highness?”

    She sighed. “Sorry. I can be a bit… well, bitchy when I’m hungry.” she smiled. “And it’s Alexis, not ‘highness’.”

    “I think ‘highness’ fits you better.” he smirked at her grimace. “So, what happened. If you don’t mind my asking.” Find out if she’s able to defend herself and, most of all, not afraid to kill a group of bandits. He’d wasted too much time in Riverwood to put up his nose at someone who might be able to help him get his wolf back.

    “Some… corpses attacked me.”

    “Corpses? You mean draugr?”

    She shook her head. “I don’t know. They were in Bleak Falls Barrow. Looked like they were dead a long time and then they moved, stood up and attacked me.”

    “As far as I know, a group of bandits had their hideout there.”

    She grinned “Had.”

    “Look at you. All on your lonesome?” he mocked. “What did the bandits do, or, better yet, what did you do to them?”

    “I wouldn’t have done anything. Just wanted to go in and get something from the barrow.” she took another swig of mead. “But they insisted on hurting me, shot arrows and ran at me with raised swords, so… It’s their fault as far as I’m concerned.”

    “Still haven’t told me how you managed it.”

    “I know some… spells.”

    “A mage. My my.” he kept his face neutral. Mages, most of the times, meant trouble. Unable to control their powers, or worse, control their summoned creatures. He didn’t have a problem with mages as long as they didn’t attack him. He could just imagine the havoc she could cause in a cave filled with bandits.

    “Not a mage in that sense. I only know a few minor spells. Just enough to defend myself and make the people here in Skyrim nervous.”

    “Hmm.” Bishop leaned back and picked up his bottle.

    “Hmm? That’s all?” she blinked, confused. “Most people around here would at least take care to stand clear of anyone able to use magic, or am I wrong?”

    “It depends. Most people are just afraid. They know what mages are capable of and that makes them uneasy.”

    She snorted. “Yeah. ‘Oh my, a mage. Don’t turn me into a frog'” she mimicked a fearful voice.

    He chuckled. “Something along those lines, yeah.”

    They sat in silence, listening to the bard play.

    “So, what about you?” she asked after a while. “Do you usually hold up the wall out front or…”

    “Only when a new lady enters town.” he laughed. “I’m a… ranger. Of sorts. Tracking, hunting, the like.”

    “And you’re here because…?”

    “I’m looking for someone. See, a group of bandits captured my wolf, Karnwyr, and I plan on showing them the error of their ways. Problem is, theres a whole bunch of them. About 15 or so and I’d feel better with some back up.” He paused for a bit, downing the rest of his mead. “Thing is, there’s just too many cowards around. Only interested in themselves.”

    A few minutes passed. Her playing with the bottle stopped and she looked right at him. “I have to go to Whiterun in the morning.”

    That wasn’t at all what he expected. He raised an eyebrow.

    “Got something for the Jarl, well for his court wizard, actually. But then… I don’t know. If you think I could be of help… Getting bandits to burn is a bit tricky but I have some other tricks up my sleeve.” she winked.

    “You sure?”

    “Of course. I know how it feels like to lose a pet. Or… a companion?” she added quickly, seeing his expression at the word pet. “I had a fox when I was a kid and when she dissapeared I was devastated.” she babbled.

    Oh, she’d had a pet… Great. He just hoped she wouldn’t talk about her precious fox all the time.

    “Anyway, what do you think?” she looked right at him. “I’d love to have a go at some bandits and maybe watch the resident wall-holder, ranger and whatever else profession you hold, work.” she grinned. “Also, it would be nice to have a name. Ranger or Wall-holder have both a nice tune to them but I’d prefer to know who I’m dealing with.”

    “You’ll never let that go, will you?” he shook his head in mock irritation. “I’m Bishop. Resident Wall-holder and annoyance to hungry women.”

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    I took off my bun and let go of my chestnut brown hair, though I noticed my hair have grown longer, I have to cut them when I’ll go home, resting my head on the fur bed, I stare at the star,  my companion and friend Serana, left to go cure herself of vampirism before I started preparing my camp, I wanted to go with her, however she refused for me to go with her, saying she wanted to do this alone. I let out another sigh, and close my eyes for a moment, I haven’t had a rest for days now, I sigh softly and close my eyes slowly letting sleep taking me…


    I was running away from the thalmors and the imperials, while holding for dear life for my pet fox. “Seize the girl!” General Tullius yelled, I arrived on the edge of a cliff where there I saw a fallen tree from a bridge, with a deep breath I walk towards the bridge while patting Little Warrior my pet fox that everything is going to be okay. Though, I hear the cries of my mother, turning around I was met with a arrow on my shoulder.


    I woke up quickly without making any sound, looking at the surroundings, I was back at camp. Though I groan silently, when a man was looking at my stuff, quickly I took my sword and point the tip of my blades sword at the intruder or thief’s neck. “You know that you are stealing from the wrong person.” I glare at him, slowly he got up pointing my sword at his back, he didn’t turn around, with his hands in the air, though I curse under my breath because he was a bit taller than me, he was two inches taller. “And you are?” He ask cockiness from his voice, I raise an eyebrow and scoff. “I should be asking you the same question, why are you stealing my stuff.” I glare at him with my hazel brown eyes. “Relax princess, I didn’t steal anything, I was just checking out your stuff.” I raise an eyebrow and shake my head. “Well that considers stealing jerk.” He starts to chuckle and slowly he turn around, though he was very attractive, I couldn’t take my eyes from, he has broad shoulders golden hair and Amber eyes, though I still glare at him. “So? I wouldn’t-” before he could continue speaking an arrow past above his shoulders and graze my cheek; not flinching in pain, I quickly went in attack mode. “Talk later.” I told him another arrow came out of nowhere, looking around carefully, I quickly get my bow and concentrate on finding whoever is shooting at us. I close my eyes and feel another arrow graze my cheek, I try to reach out an arrow however there were none, on my back. Grumbling under my breath, I forgot that I was out of arrow’s, I saw the man crouching and getting out an arrow, I quickly hid my back against a tree close to the thief. “Thief! Pass me your arrows.” I ordered, he glare at me  to giving me his arrows, I look beyond the rock and recognized that it was bandits. “Come on men! That woman head will bring us lots of gold.” A bandit spoke up, I gritted my teeth, of course the imperial must have put my head on a bounty, have to ask Brynjolf to take off my bounty. Though I have to pay a lot, glancing at the Thief he seems to glance at me, interested of what those bandits said, I curse under my breath. “If I help you, will you help me.” He whispered, I glance at the bandits and it seems they are throwing my stuff to the ground. Jerks.


    “If I say yes, will you help me?” He nod his head, and quickly he throw me an arrow, which was good timing because a bandit was behind me, turning my body around, I stuck the tip of my bow on the bandits throat and kick his limp body away from my bow, I quickly ran towards a nearby tree where a bandit is close by, I calculated quickly that there are three minus one, meaning two left, pulling the arrow the thief pass me and let go of the string to hit another bandit looking at my bed, hitting the tip of the arrow to his neck, I look around to find the last bandit only I heard a loud ‘thunk’ I look behind to see the bandit going on his knees and falls dead. I look at the Thief and nod my head at him, walking towards him though I kept my hand on the hilt of my sword.


    “What’s your name thief?” He glare at me at the nickname, which I smirk, knowing I will keep calling him thief. “If I tell you my name, will you at least stop calling me thief, and I am no thief I am a Ranger!” “Whatever you say, thief.” I smirk at him, he grumbled under his breath.


    “Alright I’ll stop calling you ‘thief’ but what is your name ranger?” I ask him, he smirk at me knowing I called him ranger instead of Thief. “Bishop.” Nodding my head, I lead him to my camp and I check out the bandits pocket and found a note. I put it inside my satchel and Bishop sat down close to the flames. “What is it, that you need help with?” I ask him, while sitting down, and got out s bottle of water. “Those bandits we’ve came across are trappers, I’ve been on their trails for a week now.” I raise an eyebrow, he extend his hand and I simply gave him my bottle. “I’ve heard of them, they catch wolves or dogs and lead them to a dog/wolf fighting pit. But why are you after them?” I ask him curious, while keeping a straight face; I need to understand why he is after them.


    “My wolf Karnwyr was captured by those trappers, I found where they’re located there are north of Riften. Now, you’ve seen that those trappers have grown into a large group of bandits.” Nodding my head, I take another gulp of water. “I’ll go with you; I have some business anyway in Riften.” He kept a stern face, I couldn’t tell by his expression. “You were interested on the bounty of my head, why didn’t you kill me?” I ask him the question, he stares at me for a moment I kept my hand on the hilt of my blade but he didn’t move an inch. “I don’t care what business you had to get a bounty on your head, but I cannot answer that question.” I sigh, as I got out an apple and ate it slowly. “Neither I don’t care about those bandits, but I can see you are attached to Karnwyr. Don’t worry Bishop, we’ll save him.” I reassured him, though he clench his fist and glare at the fire. “By the hell, when I’ll see those bandits they’ll-” I got up and sat down next to him, a little away from him. “I know how it feels.” He glances at me, though it is more than a ‘glance’ he was glaring at me. “You don’t understand a connection between a man and his wolf.” I glare at him feeling offended, clenching my fist though I raise my fist to my necklace and held it, calming myself down. “Hey, I got a fox when I was a kid, he was my best friend.” I told him angry, he smirk at my angry behavior and seem to add on. “Oh yeah! What happened to your so called best friend?” I was about to yell ‘he died’ though I stopped and glance at the flames. “He…he ran away searching for his mate…” I didn’t glance at Bishop but he kept staring at me. “Sorry to say this ‘honey’ but I am not buying your ‘excuse’ you just made up.” He pokes at my left shoulder, which I clench my fist and feeling my blood boiling. “I am telling the truth, Bishop my fox was with me until he decided to find a mate!” I repeated angrily while glaring at him, he rolled his eyes at me not buying my ‘excuse’ again.


    I continued glaring at him, while he glare back, we continued like this for a while until I decided to stop glaring at him and stare at the flames, he then ask me a question about my necklace. “Where did you steal this necklace?” I let out a small laugh and stare at him. “That necklace, never stole it, it was given to me.” He rolled his eyes, and I decided to repeat what he said. “You don’t understand a connection with a woman and her necklace.” He glares at me and I smirk at him. “Stop repeating what I said!” My smirk grew and I chuckle. “What are you going to do Thief?” He stood up and walk towards me, which I stood up in defense and got out my sword, and he got out his dagger, however before he can open his mouth I hear the cry of a dragon in the distance, I put the sword back in my hilt and order Bishop. “Stay here!” I ran towards my bag and get my arrows, quickly I follow the sound of the dragon though Bishop stood in front of me. “Dammit woman, I am my own man, I am not your servant!” I glare at him, but glance behind him the dragon was floating and has spotted us, on instinct I push Bishop out of the way when the dragon let out his ice breath. I felt the spikes on my body and how cold I became but glare at the dragon.


    “Yol Toor SHUL.” I shouted letting a fire breath out of my mouth, he was hit by the flames and flew around until he put himself on the ground. I get out my sword out of my hilt and ready to attack the dragon. “Grik, faal sahrot dovahkriid fen kos kriaan naal zu’u.” I laugh darkly and answer him in Thuum. “Mu fen koraav do daar dovah!” I let out a battle cry and attack him, I lift my sword and slash my sword on his jaw, he growl and tried to grab me which I quickly dodge to the left, I continued slashing him, I’ve noticed that Bishop had decide to help by pulling out some arrows. I ran under him and ram my sword on his throat. He stopped moving, and I move back before the heavy weight of the dragon crush me, I breathe hardly and I stare at Bishop which he saw the whole thing, I look at the dragon, his body start to turn to flames and its soul came into me, I close my eyes when it showed me small memories of him flying, I smile softly. I open my eyes and saw the dragon has turn nothing but bones, I quietly search my sword and Bishop came towards me. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” I didn’t answer him, but I stare at him, he glare at me and repeated the question. “I am Dovahkiin or dragonborn in your tongue, and I’ve always been dragonborn since the day I arrived at Skyrim.” He didn’t say anything and we both return to camp, where I start packing.


    “We need to set out now; we don’t want to get caught up with the bandits, nor the dragons if you want to save Karnwyr.” I put out the fire, we quickly set out now. Though I glance at Bishop, he seem to be silent for a moment; with a sigh I look at him. “Listen, I never ask to be the dragonborn nor did I wish to be one, but don’t try to think a way to be polite with me, just talk to me like a normal person, I don’t like to be treated like I am a noble person.” He stares at me and reply: “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a dragonborn?”


    “Because, we’ve only met Bishop.” He chuckle at my remark. “I never did got your name Dragonborn.” I chuckle, he had decide to annoy me by calling me dragonborn; I answer him my name.


    “Lillian Knight.”


    I had a feeling he won’t betray me…


    And I do hope he won’t betray me…



    *Translation of the dragon and Lillian*


    “So, the mighty dragonslayer will be killed by me.”


    “We’ll see about that dragon!”


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    My competition submission 🙂

    (2964 word count)

    Also, read a bunch of the other submissions, and I gotta say, competition is strong lol but I wish everyone the best :3 I had a lot of fun with this one.


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    Here is my submissionwordcount 2601 Or, yanno, read below ^ ^


    The fire crackled adding a subtle flavor to the stew of voices in numerous conversations around the caravan fire. The bubbling of words softened at the sound of a rhythmic clap of hands drawing the eyes to the lithe form of a young woman as her hands rose above her head. Despite the cooler weather the vibrant colors of her skirt red, gold, and rose petal colored silk whispered with the clink of beaten metal adornments.


    It was true, the Redguards were a fierce and martial people, they knew how to fight and were known for the skills of battle, and their proud warrior code but those who were welcomed, or slipped beneath their guard could not speak of their prowess in battle without thinking of their love of song, and dance as well.


    Ferah watched as her sister captured the attention of their party with the subtle sway of her body and the mere clapping of her hands before she began to sing, the rich tones of her voice unaccompanied by anything else than the rhythmic sounds of her hands. From beside her, the woman took out her drum as the commanding tones came from the woman. The Nords might think this was no way for a leader, for a woman to behave, but that was what made them as chilled as their beloved mountains.


    “-They’re pious here, but you and I we’re pioneers. We, we make our own rules, our own room, no bias here. Let them sell what they are selling, there aren’t any buyers here.” The words made the elder sister smile, the song was not one theirs, but one of a famous bard who recently had gained popularity in Tamriel.


    Ferahs’ voice rose suddenly, joining her sisters’ tempering her strength and fire with the dulcet sounds like sweet rainfall after the summer heat. She strengthened the unheard melody woven between the notes tapped out against the stretched skin and worn wood of the drum pressed to her hip.


    The pair sang, while others who were at the fire or further into the camp appeared with instruments or to watch and appreciate the unplanned festivities during their down time. The twins had turned a song for a lone voice, into a duet. It was very much part of who they were. What one had was shared between them both so that one often did not know where one sister’s voice ended, and the other began.


    Identical from the fullness of their lips, the waves of ravens’ wing black hair that flowed down their back, and the cinnamon hue of their skin. It was their eyes that made the women in their border village envious, so large, with the shape of almonds. Those eyes, and the slenderness of their form and face, the girls would whisper, marked that their mother was something… else.


    Delphi moved in the quiet cloud of twinkling metal and the sound of her hands and voice. Harden mercenaries may surround the fire, but these were her brothers and sisters, mercenaries that came from Hammerfell same as her father, who taught her to judge the weight of a blade, wield a sword, and depend on the strength of her arm. That same arm that reached out pulling her womb-mate to her feet. Ferah may not have worn the garb for dancing, but there was no doubt that her sister would not follow the long practiced steps. The girls were identical but for their choice of clothing that day, they could often move as a single unit displayed there now as the pair sang the music they created and danced with sweeping motions of their legs and extended arms as they moved, never unclasping their joined hands between them.


    “We will carve our place”

    “Don’t you hide your face”

    “We will find our way”

    ” Or we’ll make our way”


    The memory came to a jarring end as her chest shuddered before the woman coughed finally expelling the water from her lungs.  Truthfully she couldn’t yet feel the cold yet, had no idea that she was bleeding from various scrapes and cuts, that she was soaking wet and weighed down with the river’s water. What the half-drowned woman was aware of was that another had taken hold of her. The Redguard struggled weakly her arms tightening around the waterlogged satchel she had clung to even as the river swept her away, trying to turn away from the hand that held her shoulder and forced her to roll to her back.


    With a fresh breath of air, her vision clearing for a moment to see feral eyes meeting her own. The amber gold reminded her of a beast, nothing like the familiar gaze of the desert fox, or the jackal she knew since she began to explore the dunes and craggy mountains of her home… No, it made her think of something… bigger, fiercer, a vision of death was truly all it could be.


    The thought should have been enough to shake her to her core, seeing the vision of her instead the woman’s’ lips curved before her chest rattled her body curling away from the gaze of death as she coughed before her lashes lowered and her body fell slack.

    It was nearly two days before Ferah woke. Groggily she made a soft sound of protest as her arm rose removing a drying rag from her forehead and her shoulder burned in objection. She blinked her vision clear and frowned to realize she could see abet in shades of sepia and brown. She was in a dimly lit room, for a moment there was only confusion that made the woman still before trying to move quickly from where she laid vulnerable and unaware to a corner. She winced at the pain in her chest as she sat up to move, looking at the bandages that bound a place she last recalled an arrow had pierced.


    Glancing at the room, and herself she saw nothing that barred her from leaving, and she didn’t appear yet to be held, prisoner. There were no shackles against her flesh, no iron doors and stone walls, or even the rough feeling of cave walls. There was still caution as Ferah touched the over shirt that covered her form, the drab color in the dim light told her nothing, besides someone dressed her… not fully, but enough to cover herself. Her caretaker was modest. Older? Woman? She couldn’t decide.


    As she looked around the room, it wasn’t a cell, or even a bedroom but rather appeared to be a storage room. It looked, like a cellar or a storage room, various items laid on shelves. Books, scrolls, bows upon walls, shields on the floor. Even what she had first through was a bed was nothing more than a box covered with a fur. And a blanket that scratched had covered her. It was a curious position she found herself in.  It was a dry smell that drew her attention, it was familiar, the smell of flora dried for preservation. Her body ached, she remembered… only the horse, and pain. She couldn’t recall it all… but she knew the smell of herbs, and she knew she could make a salve, to heal the wound, and prevent any fevers.


    Ferah moved to stand and was surprised how her legs buckled and trembled at her weight, the first step was announcing the aches and pains, she could not see if there was bruising in the dim light but it didn’t matter. There was a stubbornness in her that made her put the second step and grit her teeth in silence when she collapsed to her knees. The sudden pain in her legs made her take a sharp intake of breath that made the woman erupt into a rattling series of coughs that shook her very frame and made her head ache with the strength of them and gasp for breath.


    Still, despite her coughing, she heard the steps above her, someone it seemed heard her and was coming near. From the floor, Ferah looked around for a weapon, something… at this level, all she saw was the outline of a shield, a barrel, and as the sound of steps nearing, her eyes came to rest on a basket, filled it seemed with tools.


    As the door opened Ferah brought her weapon to bear as soft lantern light filled the small closet, she blinked at the woman, just as the woman blinked at young woman brandishing a carrot as if she held a blade. For a moment the image was humorous, although the shopkeeper did not let her amusement betray her. There had been fear on the woman’s’ face when the door opened. And it did not take a scholar to understand the unease one would have waking in a place they had never been, in the dark and alone.


    “Oh good, you’re awake. Has the fever broken or do you need the pot?” The woman’s words made the raised carrot lower before slowly the tension ebbed from her shoulders and they fell lax for but a moment before the pain reminded Ferah why she had begun to move.

    Large eyes, the color of honey regarded the shopkeeper, she was an Imperial by a quick look, not far into her prime. Perhaps a year or two beyond Ferah. The collapsed woman’s’ studying gaze was returned, as the shopkeeper offered her hand down to help pull her back up.


    “My name is Camilla.”


    Camilla had not imagined the woman waking, honestly, she had been more entranced by her clothing, do red it made her think of snowberry jam and covered so little it was sure to be freezing. But oh the heads she could turn if she walked around Riverwood in that. Faendal and Sven would likely swallow their tongues at the sight of her in that getup. Yet now that the owner of such outlandish clothing was awake, she couldn’t help but wonder if she should have told Lucan to tell that ranger to take his forest bride or what was she somewhere much further away from here.


    The men in this town liked her attentions, and being one of the only ladies of marrying age with a husband and child on her hip, she quite enjoyed theirs. But staring at those large honey-colored eyes, the fall of those soft black curls, and generous lips made her jaw set. She flirted with the ranger whenever he came into the Riverwood Trader. Lucan might claim the man had a sour disposition and was no husband for her to have if she had a man like that coming to her bed, who cared what he did during his days in the forest? Yet he came out from the forest, with her, banged on the door until Lucan opened up and told Lucan she had fallen into the river and had a rattling cough. Camilla had seen more of the Bishop in the last two days than she had in the past 6 months. She had put her foot down when he said the unconscious woman needed dry clothing.


    Camilla had been so distracted with keeping the Ranger in town, and by the beautiful clothing, she hadn’t considered the woman it belonged to.


    Ferah took hold of the outstretched hand with her good arm and the woman, Camilla helped steady her on her feet and walked her back towards the makeshift bed. “I smelled herbs. It didn’t occur to me that I already had a fever.”


    “Herbs?” Camilla questions as she helped the woman back onto the borrowed furs. “I think we have a few bushels of elf ears and some Frost Miriam, anything else, I’m not too sure.”


    A gentle shake of her head came, she had definitely smelled herbs, could smell them still, faintly, those you used to keep the wounds from getting sick and weeping and to ease the pain. She was certain of it. “I can smell them still…” The woman began to cough violently turning her body away from Camilla and holding her shoulder in pain as she breathed deeply before a cough shuddered through her form. It began to subside a few moments in although distantly she felt the warmth of a hand patting her back.


    Camilla thought for a moment looking around the storage room before looking at the woman again? “You work with herbs? An alchemist then?”


    “Every company needs a healer, even if it’s not with the Restoration Arts.” The words were bitter from her tongue as Ferah slowly straighten to sit up and hide the red fluid fisted in her hand. Looking at Camilla, she smiled brightly. “I am Ferah by the way, thank you for everything. Pretty sure you saved me.”


    “Oh, that wasn’t me. The ranger did that. We just gave you a warm place to sleep and got you out of those wet clothes. Sleep some more, I’ll bring you new clothes in the morning, and I have to tell Lucan about this.” Camilla left the lantern and Ferah watched confused as the Imperial left before laying back along the furs with a shaky sigh. She still smelled the herbs and tasted blood on her lips. The coughing came again as she laid there pondering on the meeting she had with Camilla, and who was Lucan and this ranger who had saved her. It stole her breath and made her head and throat ache before this too eventually subsided.


    Bishop listened until he heard the coughing behind the door subside, the scratching rasps evened out and deepened saying she had finally fallen asleep. The pouch clenched in his fist was filled with the herbs the alchemist had smelled from her bandages. He had come to change the dressing, with more arrowroot to break her fever but when the Ranger had come into the shop, he heard the rustling of fabric, he had settled back to see who had snuck into the storeroom, but the loud thud and the coughing and wheezing, just the sound of it made him feel younger, chilled him, tricked him into remembering pale skin and the sheen of sweat that had glistened on a child’s skin.


    He wasn’t certain why he was relieved to see Camellia holding the lantern as she passed by, unaware of the ranger near the dead fireplace.  His fist loosened from around the pouch of herbs. She was awake now… if the wound didn’t take her… she would be fine. Fine enough to make it to a healer, or to recover on her own here. He dropped the pouch in a small bowl on the table, before picking the bowl up and setting it by the door before he turned away, wiping a hand over his face. This woman looked nothing like Jules. He wasn’t certain why, no he knew exactly why, he didn’t need to know her name to know the wench would be nothing but trouble, but for some reason that fleeting smile came to mind, and he could recall the desire to see those large eyes open again when he first dressed her wounds.


    If she hadn’t stayed so cold…what would he have done? Point her towards the nearest road? If she hadn’t coughed as if something dangled and shook in her chest would he have bothered to come back?


    Damn the divines, why had she bothered to smile, who did she think he was? Some long dead lover? The ranger stalked out of the Trade House. Annoyed at ghosts and half dead princesses.



    Tizzy Waggins
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    (Sorry its late/word count-2997)
    ‘A Less Stealthy Approach’

    The night air held the icy chill of autumn as the twin moons showered muted light onto the woodsy landscape of the Rift. The sound of crunching leaves was the only sound to be heard in the little clearing as a lone stag made his rounds through the forest. All was peaceful and silent in the dark forest until the sound of a twig snapping made the stag jerk its head urgently to the left, its whole body tensed and legs made ready to dash. Just as the poor thing started to turn and run away, an arrow flew from the direction it had faced and the beast fell to the ground, killed instantly by the powerfully precise shot. It only took a few moments for a dark silhouette to emerge from the shadows and walk over to the slain stag. The figure retrieved their arrow and scolded themselves in a low but unmistakably feminine voice.
    “It seems Khajiit needs practice. She should not be heard sneaking, even when she is catching her dinner.” The khajiit tsked and continued collecting the bounties of her kill, she hurried to carve out a hunk of venison. Once done, she had collected not only the venison but also a deer hide. Cloaked by the night she made her way back to her camp not too far away. It was quite a walk east from Ivarstead. She didn’t have the coin for a room at Vilemyr Inn and she really knew no one in town. She would rather camp outside town than to seek shelter in that ‘haunted’ barrow. It was only ‘haunted’ by an insane dunmer when she looked into it, and once she had slain him all she received in reward was a sapphire dragon claw! She had thought it was odd at first and tried to sell it, but no one would buy it. She was still irritated by that, she had really needed coin and her only reward was junk!
    She was still distracted by her train of thought as she neared her camp, the glow of a campfire caught her attention. The khajiit stopped and crouched low to the ground, her ears perked forward and eyes surveying her surroundings as she crept forward. Approaching the light, she silently readied her twin steel daggers. As she reached the edge of the shadows she stopped to survey the area, keeping an eye out for danger. Standing beside the fire warming his hands and looking at her with a smirk on his face was a handsome human male. Realizing she had been spotted, she stood and looked him over, sizing him up in case of a fight.
    He was slightly tan and taller than her, but she was short being a Suthay. His muscles were wiry and well distributed throughout his body. The firelight illuminated his angular face, which she noted was adorned with stubble and a few scars. Dark hair naturally bristled from a wild mess on his head, similar an angry wolves scruff. His dark eyebrows knitted together as his amber eyes studied her with scrutiny, looking her up and down subtlety before his eyes finally met with hers.
    She would not break eye contact as he stared her down, she refused to seem intimidated. His smirk only grew as she stood there in silence, her tail puffing up slightly. Never once breaking eye contact, he nonchalantly rubbed his hands together and then returned them the warmth of the fire as he started to speak to her in a deep rumbling voice.
    “Hello, so what is a wench like you doing out in the woods so late at night? There is a town not too far from here, you know. Staying out here, it might give some people the impression that you are up to no good out here.” The man’s face barely masked with false humor as he accused her in a round about way, sarcasm dripping from his voice.
    “Oh, so it is illegal now for Khajiit to camp at night outside of a town? This One was not informed of that!” The feminine khajiit said matching his sarcasm as she walked forward into the light and stood with the heels of her daggers resting against her hips in a sassy manner.
    The light of the fire made the snow white fur of her face glow faintly, her large emerald eyes shimmered in the light as they narrowed to glare at the presumptuous man. He was still staring at her, and she looked down at herself to make sure she did not have blood or something on her to cause him to stare like that. She could not find anything wrong with what she had on. She wore a snug set of scaled armor that she had taken off a bandit she had killed three days ago, along with her leather bracers and her enchanted glass boots. She wore no helm as they bothered her ears and compromised her hearing, instead choosing to wear an enchanted gold and ruby circlet that held back her thick white hair from falling into her face and her wild curls were always pulled back into two messy braids that draped over her shoulders. Around her neck she displayed an amulet of the Mother Cat or ‘Mara’ as Nords would call her. She had gotten the amulet from a priest inside an inn when she was in Riften, all she had done was inquire of the differences of the worship of ‘Mara’ in the temples of skyrim, and the next thing she knew he had started talking to her about marrying and people responding to deeds and such so she had bought the amulet to shut him up. Little had she known that the amulet had helped her with her healing spells, so she could not really complain. Finding nothing amiss she looked back up to see he no longer warmed his hands and had moved a bit closer, the campfire no longer between them. Her tail puffed up even more and her ears went back defensively but she made no sign to move but she was determined to keep her eyes on him this time.
    “Why have you come to Khajiit’s camp? Surely one such as yourself has better things to do than to harass innocent travelers, yes? This One has done nothing to you and yet you accuse her of no good? What do you with Khajiit? She is tired and hungry, so speak quickly so that Khajiit can be done with this and continue her night in peace.” The snowy Khajiit nearly growled at the man in impatience.
    The man looked at her and frowned slightly before responding in a matter of fact tone. “I have been following the trail of a group of trappers and that trail runs surprisingly close to this camp, which I took for a look outs camp. You wouldn’t happen to be a lookout for them, would you?” His eyes seemed to pierce her soul as he stared at her intently, it was as if he was gauging her reaction for any sign of falsehood.
    “Does Khajiit look like a trapper to you?” She said in an exhausted but reassuring tone while sheathing her daggers and gesturing to her mostly clean appearance.”Khajiit can assure you she is no lookout, nor is she in ‘cahoots’ with these trappers you speak of. Might This One dare to ask why you are tracking these trappers? Do they owe you coin? Take something of yours, a sweetroll perhaps?” She grinned at her little joke, she had been asked this by a city guard once and found it humorous but oddly enough the phrase only seemed to annoy others. Which in all truth, amused her even more.
    “No….” The man said gruffly, his eyebrow slightly twitching in irritation but as he continued his tone seem to let her know that he believed her about not being a trapper or lookout.“My wolf Karnwyr disappeared about a week ago while hunting and when I went looking for him, I found out these trappers had captured him. I have been tracking them ever since and like I said, their trail oddly enough runs quite close to your camp. Though, now I must continue on my way if I am going to catch up to them before they get too far ahead. So, I guess I will head out now and since you are not with them I trust you have no reason to stall me.”
    As the man started to move to walk past her to leave, she reached out a hand to stop him and caught him by the arm. This caused him to halt and abruptly turn to face her in a defensive manner, he looked at her in a curious but almost irritated manner. He stared her in the eyes for a moment before gesturing to her hand on his arm and in a humorous voice asking, “Was there something you needed, Princess?”
    “This One wonders if you welcome assistance in dealing with these trappers. Truly Khajiit misses the company of others and finds you fairly amusing for a Nord.” She chuckled softly as she said this and then added in all seriousness. “It would be a shame if you were killed because you ran head first into battle. Khajiit has seen this happen too many times and all due to the stubborn pride of men. What do you say, hmmm? This One does not mind watching your back, it is better to be safe than to be sorry, no?” She finished asking in a matter of fact way.
    He studied her as she spoke, his face twisting into a cocky grin as she finished speaking. Chuckling slightly he began to address her in a maddeningly arrogant voice. “We only just met, and you already can’t get enough of me company, huh? It makes me wonder why you are so keen to offer me your help.” He looked at her in renewed suspicion before adding. “You don’t even know me. Why would you care what happens to me and my wolf anyway? What’s in it for you?”
    She looked at him first in indignation, but then smiled at him in a knowing manner, “Ah, This Ones understands, trust is a thing not freely given, it must be earned, no? Know this, Khajiit does not always require rewards for her assistance, though at times it is nice to receive coin for ones efforts. But also This One finds that when that helping others she is also helping herself. You see, Khajiit has a soft spot in her heart for those who suffer misfortune and helping others brings her joy. So if you would, allow This One to accompany you! We will save your pup and you will not regret it!”
    The man smiled slightly saying, “Alright then, you can tag along and after we find Karnwyr I will decide if your company suits me. Don’t get killed yourself, alright? And don’t try and order me around, I am my own man, got it?” She stared at him and realizing her hand was still on his arm she withdrew it before nodding her agreement. Before she could say anything else he simply stated, “Lets hope you fight better than you sneak, ladyship. We should set out now.” She sighed in faint annoyance and nodded again. She quickly tore down the campsite and doused the fire. After she had packed up everything, which wasn’t much more than a few items and a bedroll, she effectively made it look like that no one had even been there. She turned to him and just as they were about to leave, she stopped him once again and bowed low in a somewhat belated introduction. After all, she did not wish to travel with a nameless stranger.
    “This One is called Ma’Diathra. What can Khajiit call you, hmmm? Surely a name given deserves a name received, yes?” She asked curiously, her eyes almost glowing in the faint moonlight as she stared into his eyes.
    “The name is Bishop,” He said in slight irritation, obviously aggravated by yet another delay, “Now if there is nothing else, we are going to set out now, ok princess?” He grinned over his shoulder as he spoke and she followed him as he walked past her and they disappeared into the forest.
    It was a while of walking stealthily in silence, headed in a northeasterly direction. Bishop was very concentrated on the task at hand and Ma’Diathra was trying to keep her footsteps as quiet as his. Ma’Diathra however did not like the absence of chatter or the worried look on Bishops face as he stooped for a second to take a closer look at the trail they followed, so she started up conversation. “Do not worry, Bishop. We will surely find Karnwyr, Ma’Diathra has no doubt!”
    Bishops voice was full of fiery emotion and anger as he responded, “By the Hells! When I find those bastards, I’ll make sure they suffer!”
    “Ma’Diathra is sorry, Karnwyr means a lot you you, Khajiit is sure!” Ma’Diathra said in a sympathetic manner.
    “What makes you think you can actually understand the bond between a ranger and his wolf?” He asked heatedly as he stood and turned to face her. His amber eyes burned into hers and a few seconds passed before she answered.
    “This One likes animals well enough! Khajiit even had a fox when she was a cub, cute little thing she was too.” Ma’Diathra said her voice softened in fond reminiscence.
    “Ah, she had a fox!” He said simply amused, almost as if he had expected her to say something like that.
    “She was gifted to Ma’Diathra by her Father on her birthday, yes? She was This Ones best friend for a long time!” She said in her defense, hand flitting to her heart in a display of mock indignation, but she was actually enjoying their little discussion.
    “Oh really? And what happened to your so called Best Friend?” Bishop asked humorously.
    “This One believes that she ran off to find a mate, it is the nature of most beasts, yes?” Ma’Diathra spoke in a matter of fact way.
    He chuckled heartily before he spoke, “I hate to break it to you, but I think it was just an excuse.” Bishop smiled at her and started up the trail that he had been following.
    She couldn’t resist but make a snide remark in return, “You are quite humorous, Bishop! If you ever tire of your current career, This One suggests you give the jarls court a try, this one wagers that they would appreciate a good jester, no?”
    She could almost sense him roll his eyes as he picked up the pace but remained as silent as ever. They walked a bit further before Bishop stopped again, he pointed at the footprints in the soft earth and said, “Well, it looks like our trapper friends have friends of their own, see there? It looks like they have grouped into a small army. I wouldn’t blame you if you turned back now, you know.”
    “Ma’Diathra is used to fighting against the odds, it does not matter to This One how many enemies there are to face. Ma’Diathra said she would help find Karnwyr and Khajiit does not go back on her word!” She assured him with confidence. He smiled genuinely at her before they continued.
    They walked many more hours in silence until they came upon a cave with cages in front, it was guarded by a single bouncer who was quickly dispatched by a single arrow from Bishops bow. They looked into the cages and the wolves inside seemed withered and diseased. Ma’Diathra looked back and forth from Bishop to them and asked in concern, “Are either of these wolves Karnwyr?” He shook his head no and she quickly put the rabid wolves out of their misery.
    Just after they entered the cave and made toward the main chamber they came to another cage. The cage held a large healthy looking wolf that seemed to grow excited upon their approach and before she could ask, Bishop rushed forward and yanked the rusty door off its hinges, earning a happy whine from the wolf.
    “Karnwyr, there you are, you mutt! What the hell were you thinking, getting trapped and making me track you all the way to this gods forsaken place!”
    Karnwyr barked happily, wagging his tail at his master before Bishop continued, “There, there. Why don’t we play a game for old times sake? How about I shoot an arrow in one of these bastards knee’s and you go rip their face off!” This earned another happy bark from Karnwyr as the group rushed into the main chamber, making short work of the fools inside. After she pocketed many valuable items including copious amounts of mead and about 50 Septims they left the cave.
    After asking Bishop if he would like to join her in her own adventures he simply replied, “I’m impressed, I didn’t think a woman like you had it in yah.”
    “Ma’Diathra has many skills, Bishop! You would be surprised!” The Khajiit boosted pridefully, as she grinned at him, her once white fur stained with spots of blood.
    He smiled back back at her saying teasingly, “In that case, I’ve decided to join you. Who knows what kinds of trouble we can get into along the way.”
    “Ma’Diathra will surely get you into trouble, one way or another! Do not worry though, Khajiit will make sure it is amusing at the very least.” She winked at him as she boldly flirted, swishing her tail as she marched back down the trail, this time leading the way. She heard him say that he was looking forward to it as he followed her, wolf in tow, onward to their next adventure.

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    English is not my first language, so please try to forgive grammar and spelling mistakes.

    The story starts when the Imperials lost the war and the Stormcloaks start their rebellion.
    I am not 100% sure about the timeline so when someone notice please any mistakes inform me.

    I tried to write the story as canon as possible, as well as for the Elder Scrolls and for the SR lore.

    I met this guy in the Bannered Mare, where I was sitting in the corner of the room enjoying my mead and wished this damned bard would stop singing when he suddenly took a seat next to me.

    “If you are not planning to give out a drink I am not interested” I took a closer look at him.
    He was a small guy, probably a Breton, in mage robes and looked like a strong wind could blow him away.
    “When I think about it even with the drink I wouldn’t be interested.”

    “I… I am … um” He stuttered and looked at me like the sheep looks at the wolf.

    “What did I just said? GET LOST”

    “But the bar lady said you were to hire” He was finally able to talk a complete sentence.

    I sighed annoyed
    “Mabey I am, but not for you, boy. Come back when you can grow a beard.”
    I directed my attention already back to the mead in my cup when he tried again.

    “It’s easy work and there is a lot of coin to fetch.”

    Finally something interesting.
    “Ok, you got me, why do you want to hire me?”

    He smiled, happy that I finally listened to him.
    “There is this ancient nordic ruin in Rift which is called Forelhost, a magic item is hidden in one of cambers. I need that item for my … studies.
    But I need help and this is your part.”

    “Can’t you just ask one of you mage friends in Winterhold for help?”
    I am not a big fan of those Nordic Ruins, too many traps and narrow passages, not to forget the Draugr.

    “No” He simply answered and didn’t look like he would say more.

    “Any other friends …” I tried again but he just shook his head and I sighed.
    “Easy money you said?” He nodded.
    “Alright then I will help you. Get me something to drink and tell me more about the gold and the ruins, in this order.”

    Although the talk of gold and treasures was really tempting, the history of this ruin wasn’t something you want to hear while eating.
    But desperate men do desperate things and so we started your journey the next day.


    We didn’t talk much through our journey, and I appreciated that fact, but this came to an end when we passed Rifton and where close to our destination.

    “My friend normally helps me with such things.”

    I wasn’t that much into chatting, but the boy, he said his name was Lucas, was obviously nervous and I feared he would cancel our expedition if I don’t calm him down.
    “Why not this time?”

    “She went missing after Ulfric betrayed her brother.” He was obviously grateful to get a distraction from his thoughts.

    “Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm?” I asked honestly surprised.

    He nodded.
    “Yes, his name was Corin. He and Ulfric used to be like brother since they studied the Way of the Voice together, you know, with the Grey Beards in High Hrodgar…”

    “Yes, yes I know about this voice way thing…” I cut him off mid-sentence.
    “And why did Ulfric kill him?”

    “I don’t know exactly what happened, I didn’t talked to her since the fight, but people say it was because of Ulfrics rebellion.” He got lost in thoughts and it seems like he was more speaking to himself than to me.

    “And that’s a reason to kill a friend?”

    Lucas shrugged his shoulders.
    “I didn’t talked to Eli since the incidence. She can probably tell you more about it.”

    “Eli you say, how is she. Is he pretty?” I looked at him from the corner of my eye to see if he gets angry. And yes, he did.

    “Elyswin for you and don’t talk about her like that you don’t even know her!”
    He shouted angrily.

    I laughed.
    “Oh come on, enough talk about politics for now. Let’s talk about your friend, I bet she is a beauty. You wouldn’t be so angry if she wasn’t.”

    He crossed his arms and gave me an angry glance.
    “Even if she isn’t, you don’t know her.”

    “Hmm so she is a beauty. Now you got me curious…”

    He growled angry and refuses to answer.

    I laughed silently he tried to protect her but actually I felt challenged by his words.


    It was the last night bevor we reached this ruin called Forelhost, the sun was already behind the horizon and the last beans of light colouring the evening sky in beautiful red and orange colours.

    We were sitting at the campfire, quiet, because Lucas was still angry at me.
    I didn’t care about his mood and just enjoyed the silence when I heard the sound of rustling leaves.
    It wasn’t a very loud sound and first I thought it might be an animal but then the sound came closer. I stood up and got my bow, ready to release an arrow.

    “What’s wrong?” Lucas asked but I ignored him.

    As the footsteps got even closer I shouted.
    “One step closer and the tip of my arrow will be the last thing you will ever see.”

    By now even Lucas noticed the noise and was standing beside me.

    A few moments of silence but then the sound got closer again this time faster.

    “One last chance…”

    “Wait” Lucas suddenly shouted and jumped in front of me.

    “Idiot” I cursed and lowered my bow.

    Then he ran off to the direction where the sound came from.

    I snorted annoyed.
    “This idiot, I could have shot him.”

    I was about to follow him when I heard voices out of the direction the footsteps came and Lucas was running to. One voice was Lucas the other one was female and unknown to me. It didn’t sound like the two were fighting and so I decided to wait, my bow still ready.

    Finally I heard the voices and footsteps get closer and now I was able to hear what they were talking.

    “How do you feel? What happened to your brother… I am so sorry.” That was Lucas voice looks like his precious friend showed finally up.

    “It’s not your fault. And I am all right, I guess. I just needed time to get my mind straight.” Her voice sounded … I guess stunning was the right word.
    I grinned, let’s see if she is worth the effort Lucas spent to defend her.

    He was the first stepping into the shine of the campfire but the women, Eli or Elyswin, was right after him and wow, yes she is worth the trouble.
    She might not be that sort of beauty bards are singing of, but still beautiful in her own way

    She was slightly taller than Lucas, which didn’t mean a lot since he barely reached my shoulders. Blond curly hair she tries to tame with a ponytail but some curls are still braking free, framing face.
    She appears to be an Elf with high cheekbones, catlike eyes and pointed ears. Cute freckles covered face and made me wonder where else on her body I might find them.

    She noticed my look and answered with suspicion. Her eyes with the colour of the cold winter sky where looking directly at me

    “This is Bishop”, Lucas said bevor she was able to ask.
    “He is my companion for this journey.”

    “Nice to meet you. Lucas didn’t lie when he said you were a real beauty” I gave her a wolfish grin and watched amused how her stare went away from me right to Lucas whose tomato red face showed that he was not prepared for this.

    “I… I never said something like this, not that it wasn’t true… I mean.” He stuttered but she just rolled her eyes and focused her attention back on me.

    “So you are the asshole leading Lucas into his death?” Her expression was infuriated.

    Now it was my turn to be confused.

    “Eli…” Lucas tried to calm her down but she cut him off mid-sentence.

    “Not again Luc, we already had this discussion.
    You, Bishop, you have no idea what you admitted to, this isn’t a simple ruin with a few Draugr. There is something much more powerful and evil hiding in there. You are risking your own live and Luc’s for what? Gold? Believe me it’s not worth the risk.”
    Despite her small size she somehow managed it to look down on me.

    I looked at Lucas whose eyes are pleading me not do back down and to hold on to my word that I would help him.
    Her arguments were convincing but I didn’t like to be lectured like a child so I made my choirs.

    “No, I don’t let my new buddy hang.” I put my arm around his shoulders what leads to a confused but happy Lucas.

    She rolled her eyes.
    “Fine! Then I have no other choice than to help you two idiots.” She sat down with folded arms, still furious.


    At the time when the last light was finally gone and Lucas was tight asleep, Eli also seems to be calm down and looked like she was lost in thoughts.
    I am normally not the talk active type but I was curious and also quiet interested in this women so I took the advantage of being alone with her to ask her some questions.
    “What is that you two have? What is bounding you?”

    She looked up and the icy shine in her eyes seems to melt in the warm shine of the campfire as she smiled about my question.

    “You are not really interested aren’t you? You just want to gain my trust so I don’t cause any more trouble.”

    I shrugged my shoulder.
    “Mabey, there is just one way to find it out.”

    She sighed and started telling the story.
    “My parents lived near Rifton and Lucas was an orphan. As a Breton he was an easy target and the other children picked on him until one day he ran away into the woods, that’s where I found him.”
    A dreamy smile on her lips and her view reaching back in time as she reviewed her memory
    “He was so small and his eyes where red from crying and he was so afraid but he refused to go back to this awful place where nobody liked him and where he was all alone.
    So I offered him that I will visit him every day until he is old enough to go to the College in Winterhold. Even at that young age he knew that he wants to be a mage, I was actually pretty impressed by that.
    I kept my word and visited him every day, and ever since that day we were friends even when he went to the College we still wrote each other letters and then he accepted this stupid bed.”
    Her face went from dreamy, happy memories to frustration.
    “Some of the students there found this book about the Dragon Priest, Rahgot and some of them teased him until he gave in and accepted the bet to get the Mask of Rahgot.”
    She looked at me her eyes now clear and back to presents.
    “He asked me bevor he searched for help elsewhere but I knew that it was suicide so I turned him down in hope he would forget it and goes on with studying.”

    “How could you know that it would be too dangerous for two people to enter this ruin? All the ruins I explored where all more or less easy to handle especially with someone to watch you back.”

    “I know nearly everything about the Rift, it’s my job as Thane.”

    I was sceptical, she appears to be a little bit too young to lift such a title.

    “I know what you thing, but you are wrong, I didn’t inherit the title like other. It was a lot work but in the end the Jarl gave me the title because of my independence towards Maven Black Briar and other … Organisations.”
    She sighed and her eyes darkened.
    “But Ulfric is going to change everything. Jarl Laila supports him and what he stands for, but I am the sister of Corin the Traitor, how they call him now. You’ve heard the story?”
    She clinched her fists as a nodded, but just for a moment bevor relaxing again.

    “Lucas told me about it. But he didn’t knew any details, just that the Jarl killed you brother.”

    “I also don’t know exactly what happened, the last thing he said to me was that I should stay by his side if possible, because he of a bad feeling he had about the future. Who could have known that he is going to kill him? Ulfric knew that Corin would never use his Thu’um against another person during a fight, the Way of the Voice forbids it but he challenged him anyways.”

    She sighed silent, looking very tired and sad.

    “Sounds like you brother was an honest man.” Was the only thing that came into my mind.

    “Yes he was, but also an idiot giving his live for a philosophy.”

    I smiled ironically.
    “Yes, presumably…”

    “What about you mercenary? Curious enough to ask questions but too shy to tell something about yourself?”
    Her smile was gentle but I saw in her eyes that she was teasing me.

    “First of all, I am not a mercenary!”

    She laughed and shook her head
    “And what else are you doing here then?”

    “Pff, I do whatever pleases me and what I have to do to survive.”
    I crossed my arms in front of my chest without breaking eye contact.

    “All right then, lonely wolf I stop asking you question. I just ask you to help me guard Luc through this.”
    I nodded and the look she gave me with this intense blue eyes, causes me goosebumps
    The next day we entered the ruin and everything Eli said turns out to be true.
    The Draugr were stronger and the traps more deadly than in other ruins. Not to forget the ghosts of the people who killed themselves for this Dragon Priest.

    But everything was fine, I was impressed by the magical skills of Lucas but he was still a student incomparable with Elis skills with the bow. She never missed her target and her movements were quiet enough to make me jump a few times when she suddenly appears beside me.
    Last night in the woods she must have made the noise on purpose so we don’t attack her on accident.

    Yes everything was fine until everything went terribly wrong within seconds.
    The fight against the Priest was hard but it looked like we could make it until Lucas got strike by a fireball and broke down, Eli and I screamed but he showed no reaction.
    The body of this monster was spiked with at least thirty arrows before he finally turned into ashes and we were able to run to Lucas to help him.
    At that point Eli was crying, screaming Lucas name but he still showed no reaction.
    While I was searching for his pule and lay my head on his chest to hear is heartbeat. Eli, still crying, starts fumbling in her backpack for a healing potion.

    She finally found the potion but it was already too late.
    “No, please…” She buried her face in her hands sobbing uncontrollably.

    I felt the urge to hold her in my arms but it would feel like I would take advantage out of the situation so I just put one arm around her shoulder. There was nothing I could tell her that would release her from the pain so I just stayed by her side.


    After a while she calmed down and we were able to carry Lucas body out of this Gods forsaken ruin to bury him properly.

    After the silent burial we started walking until the sun went down again and we decided to put on a campfire for the night.

    “What are you going to do now?” I asked her to break the silence.

    “There is nothing left in Skyrim for me, when my mother died, a few years ago, my father decided to go back to Valenwood. I think I will try to find him, tell him about everything that happened.”

    I nodded looking straight into the flames, a part of me had hoped that we could travel together but that was a stupid thought, she had no reason to stick with me. A stranger she just met and who was probably responsible for the death of her friend.

    I took a deep breath, I need a drink after all of this.

    “And you?”
    I didn’t realise that she was looking at me the whole time.

    “Don’t know. Whatever comes up?”
    I remembered the first time I looked into these eyes, cold as ice. Now they look like the sky after a rainy day, sad and tired but not hopeless.
    At that moment I felt deep respect for this woman.

    “You are a lonely soul, aren’t you?”
    She presented me a gentle smile as my eyes widened in surprise.
    “You should find yourself a trustful companion.”


    The next day our ways parted but it didn’t take long until I found a new companion. A little wolf puppy I named Karnwyr.




    Years passed but I finally found courage to go back to Skyrim.
    I don’t know exactly what brought me to make this decision but I am happy I did it and also regretted it more than one time.

    I came back only to get my head chopped of and being attacked by a dragon, like in the stories my mother used to tell us.
    And not only that, after discovering of being the Dragonborn and officially announced as Thane of Whiterun, I also met Bishop again.

    The Gods must have a really strange sense of humour and the laugh was on me.



    Closing words:

    I am playing with alternate start right now, but I always found it awkward that everyone was like “Oh you survived Helgen :O” I try to avoid this awkwardness while playing so the best way for me was to let her leave Skyrim so she could come back to get her head chopped off. 😉

    I know at the end it’s a little rushed, but I already nearly reached the limit of 3.000 words so I had to finish.

    Hope whoever read it enjoyed it, even with all the mistakes which I want to apologize again.


    I wish you a wonderful day! 🙂


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