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    Hello Ladies,

    As more and more of us are taking the leap over to Special Edition, and wanting to take our favourite Ranger with us, I decided to create this topic, hoping to help many out with problems.

    I have just passed 1000 real life hours on Special Edition with Bishop and with very few issues, allowing me now to have a very stable mod.

    I took the leap to SSE on 24th July 2018 and haven’t been back on Skyrim LE since.

    These are my characters taken this morning UK time. Torvii  is in her 3rd stage of pregnancy. I think this is my 7th full play through, adventuring, interacting with very little fast travelling. Following the Dragon Quest line. First meeting Bishop on day 1 to watching their child grow into a fine 6 year old boy.

    When I started my conversion,  I downloaded a new, untouched version of SRM from nexus. Renamed the folder “Skyrim Romance Mod SSE” and made a copy of it  just in case I needed a backup if things went wrong. (Meshes not optimising right etc, so I could then grab a copy of an untouched Mesh, re optimise, place in my SRM SSE and try again.)

    My First advice is to turn off your automatic updates on steam, reason is that Bethesda update their custom content often changing the game version number. This then makes SKSE64 outdated, which means you can not play SRM until SKSE64 update also.

    Part 1.

    Create yourself a “SSE Tools” folder on your desktop, you will use this a lot. This is what is in mine.. 🙂


    I started my journey with a bare bones set up in terms of mods. Environmental, Campsite, Osex, and a few of my own mods that I had practised converting on, I knew these wouldn’t interfere with SRM. Below is a list of the mods needed to run SRM SSE.

    1. Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE – FNIS SE XXXL (Nexus SSE)
    2. SexLabFrameworkSE v163 BETA5 (Loverlabs SSE)
    3. Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Loverslabs SSE)
    4. PapyrusUtil SE – Modders Scripting Utility Functions (Nexus SSE)
    5. Alternate Start – Live Another Life SSE (Nexus SSE)
    6. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Nexus SSE)
    7. SkyUI SSE (Nexus SSE)
    8. SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) – Recommended by Sexlabs. Loverslabs SSE)


    I would also recommend MO2 as this allows you to tinker with SRM much more easily. If you choose not to use MO2 please skip this and go to Part 3.


    Part 2.

    But please be advised that MO2 requires a different set up than it’s counterpart. “Do not place it in your Skyrim SSE game folder, It has to be put in your “Commons” folder”

    You will have to create some “new” folders in your common folder – Named as shown below…


    Then you will have to path MO2 to your newly created folders, first launch MO2 and click on the “spanner” icon..

    Now open up your “Path” tab – and direct each path to your newly created folders in your common folder, steam\steam Apps\common… Once done click “OK”

    Lastly set up your “Nexus” and Steam accounts

    It is advised to go to Nexus SSE and download a small mod to establish a connection between Nexus SSE and MO2. You do not need to add this mod once it’s downloaded.


    Part 3

    Right now we are moving on to the conversion of SRM SSE Mod.

    The tool you will need for this can be found on Nexus SSE –

    Place this tool in your tool folder that I advised you to create at the beginning.

    Open your SRM SSE Mod folder and SSE Nif Optimiser folder on your desktop. Double click and open Nif Optimiser.EXE.

    We are going to use both of these folders for this process, so place them side by side as shown above. We will be converting all “Head” only meshes. e.g. head, eyes, teeth, hair first.  (We use both folders as this will make it easier for us to keep track of meshes.)

    Open up your “meshes” folder in your SRM SSE mod and going folder to folder, search for “Head” only meshes – “E.G. Hair” (Please do not skip the folder to folder method. It will save you a lot of work later on.”

    Copy the “hair” folder and paste it into your SSE Nif Optimiser folder – as shown below…

    Put a Tick on “Head” only option on your Nif Optimiser converter as shown below…

    and click the “Browse” button…

    You will now see your hair folder- Click on “Hair” and then click “Select Folder” button

    Click “Optimise”.


    Nif Optimiser will now optimise your meshes you have selected.

    Once Nif Optimiser has finished, take your “Hair” folder from the SSE Nif Optimiser folder and place it back into your SRM SSE folder overwriting the original.

    You now need to go through all your “Meshes” folder to find “Head” only meshes. Remember, you are looking for” heads, eyes, teeth, hair”, etc.

    Follow the same process as above, coping from SRM SSE folder, pasting in SSE Nif Optimiser Folder, optimising, and returning back. Include your facegendata folder too.

    Once the “Head” only meshes are complete, you will start on the other meshes.

    In Nif Optimiser.exe, un-tick the “Head” only option.


    The rest of the meshes are done the same as the “Head” Only conversions, Take Meshes from your SRM SSE meshes folder “Excluding the meshes you have just converted for your “Head” Only” optimisation and place them in your SSE Nif Optimise folder, go folder to folder, folder inside folder, separately, and return them back to your SRM SSE folder once optimised overwriting each folder.

    There is a meshes folder that will require a bit more work. “oaristys”… Scroll down through your meshes folder until you locate it as shown below.

    We need to “Smooth” normals or your meshes will look like this –

    These meshes appear in Honeymoon Cottage basement, you will get a rainbow affect on the items themselves, also a black affect across your players right camera view, blocking your vision. This will cause your game to CTD.

    On Nif Optimiser, put a tick next to “Smooth Normals” as shown below..

    Now click optimise….

    Once all your meshes are converted, placed back and overwritten, wipe your brow… smile… 🙂

    Now go make yourself a drink, you’ve earned it –

    it’s time to do textures.


    Textures are a lot more forgiving than meshes, follow the same process as you did for the meshes, only this time using the SRM SSE textures folder…. Folder to folder, folders inside folders, copy and paste using your SSE Nif Optimising folder, and paste back once scanned.

    and there we have it, a big pat on the back, we have a Optimised SRM SSE.


    Part 4

    We are now going to convert our “Animation” files so that FNIS and SexLabs will play with us.

    First download Creation Kit 64 from, we will need a file that should come with it, “HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe” but as another member recently reported, her’s was missing so I will link mine here –  should you not have it.

    Download your “Creation Kit 64”  into your Skyrim SSE folder as shown below…

    MO2 users should automatically be pathed to your new CK64.

    NMM users click on theirs from your games folder…

    Your HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe file should be in a “Tools” folder inside your SSE games folder as shown above. If not, and you can’t find it, I have provided a link to my copy… 

    Once you have HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe you will need to download another part from Nexus SSE.

    Add your HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe to the same folder that came with the second mod. This simply keeps them together encase you need them for another time.

    Copy both files “converttoskyrimSE.bat” and “HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe” and paste them into your SRM SSE folder – “Meshes\Actors\Character\ animations\skyrim romance animated\” as shown below


    Now run your bat file “converttoskyrimSE.bat”… “Double click”on it and let it do it’s magic…

    Once finished, leave both “converttoskyrimSE.bat” and “HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe” inside your animations folder.

    Edit : You will also need to convert your “behaviors” folder, meshes\actors\charactors\behaviors

    Paste in “converttoskyrimSE.bat” and “HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe” inside your behaviours folder and again double click “converttoskyrimSE.bat”

    Leave both files inside folder….

    Another well done, you’ve just done your animation… 🙂


    Part 5

    Now we are ready to move on. We need now to pack our optimised SRM SSE mod in an archive. I use, but you can use Winrar  etc

    Once we have a zip folder containing our SRM SSE mod, we can add it to MO2 or Nexus Mod manager etc…


    On MO2 you will be given options for installing – choose “Manual”

    Now “Right” click and choose “Set data directory”.

    When you see “Looks Good” in green writing as shown below, click “OK”

    Now activate your mod…

    Nexus Mod manager users you will have a button at the top of your screen that says “Add Mod”.

    Phew… Now were Getting there….


    Part 6


    Adding to CK64 and validating the mod.

    Open up CK64, MO2 users open CK64 through MO2… NMM open CK64 from your SSE games folder…..

    Once CK64 has loaded, click on the little folder icon to the left, Select “Skyrim Romance Mod” in your “Plugin\masterfile” box, set “Skyrim Romance Mod” as active. Click “OK”.

    Let CK64 generate your mod, click “Yes to all” on all warnings, they aren’t important, CK64 will also validate your files and it does take a bit of time, but let it finish.


    The window that appears containing more warning, is again “unimportant”. They will not have a negative affect on the mod. ignore…

    Once finished, Click “Save”. Once saved, close CK64.

    Your game has now been converted…. Well Done.

    We will need to download and install all mods needed to run Skyrim Romance Mod SSE –

    1. Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE – FNIS SE XXL (Nexus SSE)
    2. SexLabFrameworkSE v163 BETA5 (Loverlabs SSE)
    3. Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Loverslabs SSE)
    4. PapyrusUtil SE – Modders Scripting Utility Functions (Nexus SSE)
    5. Alternate Start – Live Another Life SSE (Nexus SSE) (Recommended by Mara and Romance Team)
    6. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Nexus SSE)
    7. SkyUI SSE (Nexus SSE)
    8. SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) – (On Nexus SSE) This comes in two parts, a auto download and manual download (“Both needed”). Read authors instructions.) Recommended by Sexlabs. Loverslabs SSE)

    9. SKSE64 latest version.

    10. MFG Fix (If using OSEX)

    Please remember, Do Not Overwrite or let another mod Overwrite your XP32 Skeleton. It will cause no end of problems.

    Non MO2 users can skip to part 8…


    Part 7

    Setting up FNIS in MO2…. (Ladies who choose not to use MO2 can skip this part ….)

    Download “Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE”. Once download is complete, move to you right panel and click “Download” as shown below, find your downloaded mod and double click “Done”, MO2 will now install your mod.

    Now go to your “Data” tab, same panel, two across and scroll down the list until you see “tools”, as shown below,

    Open > “generate_FNIS_for_Users” Scroll down (as shown below) Unil you see GenerateFNISForUsers.exe.

    Now Right click on “GenerateFNISForUsers.exe and choose “Add As Executable”

    Once this is done, click on the “Gears” icon at the top of MO2 panel to make sure FNIS is working. See below…

    We will need to create a few folders for our updates. e.g. FNIS Updates, SKSE64 Scripts, SKSE Plugins etc

    At the bottom of the left panel in MO2 you will notice an “Override” panel, this is where MO2 puts all your updates eg FNIS generated files when you run FNIS, or Racemenu if you save a SKSE64 character preset in game. Or if you run a SKSE64 dependant mod ….etc

    You will find further details on how to create these once you’ve done the next stage.

    This is how to create your FNIS UPDATES folder for you first run…

    Run FNIS, Choose it from the drop down and press “run” as shown below, MO2 will lock as your program run,

    Don’t forget to put a tick against “Skeleton Arm Fix”…..  and click “Update FNIS Behaviour” See Below..

    Once FNIS has finished. You will need notice that and exclamation mark has appeared at the top of MO2, don’t worry this is your updated FNIS data.

    You now need to scroll to the bottom of the left panel of MO2 until you see the overwrite panel…

    Right click on the “overwrite” Panel and choose the option “All Mods” and then “Create empty mod”. As shown below.

    Name your folder “FNIS UPDATES” click OK.

    This is the folder where you will put your updates everytime you run FNIS.

    You will need to create mod folders for all your other mod updates, as I mentioned previously using the same process,

    Right click on “Overwrite Panel”

    “All Mods”

    “Create empty Mod”

    Name your mod.. eg “SKSE64 Plugins”

    They will then appear in your left panel mod list like shown below ….

    To add an update to these folders simply double click your “overwrite panel” scroll to where you mod update is eg FNIS, drag and drop in folder, see below…


    Part 8

    Ladies using NMM you will find you FNIS GenerateFNISForUsers.exe in your SSE games folder under “Tools”

    Double click “GenerateFNISForUsers.exe” and let FNIS generate your files.


    Part 9


    Now we will need to create a backup copy for our “Facegendata”.

    If you haven’t already, download another copy of SRM LE, keep it on your desktop as a backup for your meshes until you have a successful mod.

    Take a copy of your “FaceGenData” folder from SRM LE, paste it into your SSE Nif Optimiser Folder, run Nif Optimiser “Head” only. Once optimised place it on your desktop as a “backup” copy. Delete the file “facegendata” in your converted SRM SSE Mod “meshes\actor\character\facegendata\”, and replace it with your converted copy of “Facegendata” from your desktop.

    This will need to be done every time you save SRM SSE through CK64. CK64 will add new facegendata to your converted game, but as SRM was created on Skyrim LE, your mod will not recognise the new format that CK64 uses, so will cause CTD’s. By deleting your “facegendata” folder in your mod after the save through CK64 and replacing it with the orginal converted SRM SSE “facegendata”  from your desktop, you will prevent CTD’s.


    Your now ready to start testing your game.


    My advice is treat this as a test, not a game. Save your game before every interaction, if it doesn’t work, you can simply go back and try again.

    Read and make notes of the interaction order, times and locations ((CHEAT SHEET)). The last thing you need is for interactions not to trigger because you have rushed through trying to get Bishops ring of power. The Cheat sheet is vital to save yourself an headache whilst testing.

    Give yourself at least two successful play throughs before adding more mods, this way if you have a problem after the two successes you will know it’s not SRM SSE.

    Most CTD in locations where the SRM characters are, is due to Facegendata folder, If you haven’t already, download another copy of SRM LE, keep it on your desktop as a backup for your meshes until you have a successful mod.

    Take a copy of your “FaceGenData” folder from SRM LE, paste it into your SSE Nif Optimiser Folder, run Nif Optimiser “Head” only. Once optimised place it on your desktop as a “backup” copy. Delete the file “facegendata” in your SRM SSE Mod “meshes\actor\character\facegendata\”, and replace it with your converted copy of “Facegendata” from your desktop. Take your save back one and enter the area again.

    If this doesn’t work, try the same with you “Head” only optimisation. Take meshes from SRM LE, optimise them, and place them into your SRM SSE, overwriting them . This part is about elimination. It can be tedious, but when you fix it, you should have no more CTD.


    Mods that add to towns and cities can have an impact SRM, please be mindful that this can cause a problem.

    Mods that change followers AI behaviour will have an effect on SRM and cause issues. Again be mindful. 🙂

    Don’t forget to run LooT. Your load order is important, and enjoy.

    I am on here most days if you have a problem, so are so many other ladies helping and advising.

    Once you have had two successful playthroughs from meeting Bishop to marriage or further if that’s your game style, back up your working Mod as an “hard copy”. It is not an easy mod to convert. 🙂

    Important… Keep a backup copy of your converted” facegendata” folder on your desktop…. Everytime the SRM SSE mod is saved in CK64, it is adding updated facegen to your Facegendata folder. The original mod can’t read it so it’s causing it to CTD. Once you save your mod for whatever reason in CK64, replace the facegendata with your original converted facegendata. No more CTD.

    I will also be adding tips etc…



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    I’ve been following the instructions up to running it through the CK64. But after setting the mod as active and pressing OK I get this error:

    Not sure what I did wrong or if I missed a step, but I only get this error with the SRM :/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Gossius,

    When you clicked on the data page, did you only tick “Skyrim Romance Mod SSE, and “Set it to active”.?

    Don’t tick “Skyrim” or “Update”, Just “Skyrim Romance Mod SSE” only…



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    I only tick “Skyrim Romance Mod SSE” Set it to active and press ok. Afterwords I get the error and when i open the data page again “Skyrim”, “Update” and “Sexlab” are also now ticked. If i untick those i still get the error and they appear ticked again.

    If I can’t fix this, could I perhaps get a copy of your SRM? I do want to see if I can get this to work myself tho, don’t get me wrong.

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    Hi Gossius,

    I have found the solution to your problem, you need to go to your games folder – Steam\steamapps\common\skyrimSpecialEdition\

    and look for your “CreationKit.ini.

    Open up you “CreationKit.ini, scroll to the bottom of the “General” section and add these two lines, (exactly as shown)


    Once added, click “File”  at the top and “Save”

    This should stop your error….


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    It worked! You are a life saver. ^^ Thank you very much.

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    This is awesome, Visenya! Thanks for putting it together!

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    Hi Ladies,

    I have just, after 6 days of working every angle I know, and learning more than I thought, managed to fix the Jewels Mannequins….

    They appeared like this in mine and Raynes game…


    and now look like…

    This was the last issue I had in the mod. Now it is 100% ready for SRM SSE team testers. I am so thrilled….

    edit: and it gets better… I’ve got the dresses to appear…

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    Wow, Visenya, that’s amazing! You’re a friggin’ hero! How did you  manage it? That’s sooo awesome!

    Also, your character’s hair is friggin’ amazing, and that outfit is so great! Are they custom or did you find them somewhere?

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    Hi Rayne,

    Thanks for the amazing comments on my DB. I created it all, body, skin, eyes, lips, jewellery, hair, clothing, shoes, tattoo. I even re-textured baby Julian for my personal use.

    I am a big fan of “Vikings” UK tv series, and with Skyrim being Norse I create my own armor as there isn’t any authentic items on Nexus. I have a whole collection, I think to date, it has taken over 18 months work.

    The mannequins are a bit difficult to achieve. I’ll post instructions, but it will mean you will have to do a lot of  work in CK64. I am super thrilled that I have achieved it… finally 🙂


    Post count: 24

    Ooooh, yes, I was thinking that… I spent so long trying to find hairstyles and clothing that felt Vikings-y but no luck. I thought, “Where did you find this?!” But it makes sense you made it. Very beautiful work!

    Post count: 55

    This is a close up of the dress, it’s so hard to capture the detail with the lighting and it being black…

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