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  • Heather Bishop
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    I really want to play this mod! I’ve tried to get it to work multiple times but since I’m not someone who knows how to port mods to SSE I’ve been unsuccessful.  I’ve combed over the blog and forums and there are some mentions of making this compatible with SSE. Does anyone have any further info on this? Is there any point in the near future where we can look forward to more information on this?

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    Hi Heather,

    There’s a couple of threads where users have ported the mod to SSE with varying levels of success, you can find them here:

    The first one is a in-depth step-by-step guide, and the second one is a support thread for anyone experiencing issues.

    And if I’m not mistaken, someone is in the process of converting all of the files to SSE with Mara’s permission.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Skylar Azure
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    I made a guide a little while back on conversion. There’s no official one yet, so it’s as close as you’ll get. Includes links to all mods (if one’s broken, a quick Google search might yield results).

    The problem with SSE is that it updates constantly, which means the mods have to continuously update because each release literally breaks SKSE64. It only does it to some mods, and Skyrim Romance isn’t one that needs updating, but some of the mods it relies on aren’t as lucky. Despite all of that, I was able to get it all up and running for a good while in SSE before I ultimately gave up and switched back to Oldrim due to aforementioned updating issues. If you want to take a crack at converting it yourself until an official (and probably much more stable) release comes out, I’ve listed everything you need and simplified the steps to make it work as much as I could.

    Make sure to not skip any of them.


    Heather Bishop
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    I’ve tried multiple times to get the mod working, I can get everything that it requires loaded and running in the game but the moment I enable Skyrim Romance itself, everything crashes. If it does load at all I have missing limbs and everyone is stuck in the scarecrow pose. (also I should state that I use Vortex)

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    Hi Heather,

    Just seen your post, sorry for the delay in replying. Have you tried following my guide 

    I wrote this guide for Skyrim Romance itself and added screenshots of the stages needed for success, it also has tips and troubleshooting.

    Getting stuck in the T-pose is usually your animation.  Part 4 of my guide will show where to download the files needed and how to convert the animation files.

    Missing limbs could be down to meshes not converting right. This is why I always advice converting your “meshes” folder (Folder to folder, folders within folders separately) as shown in my guide in more detail.

    Hope this helps xx

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