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    Bishop: wow…. ladyship… you loo-

    Noor: I look like a constipated fish.

    Bishop: -.-


    Noor: (sighhhh) right Cas lets get this over with and- oh…. those look good! mmm… so damn good….. wow… come to mama-

    Casavir: my lady?


    Casavir: umm my lady… your ankles (blushing) I dare not look but they’re showing.

    Noor: what the fresh oblivion is wrong with my ankles? cant a girl sit in this damned dress!?! You don’t exactly have heels on! You don’t know how I feel right now! Go get me cake!!!!


    Lady: oh… who made your dress? a hagraven or a seamstress (snobbish laugh)

    Noor: Who made your face? The deadra of ugly? HAH!!! take that bishhhhhh!

    Casavir: My lady please… -.-


    Other lady: oh the dragonborn is here… great… drama follows her like an unwanted smell.

    Noor: oh…. girl you better run.

    Casavir: my lady no!!!!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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