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    Link to the review:

    (just a note: the mod has the adult tag, so to see the review, you gotta have a free account on modpicker)

    My Review Itself:

    Skyrim Romance Mod 3.0 by Maralightfeather introduces to Skyrim something that has been sorely lacking amongst it’s huge array of features. Romance. Yes it has marriage, but the vanilla skyrim romance is basically “fetch that sweetroll” followed by “Thanks for the sweetroll, I see you have an amulet of mara. Shall we get hitched?” In comes Skyrim Romance Mod.

    The concept is adding romance for female characters into Skyrim. But unlike other mods that claim they add romance, which is nothing more than adding the ability to have sex with npc’s, this one goes well above and beyond that, as it adds unique story, unique characters, and you build a relationship from the distrustful beginnings to marriage and even having a child. It set out to add a new level of immersion to the game in a category that was lacking. I’d say concept wise, it’s achieved it perfectly.

    The enjoyment of this mod and the follower for me, is something I can never not have in my skyrim. When delving into dungeons, Bishop, the follower added by this mod, will offer his take on advice, from asking you to sneak so you aren’t alerting everything in the dungeon, to asking you to not set off traps.

    And through this grand adventure, Bishop and I meet unique and interesting characters, and situations. Such as Casavir, who is a Paladin visiting Solitude. He claims to live a life of celibacy, and asks you to attend the grand crystal ball. But when Bishop shows up, he shows his true colors.

    Every hold now, has someone added in to visit and meet. My adventures with this mod, have all been different with each play through, as dialogue does have multiple choices, and multiple responses. And Bishop’s wolf, Karnwyr, is finally fixed from the bugs of 2.0, and he looks better than ever before, and doesn’t get in the way nearly as much as he used to. Sometimes he does decide to lay down in a doorway but that tiny bit isn’t enough to knock the score down for me.

    Aesthetics wise, the characters are all unique, and look amazing. The clothing and armor added to the game via this mod, are simply gorgeous. And a lot of the graphical problems of Skyrim Romance Mod 2.0, have been fixed with 3.0. An example is the bath added to the Bannered Mare, in 2.0 it would put shadow stripes over many peoples characters, including my own. This though has been fixed as of 3.0.

    Voice Acting
    Call me bias, but River has a sexy voice. And I thoroughly enjoy hearing his dialogue which has been vastly improved from 2.0. Meeting Bishop was far more immersive and made loads more sense. The NPC’s added by the mod, are also extremely well voiced and it is wonderful hearing these voices outside of the default npc’s voices. Even the mod author tossed her voice into some of the npc’s added by this mod, even a certain tavern wench in Riverwood.

    The writing that went into this mod, is the best I have seen out of any story driven mod. And I’ve tried a few follower mods that had questlines. Usually the questlines end up creepy, lore-breaky, or frustrating. Thankfully I have had none of these issues with Skyrim Romance Mod. Playing through this mod even early on, the writing has been top notched and much improved over the 2.0 version. No more will players have to hand wave how they meet Bishop, or how to fit a lot of the story into their own stories.

    I myself have not had need to plan out my story too much and a lot of what I am playing is random chance at this point. Overall, Mara and her team did an amazing job on this mod. It tells a unique story for each play through and for each person. Out of 6 test runs, the romance began in completely different places for me. My first time through, Bishop told me of himself on the road near the hot springs. Second time it happened in Whiterun, and my last play session, it actually happened at Valtheim.

    Overall, I have to give this mod a perfect score. I have been thoroughly won over with this mod and I am a permanent fan.

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