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    Ruru here, hoping to help with some things. For CTDs, you could try SKSE memory patch along with safety load. Also try ENB boost and Crash fixes. All which are found with simple googling or searching nexus.

    As for the mod itself, here’s a guide you can use, without spoilers… I cannot assure this is correct, but it’s how I managed to get our ranger to marry me. Also note that you can do these encounters in any order you want. The dialogue after Cael is a bit tricky, which I’ll explain in detail.

    1. Rescue Karnwyr
    2. Talk about your backgrounds (he likes to talk about this early in the morning, somewhere near a town. I got this while in Ivarstead)
    3. First kiss, after rescue and background talk, should be any town. Try Ivarstead.
    4. Neeshka encounter. After Neeshka dialogue triggered inside an interior. I’d use a player home for more privacy.
    5. Meet Alec in Windhelm Inn, participate his recital. After Alec dialogue should occur somewhere in the wilderness. I got this while walking to my home which is near Lake Ilinalta.
    6. Jack encounter at Solitude docks. Keep talking to Jack and after he has been escorted to his ship, you should talk to Bishop. He should be drunk and then you find yourself at the Winking Skeever. You should afterwards have a dialogue and receive his wolf ring. Try an interior area. I got it while inside a city, but it may differ.
    7.Have a ball with Casavir. After dialogue should occur in the wilderness somewhere.
    8. Darren in Winterhold. After dialogue should happen in the wilderness, far away from Winterhold area. Try the Rift or Falkreath.
    9. Meet with Cael at the shrine of Dibella in the Reach. From Karthspire, travel further south down the road and you should meet Cael accompanied by Anu and Robin. The after dialogue is hard to trigger. You must have completed ALL the mentioned above. Try traveling to small settlements and then speak to Bishop around later afternoon game time, near a town. I got this to trigger at Riverwood after a bit of traveling.

    After ALL above has been completed:

    The ranger will start telling you about his feelings. Travel with him, talk to him. In game times vary from early morning till late evening. Eventually he’ll propose to you. (Try talking to him around in the morning, in the middle of nowhere)

    Arrange your wedding
    Spend your time with him
    (Optional) Have his child.
    Interract with the child after he’s grown up. There are a lot of cute scenes between him and Bishop.

    There, that concludes the guide.

    NOTE: Sex IS optional and up to you. Just back away from the dialogue box, don’t worry, you won’t break his brains… or manhood…

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    About how long did it take for Bishop to open up the “I love you” dialogue parts after you’ve met everyone? Is it set on how many in game days go by?

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    There are no set in game days, per se, just in game time (morning, evening, afternoon)

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    Awesome, thanks!


    I should also mention that he gets particularly chatty during the morning hours around the towns of Riverwood, Ivarstead, and the tower.

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