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    Chapter 9
    A Slight Detour

    They had made their way out into the wilds deep into the forest of the rift. The red gold leaves of the aspen trees sheltering them creating a dappled play of the sunlight over Aelowynnes skin as she crouched near the campfire. Her bright blue eyes stared off into the distance where she saw Bishop leading the horses both laden with carcases of elk, rabbits, foxes, and a sabre cat. “You know Princess I would have never taken you as one for the wilds.” The ranger said as tugged the animals off the horses and strung them up. Aelowynne rolled up her sleeves and handed him a bucket to wash up. “I was not allowed as a girl it was not proper. Brynjolf taught me how to hunt. Life is easier when you can do for yourself.”

    Bishop arched a brow when he turned as he finished washing. He saw her standing on her toes trying her best to reach the very edge of the Saber Cat’s claw. The Ranger chuckled and took her knife from her. “Let me handle that one,” he said with a smile. Aelowynne stubbornly shook her head. “No, You made the kills the least I can do is clean and butcher them.” Bishop shook his head.

    “Always so stubborn.” He grumbled and took the knife from her hand quickly making the cuts. Aelowynne laughed a little and filled a wooden bowl with some stew. She decided to let him have his way this time. At least he knew that she was not afraid to get her hands dirty. She moved to start in on the rabbits while the stew cooled.

    Her eyes shifted as she watched him work quietly. The wound on his shoulder added to the nice repertoire of scars on his back and arms. She had asked about them one but he never gave her an answer any more than he gave her an answer about his family.

    “We have to head to White Run.” Aelowynne reminded Bishop as she dunked a chunk of bread in her stew. “Oh?” Bishop asked looking over at the girl. “I have a job to do from Maven, You can tag along if you like…Unless you would like to stay at the Bannered Mare. I am not sure how long it is going to take.” Aelowynne sipped the broth from the stew and started in on the meat. Her eyes shifting toward Bishop curious as to what he would say.

    Bishop tipped his head to the side. “I can tag along Princess.” He said with a half smirk. “Fine if you are coming, then I insist you get half the pay. Partners?” She asked curiously sticking out her hand for a shake on the deal. Bishop stared at her with a bemused grin and then chuckled. “Partners.” He agreed.

    “Good We start for Whiterun at first light…..We both could use a proper bath anyway.” The little snow elf said with a smirk. “You’re the one with deer guts on your cheek” Bishop chortled as he wiped away the grime from her face.

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    Chapter 10
    When you Lie down with Dogs

    Aelowynne rose at dawn. Bishop found her salting the pelts and meat packing everything away. They were half a days ride from Whiterun. She wanted to get into town early so that their bounty could be sold at market. The first order of business would be heading to the Bannered Mare for a room and a bath.

    She tugged down the ropes lashing the pelts to her horse. Those bright blue eyes staring off into the distance for the moment taking the measure of the clouds looming on the mountains. They would have plenty of time before the storm blew in. Her hair had been braided again close to her neck and pinned up. She did this when heading toward town because one never knew the type of battle they might find.

    “Morning Sunshine,” Aelowynne said to a groggy bishop who was splashing his face with water. When he stood she turned and tossed him half a loaf of bread and a hunk of eider cheese. He caught it mid-air and dumped out the water bucket.

    With in an hour or so they had the camp packed up and the horses loaded. They were well on their way to Whiterun. “Might Storm?cobble” Aelowynne said nodding toward the mountain. Bishop gave her a nod. The took into a comfortable silence as they rode on.

    The midmorning sun was growing shadowed over by the dark clouds that cascaded down the mountains. Dragonstone was well in view as they turned down the cobbled road toward the city. They left their hoses at the stables with the groom as they unloaded the meat and pelts. “I will sell these and then we will have the gold for our rooms.

    Bishop narrowed his eyes sceptically and scoffed. Aelowynne smiled and headed through the gates. She walked right into the Drunken Huntsman. The meat was inspected and she was given a swollen purse of gold. She gathered up the pelts before heading out. “Elrindir is looking for arrows Lady Avingnon” She gave Anoriath a nod. “I will see him when I have a full bushel. I have been very busy as of late.” She explained as she moved her small frame through the door Bishop in tow. His brow arched a little. “Exactly How many arrows do you fletch for him?” The ranger asked taking out one of his arrows and looking at it curiously. “I fill up a few barrels when the snows set in….they have been fetching quite a price though with the war and all.” Aelowynne said as she wove through the throngs of people in the market place. She stopped in Selling a few pelts and speaking with Adrianne.

    She always saved Belathor for last because he was not exactly pleasant to deal with. Aelowynne sent Bishop in first she followed quickly after. “Lady, Avingnon” Belathor said brightly as he came from around the counter to help. “I got it thanks” She protested. The Breton laughed out loud as his hand brushed down the small of her back and she recoiled.

    Bishop caught it and growled low. Aelowynne waited as Belathor looked over the pelts. “They are mostly fine the sabre cat pelt could have been a little cleaner. The little snow elf’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the man. “No, either you take it at my price or you don’t take it. Elrindir wanted it and he was going to give me twice what I asked.” She said firmly. “Elrinder is a fool.” Belathor countered. “Well, I will tell him you said so….Then we will see if you get your day old meat at such a cut-rate.” Belathor threw his hands up. “Alright Lady you win…I will give you 75” Bishop drew in a breath. Aelowynne nodded as the coins were handed to her.

    “Gods I hate dealing with that man.” Aelowynne growled as the door to the goods shop closed behind her. “His hands wander like that again Princess; Say the word and I will cut them off.” Bishop said with a chuckle. “I might take you up on that” Aelowynne said. She slipped a nice fat pouch of coin into Bishop’s hand.

    Bishop looked at it and then back at her. “Half” She reminded him. He furrowed his brow. Aelowynne was quite perplexed at this. Had no one ever been true to their word with him? She moved at a lightend gait into the Bannered Mare. Bishop stopped to talk to the new keep Hulda hired.

    Aelowynne saw it there in the corner and her skin began to crawl. Neeshka was watching with a smirk on her face. Bishop handed Aelowynne the key to the bath and the room key. Taking a page out of her book he bartered down the Innkeeper for a reduced rate since there was only one regular room. As much as Aelo wanted to rip into Neeshka, She opted to just head into the bathing house.

    As soon as Aelowynne locked the door to the bath Neeshka pounced. “Hey big man…I’m Neeshka do you think I’m pretty?” She asked in a seductive voice. Aelowynnes ears under water she was not able to hear any of it.

    “I think you’re a pest….Go away flea”

    “You don’t need to sleep in the storage room” Neeshka tilted her head and flipped her hair. She was sure she would have to try all of her little tricks. It was painfully obvious that Aelowynne had him bound up tight.

    Bishop rolled his eyes and sighed. “I should put you over my knee for being such a pest…” He grumbled. “Would You?” Neeshka brightened up. “I Like it Rough” she purred brushing her fingertips over Bishop’s shoulder.

    Bishop growled and grabbed her hand pushing her way. He stalked over to the bathing house and stood sentinel in front of the door. Aelowynne would be finishing up soon he was sure. She was not the type to linger too long.

    Neeshka followed after Bishop. He could hear her footsteps behind him and turned. “You have got to be the worst thief in the Guild…Who did you sleep with to get that uniform?” Neeshka stared back at him wide-eyed. “What did the little prodigy tell you?” She questioned quickly.

    Bishop shook his head and sighed. “That’s right You know each other….” Bishop narrowed his eyes and sniffed. “Get lost.” Growled once again. “What does she have that I don’t have?” Neeska asked in a whiney tone. Bishop threw his head back and laughed loudly. “Class for starters.”

    By that time Aelowynne and dried and dressed her hair neatly pinned up. Her slim figure moving toward a back room to meet with Mallus. When discussions concluded. Aelowynne returned to Bishop. “We have work.” She said her eyes landing over at Neeshka. “She bother you at all?” She asked curiously. “Nothing I cant handle.” Bishop said. “Good you never know what sort of skeever fleas you might get from her….” Aelowynne stated with disgust.

    Bishop laughed again. “If I didn’t know better I would say you’re Jealous Princess.” Aelowynne took on the most indignant look. “Of that creature, not bloody likely, Ranger,”  She said with an eye roll. She moved past the Ranger and bought a few supplies from the tavern keep. “We are off to the meadery to handle a skeever problem.” Aelowynne said as she pushed out the door nearly trampled by Jorlund. She offered quiet apology and moved past the massive nord.

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    Chapter 11
    Dampened Spirits

    “You could have Killed the captain if you had not been careful,” Bishop growled his eyes flashing as he wiped the cobwebs from his hair. “And jumping in front of me like that. When that nut…You can’t do that.” Aelowynne turned her eyes flashing back at Bishop. “I can handle magic better. It does not hurt me as bad.” She countered back her bright blue eyes glaring back at him. “Yea but what if…” Bishop shook his head. “Do you have to be so damn stubborn?” He growled again.

    “Tis my stubbornness that saved you from being Roast Ranger.” She said with a bit of a smirk and pushed his shoulder. Bishop pushed her shoulder back and chuckled. “We still make a hell of a team,” she said as she hefted her pack on her shoulder. We should get this Letter back to the guild and Maven will want to know that the job is done.

    Bishop gave a nod and they made for the stables. It would be a days ride into Riften and that late at night Aelowynne could hit her bed.

    The sun was coming up by the time they hit the Red forest of the rift. Aelowynne let loose a large yawn and rubbed her eyes. She shifted on her saddled blinking. The girl was overdue for a long sleep. It was Bishop that noticed she was starting to loose her battle just outside of Ivarstead. He slowed his horse and reigned the beast beside the girl.

    With a quick motion, she was lifted from the saddle and settled in front of the ranger. Her eyes shifted upward and Aelowynne wanted to protest the whole thing but she was just too tired. She could feel Bishop’s arm snaked around her waist the quiet thrum of his heart lulling her to sleep as they rode on toward the walled city.

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    Chapter 12
    Small Revelations

    The soft smell of dried herbs filled Aelowynne’s nose as her eyes opened. She blinked slowly as she looked around the room. It took her a moment to realise that she was inside her her own home. Bishop sat at the table sharpening his hunting knife with the stone that had formerly laid on the shelf of Honeyside.

    She sat up and a cool breeze caressed her bare shoulder. Her shift had slipped off to one side. Aelowynne stared at Bishop for a moment her cheeks brightening with a slight pink colour as she looked about the room for her clothing. She found it lying folded on the chair her boots below. Bishop had looked up curiously with a wolfish grin. “Sleep well, Princess?” That rough timbre of his voice causing chills to run down her spine.

    Aelowynne looked away as she gathered up the blankets. “You um…my clothes…nevermind…” She mumbled as she moved stepping out of bed to dress. She slipped behind the Wooden partition and quickly dressed. Her long dark locks falling loose down her back.

    “I have to go see Mercer,” Aelowynne stated in a poignant tone. “You can Wait in the Flaggon while I handle business.” Bishop glared for a moment. “How long are going to keep thieving like this?” Bishop asked. Aelowynne shrugged and stared back at him. “And what you expect me to sit and waste my skills being some tavern wench…Or perhaps I should be some wife to a noble trussed up all prim and proper?” She bit back a little too sharply. “You know that life is not all it is cracked up to be.”

    Bishop drew in a breath and looked somewhat surprised. “You have no goddammed idea what Noblemen are like, They think they can just take whatever they want and damn the consequences.” Her temper was beginning to rage now and Aelowynne had to stop it her hands were starting to glow. She looked back at Bishop with terror in her eyes. “Get out quick,” She said to him. She could feel that firey blast licking her skin. Bishop watched as the fire crawled up her arms and caused her fingertips to glow.

    He jumped up quickly and burst out the door just as Brynjolf was heading up the lane. He saw Bishop flying out of Honeyside and broke toward the house running at top speed. “BREATH LASS.” He shouted quickly as the whole manor began to glow. “AELOWYNNE LOOK AT ME AND BREATH.” The fair skinned snow elf turned and focused on that voice. The light from her small frame began to draw in as she slowly took in deep breaths.

    Bishop stared at the whole scene his mouth agape. Brynjolf had wrapped Aelowynne in a blanket and held her close. “Aye Lad you sparked her temper,” The man said with a chuckle. “I just asked her when she was going to…um retire…from this life..” Bishop stumbled as he struggled for breath.

    Brynjolf shook his head and looked up at the Ranger. “She hasn’t told you has she?” “Told me what?” Brynjolf nodded. “Exactly it is her story to tell and she will in her own time. I will talk to her though. She does need to get a handle on her magic.” The Ranger nodded. “That can clearly be seen.” Aelowynne looked up and sniffed. “I hate it when you talk about me like I am not in the room.” She grumbled.

    The Men laughed and the girl stood up smoothing out her clothes. She walked over to her satchel and retrieved the book from Honningbrew. She handed it to Brynjolf and he flipped it open. “I have to let Maven know the job is done though I am sure she already heard.

    Brynjolf gave Aelowynne a nod. “She heard and is quite pleased…She wants you on all of the BlackBriar jobs now.” Brynjolf said with a grin. “You did well Lass.” “I was taught well” Aelowynne answered. Brynjolf studied the book “Same symbol as the Golden Glow deed”
    “I saw that too.” Aelowynne grabbed her satchel. “Let’s go Lass Mercer should see this and He found something on the deed.” She yanked on her boots and stood up. Her eyes shifting to Bishop. “Coming with Ranger?”

    Bishop stood and slipped his blade into the sheath. “I can use a drink, cooly” He coolly. Aelowynne flushed and gave a nod they followed Brynjolf out of the house and down to the Flagon. Bishop sat on a stool near Vex while Aelowynne headed into the cistern to speak with Mercer.

    Bishop sipped an ale as his eyes drifted around the flagon they landed on Neeshka tucked into a stool in the darkness. “So you are travelling with the Kid?” Vex asked her eyes narrowed as they sized up the ranger. Bishop nodded. “What of it?” he asked sharply. A grin formed on Vex’s lips. “Nothing You just look after her. She might be clever and a good thief, but she is young and there is still a bit of innocence left. That is a rare thing these days.” Vex said quietly the concern prevalent in her eyes. “You hurt her and you will have quite a few to answer to,” Vex said in a firm tone.

    Bishop laughed heartily. “Barkeep another ale for…” “Vex,” she said with a bit of a laugh. “Hurting Aelowynne is the last thing on my mind. It is hard enough to keep her out of trouble as it is.” Bishop said with a chuckle. Vex laughed as well. “She is a stubborn girl, but she is also very good at what she does. She will make us all rich someday.” Bishop shook his head and sighed a moment. “She is a rare sort don’t find her like often enough. A thief yes but with a sense of honor.” Vex nodded in agreement.

    Aelowynne finally emerged from her talks with Mercer. “We have work to do in Solitude.” She said to Bishop while handing her water skins over to Vekel to be filled. “After Solitude we go to Winterhold I have business there.” Bishop stated. He knew the girl had great magical power. She needed to learn how to control it soon. Vex arched a brow and gave an apporoving nod as if she knew why Bishop was dragging her into the frozen north

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