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    I was going to bring this up in chat but since it’s a bit of a text wall, I’m just going to put this up here:

    But yeah, I need any help or advice with my game ; _ ;

    I went from being able to play Skyrim without any CTD’s from not even being able to travel without the game crashing.

    It started when I installed *ahem* HDT breast and butt physics > u >’ I then installed another mod from sexlab (which was Defeat…I was curious) which where the crashing kind of started when it didn’t work as it should, so I removed it.

    I think something happent when I began to reinstall my “UNP BLESSED BODY” and changed some settings and probably messed up the skeleton. It was around after this where the crashing started.

    When the CTD started, it ws then I also tried to reinstall “XP32 Maximum skeleton extended” incase some something there was overwritten by anything from my UNPB craze installation…and then MO pointed out that Relistic Ragdolls and Force was conflicting with some mods and…yeah…

    I’ve even looked into if there’s anything with the texture since before things crashes 7 out of 10 times, textures as Vilja’s face, armor, other peoples clothes, objects turn purple.

    I am so angry at myself for adding in mods when something in me told me “Guuurl, do you really want to risk ruining your flow just because you want some realistic boobs?”

    So should I just uninstall all the mods and reinstall them one by one? I just want to be able to play the SR mod without any crashes after 10-15 minutes ; – ;

    What do?

    Here’s a list of my mods in the Mod Organizer:


    Me and mods don’t go along one bit…x _ x

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    Hmmm, sounds like you have a lot going on mod-wise as well as all those changes you made.

    I suggest before reinstalling the whole sha-bang again, you can just uninstall the mods you recently added making sure you’re doing so how the mod description tells you. And if there are any conflicting mods within those mods descriptions you should keep those in mind as well.


    I recently had an issue with HDT Breast and Butt Physics as well (many times actually), where in my game, it wouldn’t crash, but the breast physics were out of wack and sometimes not even working. So I had to play around with all those HDT mods and skeleton mods, trying to see which one should overwrite the other in the right order for the breasts to bounce right as well as play with CBBE and everything. And SOMEHOW I managed to get it working properly. And I’ve had to do this multiple times. I think when you try to mess around with skeleton mods, deleting or reinstalling them, things get kinda crazy and dysfunctional, at least in my experience. So I sorta vowed to never screw mine up again since I finally got it where I wanted it. (It was a pain in the booty).


    As for UNP Blessed body, I couldn’t really say, I myself use CBBE :/ And assume they conflict differently.


    But if Realistic Force and Ragdolls are conflicting with something, it could be your load order or perhaps something needs to be uninstalled/reinstalled for that to work properly. Also, make sure if you use FNIS (as well as skeleton mods) that you use GenerateFNISforUsers.exe and/or LOOT to help get your load order in…well, order lol.

    I would retrace my steps, to be honest. Your issues sound a little crazed and all over the place, and I can’t really see your mod list up there, but don’t give up just yet. Search around the web concerning those two mods you think started this mess, and go from there. If you can’t find anything, keep uninstalling certain questionable mods first and see if the game will play from there. Check your Skyrim folder and make sure the mods you’ve uninstalled aren’t leaving trace .esm files, and whatnot, which could be causing the crash.

    Honestly, it’s a bunch of testing things out when CTD happen and you can’t pinpoint the source, so as frustrating as it’ll be, keep trying.


    Sorry if this wasn’t the Holy Grail of fixes, but I’ve been in your shoes many times before, so I figured I’d at least give you support based off of what experienced myself, lol ^-^



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    Thanks for the respond, Rowe! : D I did some uninstalling after I got some advice and somehow it fixed itself and I’m able to play over a hour without any crashes. I did have to start over (or load in a clean save from nexus because I didn’t feel like having to do Helgen again x – x ) but luckely I hadn’t gotten that far on my first run so I can easily catch up with my progress x . x

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    Oh, nice! Well you’re very welcome ^-^

    And yeah cleaning your saves probably could help too after you fix the mod order mess and what-not. But yey, glad you got it figured out!

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