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    WARNING: This chapter is a bit more intense sexual violence and foul language, but it doesn’t go into sexual detail, but gives you and idea of what had happened.


    Chapter 3: The Attacks

    I stopped by Brynjolf’s bed as I was leaving the Cistern to take care of the Smart mouthed wood elf Aringoth and his damn mercenaries. He had pissed off Maven and the Guild with this so called mess he was in, and I was the one they were sending out to deal with the situation. Before I left however I made my way into the Flagon to pick up two jobs, one from Delvin and one from Vex. Delvin was sure the state of the guild and all was due to a curse, I am not so sure he is wrong about that, but there was something far more sinister to the equation. I had planned my assault on Golden glow estate

    I wasn’t sure what anyone had in mind, there was nothing I could do to stop how they felt or what they wanted from me, I could however protect myself from advances they made towards me. I was just about to head out when Mercer walked up to me.

    “Rona, I wish to speak to you.” His voice cut through me like a thousand dwarven ballista projectiles.

    “Of course Mercer, what can I do for you?” I was hoping that I would not eat my own words, I walked with Mercer across the cistern and into what looked like a private den was this were Mercer held himself after hours?

    “I am sorry that you were treated that way by Vipir, he can be a real bastard when he wants to be, but I will not let him harm any of my thieves.” something was so very wrong with this conversation this whole damn situation. I watched as Mercer seemed to draw ever so closer and I would back way, my eyes were diverted to somewhere else that’s when concern turned to outright fear of this man.

    “I need to go Mercer this job won’t do itself and well you wanted to see how good I was.” I was trying to make an exist and was failing miserably.

    “You have time to do that Rona, no rush for the moment and I am sure Maven will wait a bit longer.” his voice was off as he was still advancing towards me. I tried to move out of the way, but he stepped into my path and line of sight I felt like a cornered skeever in a cage.

    “I wouldn’t Rona, I am a lot faster on the draw of a weapon than you ever will be.” he said right then I knew I was the prey and Mercer was the deadly hunter.

    “Mercer don’t do this, trust me this is not the path you wish to tread on.” I warned I knew somewhat what would happen, I dared not scream or engage him in battle I knew I would loose. Mercer grabbed my wrists and twisted my arms behind me shoving me against the wall at first his venomous voice hissed in my ear.

    “Really, I think it is the path I wish to tread down Rona, I told you you do what we say when we say, You understood this. I would be a damn fool to pass up taking what I want from you.” he growled as he slipped a hand over my mouth forcing me into silence, His other hand for the moment left my wrists, i could hear the loosening of leather straps and belts, I didn’t want anyone this way specially Mercer he was disgusting to me, he was old, but then again I wasn’t that young myself maybe 25 at best.

    “You scream bite or fight me Rona I will beat you to death understand? the more you struggle and fight me the harder and longer this will be and take.” he growled I had right then regrets for even talking to Brynjolf for allowing myself to be recruited into this fucking place.

    I felt a pain like no other rip through me, I could feel the coldness of his flesh pinning me against the wall. I could feel him stealing the very innocence that was never touched before. After what seemed like forever I feel to my knees bleeding and my armor once more ripped and damaged. Mercer was looming over me fixing his own armor, that smug look on his face I just wanted to take my dagger and cut it off. I fixed myself enough to go back to the one place here that was mine and collapsed onto the floor. I don’t know how long I was there, but it was a long time before anyone found me. I hated Mercer right now.

    “Shor’s beard.” it was Brynjolf’s voice I heard, he was right there, my eyes flew open and all I could see was Mercer there he wasn’t even in the room.

    “Get away from me, leave me alone don’t touch me.” I scurried away and backed myself into a corner away from him.

    “Who did this Lass, I cut him down where he stands.” I heard his voice I trusted no one right now.

    “Leave it be Brynjolf please, just go away and leave me alone as well.” I said I was in no mood to be bothered I hated them all right now I was scared to death of them. Brynjolf was clearly furious he wanted to know who raped me and I was not telling him.

    Brynjolf picked me up and laid me in bed and made sure no one came in, Delvin had brought several bottles of Ale and food for me which went untouched. Several days passed and I was still laying there haven’t eaten, didn’t do my job, Mercer came into the room I shuddered.

    “Come to hurt me again Mercer? take more from me?” I said I was in such a state that I didn’t care if he did it again or hell killed me for that matter. Everyone else was either in the flagon or out on jobs so he could get away with murder. He said nothing and shut the wooden door barring it. Dagon be damned he was going to have his way with me again.

    What I felt what was spinning in my head, was enough to make me pass out an I had but the time I woke Mercer was gone and this time I was bruised bloody and could barely stay lucid.

    “BRYN, GET IN HERE NOW!” the voice was Delvin’s he was fuming angry at what he was seeing, me in such a state, I was barely alive it seemed, well from the looks of me anyways. Brynjolf made it inside and he said nothing the look on his face was enough to say that he was ready to kill.

    “WHAT the oblivion? Lass tell us now who did this, this should not be happening.” I said nothing looking away from them both, I couldn’t risk being murdered by Mercer. Delvin and Brynjolf left the room standing outside to speak.

    “I wanna know who the hell is hurting her Delvin, this shouldn’t be happening to her. No one deserves this.” he said as he looked at Delvin.

    “I know Bryn, but if she wont tell us there is nothing we can do. I think she is scared Bryn.” he said I sighed

    A few days passed and I had gotten up the courage to do my job, planned out how I was going to deal with the mercenaries, and Aringoth. I let no one see what or how I was doing this, I slipped out of the guild and into the shadows disappearing. I slipped onto the Goldenglow grounds, and dispatched every last mecenary there, lit the three beehives on fire and slipped inside the Estate house. Room by room I stole everything I found in barrels dressers and the likes. I dispatched (Killed) every mercenary within as well. I came face to face with the Bastard Aringoth himself. “Hand over the key to the safe Aringoth.” I commanded. He was a smug little elf but I was not going to back off.

    “I can’t do that. I figured Maven and Mercer wouldn’t let me get any with this, its my own fault, but I can’t give you the key.” he said he was not being very smart, I had permission from Brynjolf and Maven both to kill him if he tried to stop me.

    “I will end your Life Aringoth if you get in my way or such, NOW hand over the key to the safe.” I was being firm with how I spoke to the Altmer Aringoth, I didn’t hate elves as other Nords did, but Aringoth was starting to piss me off. And Brynjolf seemed to be wrong as Vex was Aringoth was Altmer not a Bosmer.

    “No you will have to end my life then.” that was all I needed I drew a bow and an arrow and before he could even draw his weapon I shot him through the heart. I removed the key and other valuables off his corpse, I finished stealing from the room he was in clearing everything. I saw an Unusual statue a bee and took that too maybe it would be worth something to Delvin.

    I went into the basement and cleared out the safe killing two more Mercenaries, and stealing more shit, I had a nick little haul I would sell off later on. I made my way through the sewers and out of the estate. Once outside I finished till tile the grounds and estate were clear of any and all valuable. I made my way back into Riften and into the Guild there was Brynjolf waiting in the middle of the Cistern for me.

    “The word on the Street is goldenglows been hit, good Job Lass.” Brynjolf said proudly.

    “Wasn’t hard Brynjolf and here is what was in the safe, a deed of sale and some gold.” I mentioned as i watched those around me, Mercer was staring with a cold gaze those damned eyes peering right through me.

    “Keep the gold Lass, and what was that idiot thinking Selling Goldenglow, he doesn’t understand the extent of Maven’s fury when she is cut out of a deal. But he is certain to find out.” He said I had permission to kill the elf, so I did he hindered my assault on Goldenglow Estate.

    “About that Brynjolf, I had to kill him he was not going to give me the key and he would have killed me so I killed him. You did say I had permission to kill Aringoth if he tried to stop me.” This was the part I hated having to tell him I killed the Elf.

    “No your right You did have permission from myself and Maven both, even Mercer knew he might be a problem. Right now however Maven has asked for you by name and wishes to speak with you, I would not keep her waiting Lass.” Brynjolf was pleased I could tell right now I was the most deadliest being in the Cistern, I was still very much angry at what Mercer had done to me, I was pissed at the dead elf.

    “Aren’t you forgetting something Brynjolf?” I said with a smile my pay was what I meant.

    “Ah, yes your pay, you’re smart as a whip lass.” he said handing me a coin purse with 1000 gold. I left the cistern and moved up out of the guild and made my way to Maven’s home where I knew she would be. I went inside.

    “You wished to see me Maven?” I said politely, she was not someone i wanted to tangle with right now.

    “Ah yes, I have a job for you Rona.” she explaned about Honningbrew meadery and I listened as if my life depended on the entire situation.

    “Let me make it clear Rona if you botch this job I will make sure you spend the rest of the 4th era in prison, You haven’t screwed up so far, but I did have to warn you.” she said sternly.

    “I understand Maven, there is no room for screw ups or botched jobs.” I said and then walked out I knew she meant business.

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