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    During, my college years I remember during spring break my friends, and I selected to go up to my uncle’s log cabin. We decided to leave early Saturday morning. I went home to call my aunt to tell her some of my friends were coming with me to the log cabin up in the mountains. There was a mystery surrounding those mountains. The hills in the back of the cabin mysterious things happened. People find strange things that no one can explain, and sometimes people go missing, or their existence disappears altogether. I remember something of when I was a child my aunt and uncle took me to the cabin for the summer.
    My uncle and I would always get up early in the morning to go fishing so we would have fresh fish for dinner that day. One day I woke up early to get ready to go with my uncle but something happened. I don’t remember much all I remember is I woke up in a cave, and my father found me with nothing but my uncle’s watch. My uncle disappeared with no trace of where he went or how I got in that cave. I don’t remember much from that day. I remember after that day my aunt and father never talked about it, and we never went up to that cabin again. Since then my aunt was never the same. I was excited to go to the cabin with my friends so we could have some fun on spring break.
    Early Saturday morning my friends and I met at the coffee shop to have breakfast, pack of the van and set out to meet my aunt at the cabin. My aunt told me she was not going to be staying she had to fly out the next day for business. We arrived to meet my aunt she handed me the keys but told me that I should not go up to the cabin or be left alone because of what happened to my uncle back when I was a child. I found it strange that my aunt would only say that after all these days. I wanted to talk to her about that day, but she didn’t want to talk about it. My aunt had this strange look on her face, but as soon as we got there, she ran off and never came back. I don’t remember much after that.
    My friends and I drove the rest of the way. We arrived at the cabin around 8 pm. We unpacked the van, and everyone decided to make a fire for the night supper. Some of us went fishing to catch some fish for dinner. Some of us stayed at the cabin to get ready for dinner. After we ate, we finished unpacking for the two weeks we had off we were going to do some exploring, hiking, fishing, boating, etc.
    We decided to get some rest so we can start early in the morning. I went to my old room. My friends decided to share the other two bedrooms. There was Matt, Micheal in one bedroom, Sylvia, Leslie, in another bedroom and then I was in my old room. We came up here for some fun, but I would never have expected what happened to us or how to get back to the cabin.
    The next day Matt and Micheal went hiking. Sylvia Leslie and I went exploring around the cabin to see what was around the old place. I remember telling my friends what I could remember of that day what happened to my uncle and me. I don’t know much of what happened that day except my father finding me in a cave. How I got there or why I was there I still to this day I don’t remember much of what happened to me.
    We started in the morning exploring around the area near the cabin. I didn’t want to go far due to what I remember my aunt saying. After a few hours, we came along another stream where Sylvia noticed something on a log on the other side of the stream. The flow of the stream was not that deep, so we decided to cross over and see what was on the log. It was a leather-bound book like we have never seen before. When we opened up the book, it was a shock it was in my uncle’s handwriting, and inside there was a letter addressed to me from my uncle.
    The letter inside the book was as follows:
    To my niece,
    After all these years you probably don’t remember what happened to you. You probably don’t remember what happened to your uncle. I am in a different world and place. I know when you read this, you are probably grown up. I need your help. I am in a place called Skyrim. I have been here for some time. I could never find a way to go back home. I found a way to send you back home but at the cost of your memory. I know you probably think this is weird or you are scared, but I am writing you this hoping this gets to you in time so you can help me. I have been learning about this world, and I can tell you that it is different than anything you have ever known or seen. You must read this book I have sent along with the map I have drawn. Please find the cave your father found you in. Keep the drawing of the plan with you. Find me when you find a way to Skyrim.
    Waiting in Skyrim,
    Your Uncle

    When my friends and I read this, I was scared, confused and upset why all of a sudden was I seeing something from my uncle when I was a child he disappeared, and I still don’t remember what happened. My friends were wondering if this was a joke. I told them that I don’t know what happened to my uncle; all I remember is I was in a cave when my father found me. How I got there, I still don’t remember.

    Post count: 4

    This is just the start of a story my daughter who is now 13 we started when she was 11 I just thought I would post some of the work we have done together. She loves Skyrim. She keeps up with skyrimromance website. I don’t let her read the ones which are 18+. She has not done pictures to this story yet. If you have comments or want to criticize the story please be kind. She wants to be a writer and she wants to draw pictures for her stories so I am encouraging her to work on a story with me. This is just a start of the story.


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