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    Post here minor fun details about your character, such as their favorite season, food, color, time of day, etc., or it could even be random bits of information in general. This is all just for fun. 🙂 Post however many things you want, and absolutely whatever you want, and you can always go back and add/ take off things you want later on.

    So for my Dragonborn Brooke:

    Favorite food: Cooked Beef, Dumplings, Crostatas, Soups… anything, basically.

    Favorite Season: Spring

    Favorite Pass Time: Sleeping, Reading, Singing, Going for walks to nowhere in particular

    Favorite Drink: Juniper Berry Honey Tea

    Favorite (random) word to say: Broken

    Favorite Animal: Bunny

    Least Favorite Animal: Troll

    Favorite City: Solitude

    Favorite Hold: Falkreath Hold

    Where She Currently Lives: Border of the Rift and Eastmarch

    Person in Skyrim that gives her the most trouble: Elenwen, the Dark Brotherhood

    Person in Skyrim that she most dislikes: Maven BlackBriar

    How she likes to annoy people: Constantly making noises and poking people, or singing

    How people can annoy her: They can’t

    Favorite thing to wear: Her ribbon or her necklace

    How to make her happy: Bring her food

    How to make her sad: Ignore her

    How to make her angry: Judge her or boss her around

    How to get her attention: With food probably

    What she is worried about: EVERYTHING

    What is her biggest problem: Overthinking and Complaining

    What is constantly on her mind: VERY VERY random things. And food.

    Favorite Character from Skyrim: Serana, Hadvar

    Favorite Character from SRM: Toss up between Bishop and Casavir

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    Great idea Brooke 😀

    Ok! so I’ll add mine to the mix too. My Dragonborn Sharis.




    Favorite food: Meat pie and sweetrolls.

    Wash it down with: Alcohol. She enjoys the Velvet le chance and the White gold tower that Talen jei concocts too. 😀

    Favorite Colour/colours: Blue, Green and purple.

    Favorite Season: All of them.

    Favorite Pass Time: Dancing, drinking and listening to funny stories.

    Favorite (random) word to say: Hi! 

    Favorite Animal: Doesn’t actually have one. she’s fascinated by the world around her.

    Least Favorite Animal: She isn’t too keen on Trolls. >:(

    Favorite City: Whiterun.

    Favorite Hold: Whiterun. But she does love all the colours in the Rift and the veiws from the Reach are breathtaking! 

    Where She Currently Lives: Nowhere. >Her family home was burnt to the ground after a bandit raid<

    Person in Skyrim that gives her the most trouble: Elenwen. >:L

    Person in Skyrim that she most dislikes: General Tullius << He couldn’t give a Sh*! About Skyrim or his troops. They’re all just a number to him. >:L

    How she likes to annoy people: Pestering them.

    How people can annoy her: Being rude or ignorant.

    Favorite thing to wear: Something baggy. Especially Casavir’s tunic she swiped from his bag. O.O >whoops<

    How to make her happy: Music, stargazing, hanging out with good friends, hugs.

    How to make her sad: Being cruel or unjust.

    How to make her angry: Being cruel…

    How to get her attention: Say her name.

    What she is worried about: Her responsibility as Dragonborn. Failing people.

    What is her biggest problem: She keeps her worries and troubles concealed.

    What is constantly on her mind: Stopping Alduin.

    Favorite Character in Skyrim: Paarthurnax

    Favorite Character from SRM: CASAVIR! >>She is head over heels for the Paladin.<<


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    Kalla Lightheart
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    Guess I’ll toss mine here too XD

    Name: Kalla Lilianna Lightheart (Winter-Born)

    Favourite Food: She’s a sucker for fresh fruit

    Favourite Season(s): Fall & Winter

    Favourite Past Time: Camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, running, sparring & training

    Favourite Drink: one I made up that can come from either Hammerfell or Elswyr (modern equivalent is tequila lol)

    Favourite Word: It really depends on the situation she finds herself in >.>

    Favourite Animal: Wolves (no brainer there! LOL)

    Least Favourite Animal: It’s a toss up between gargoyles & vampires (possibly Orcs but they’re not “technically” an animal >.> & she has her reasons)

    Favourite City: None really but she ends up spending quite a bit of time in Whiterun for the Companions

    Favourite Hold: The Reach

    Where She Currently Lives: Wherever she camps. Otherwise, she has a house in the Skaal village on Solstheim.The only actual property Kalla owns outright

    Person in Skyrim That Gives Her the Most Trouble: The Thalmor in general. (SPOILER) Ulfric Stormcloak as well as another person that I won’t name right now.

    Person In Skyrim That She Most Dislikes: At the moment, that would be anyone with the Dark Brotherhood but it will undoubtedly change in the future

    How She Likes to Annoy People: She doesn’t really like to annoy people but she does love joking around with & picking on her friends, just not in a mean way.

    How People Annoy Her: She has a real problem with the Nobility not taking care of the common folk under their care. It is her one major pet peeve.

    Favourite Thing To Wear: The ring Bishop gave her, her amulet & the armour Hrongar gave her as well as her Nordic weapons are her default go-to items

    How to Make Her Happy: Be kind to her, genuinely.

    How To Make Her Sad: Being sad yourself tends to make Kalla empathize with them on some level.

    How To Make Her Angry: Abuse those weaker than you

    How To Get Her Attention: Weapons lol Or just call her name if you know it

    What She Is Worried About: Failing to save Nirn from Alduin the World-Eater & disappointing her Lady Meridia

    What Is Her Biggest Problem: Kalla tends to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. She doesn’t open up very easily, even to her friends or lover because of what’s happened to her in her past. She tends to keep that all to herself & she’s not really much a one for asking for help with anything even when she may need it. She can’t bear the thought of someone being hurt because of her & the thought of losing someone close to her, someone she loves, is enough to bring her to her knees.

    What Is Constantly On Her Mind: At the moment, many things. Her mind is pretty broken right now.

    Favourite Character from Skyrim: Aela & Farkas

    Favourite Character from SRM: Bishop of course! XP

    [& one for myself!] Favourite Person from Forged in Fire: (other than the ranger) It would have to be all members of the pack out of the Sanctuary & Kaida.

    [Kalla with her black eyes]

    [Kalla in her wolf form]

    [Kalla with her dual-coloured eyes]

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    Dragonborn Imsy

    Favorite food: Potato stew

    Favorite Season: Summer

    Favorite Pass Time: Reading and

    Favorite Drink: Honningbrew Mead

    Favorite (random) word to say: Unintelligible, or maybe inherently.

    Favorite Animal: Fox

    Least Favorite Animal: Bears. Because fuck bears.

    Favorite City: Solitude or Whiterun

    Favorite Hold: The Rift

    Where She Currently Lives: A large family home near Pinewatch

    Person in Skyrim that gives her the most trouble: Alduin

    Person in Skyrim that she most dislikes: Ulfric

    How she likes to annoy people: She doesn’t like annoying people.

    How people can annoy her: Disrupt her reading or waking her up.

    Favorite thing to wear: Dragonscale Armor for adventuring and merchant’s clothes in the city.

    How to make her happy: A thoughtful and meaningful gift.

    How to make her sad: Being away from her children

    How to make her angry: Hurt her animals or loved ones

    How to get her attention: Call her for help

    What she is worried about: What her children would grow up to be if they knew she was a thief.

    What is her biggest problem: Her affinity for pickpocketing.

    What is constantly on her mind: The fate that Skyrim has laid out for her.

    Bladeheart Ceres
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    This looks fun! Here’s for my most recent Dragonborn, and the one I intend to use for Skyrim Romance, Morgaine Wickque:

    • Favorite food: Snowberry crostata, Elsweyr fondue
    • Favorite Season: Autumn
    • Favorite Pass Time: Playing the lute, cooking, baking, dancing
    • Favorite Drink: Colovian brandy
    • Favorite (random) word to say: See any of these.
    • Favorite Animal: Foxes
    • Least Favorite Animal: Spiders
    • Favorite City: Whiterun, Falkreath, Solitude
    • Favorite Hold: Whiterun
    • Where She Currently Lives: Taverns
    • Person in Skyrim that gives her the most trouble: Whoever keeps sending her those damn Dark Brotherhood assassins
    • Person in Skyrim that she most dislikes: Ulfric, Elisif, Tullius, generally anyone involved in the Civil War, really
    • How she likes to annoy people: Talking to them and pestering them with questions
    • How people can annoy her: Talk about anything involving the Civil War. Anything.
    • Favorite thing to wear: Jewelry
    • How to make her happy: Listen to her stories, her singing, her lute playing, give her jewelry
    • How to make her sad: Point out all her flaws & limitations
    • How to make her angry: Talking about the Civil War works. She hates it, finds it stupid, and wonders why in Oblivion did she have to end up in Skyrim just as everything goes to hell. So does making fun of her flaws & limitations.
    • How to get her attention: Jewelry, flowers, food, music
    • What she is worried about: Never being good enough, being defined by her half-blindness, being incapable of doing great things due to her setbacks
    • What is her biggest problem: Self-esteem issues
    • What is constantly on her mind: How to improve herself, how to be better, a way to heal her other eye, a way to get back home, a way to save the world from Alduin – and wait, why is that ranger so – no, no focus on the reality. (She’s a really jumpy, almost naive woman who doesn’t know how to deal with feelings. Especially random hormones going on overdrive.)
    • Favorite Skyrim Character: My favorite? Marcurio. Gabriella. Brynjolf still annoyed that he isn’t marriageable. Muiri. Aventus.
    • Favorite SRM Character: Karnwyr, no doubt about it. Cael too.
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