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    Huh, it’s weird, I was watching MxR’s playthrough for Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, and when he went into an area, I instantly recognized the voice of River. Is that a bad thing? Or am I just finding out about how popular of a voice actor he really is?

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    River is in a ton of Skyrim mods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he offers his services on the forums and often responds to posts looking for voice actors. He was almost in one of my mods actually, funnily enough

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    I seem to have heard him also as one of the main characters in Helgen Reborn. Does anybody know if that’s true? I must say that I can’t stop admiring his awesome work in Skyrim Romance 3.0. That moment when Bishop talks to his son about Casavir and suddenly his voice seems to fail… OMG, I just wanted to step over to him and hug him! Well, Bishop, not River… 😀 He is really, really talented and his voice is so lovely!

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