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  • Kaida Godsborn
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    Hmm.. introductions. Little late but what evs…    :3

    I go by Kaida here. I’m 23 (Birthday in July ^.^) I work and go to school for Game Design (Character Design specifically). I am an officer of my school’s PopCulture Club (Otherwise this site would OWN me, lol) I love to Create art, Drawing, Painting, and recently Digital. I also sew, bake, cook, and READ <3 . I live in Florida, USA and enjoy time outside at the beach and at Disney and Universal Studios when I can. I live just south of Kennedy Space Center so we get to see rocket launches from time to time. I live a fun and somewhat relaxed life compared to others. I love games and the freedom i feel playing them. Skyrim is by far the greatest game I have ever played to date, and I love what this mod brings to it. <3

    I hope in time to create many SR inspired art here and that you will take some enjoyment from it, as it is every piece an artist shares is a part of their soul. <3

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    Well, I might as well say hi too. :3

    Hey everyone, feel free to call me Gleem. I’ll be 24 in September, and I’m a huge video game addict. I mainly play Pokemon, Final Fantasy, “Tales of” games and more recently, Skyrim! As for how I found this mod, a friend of mine showed it to me, thinking I’d enjoy it and now, well, it’s just not Skyrim without Bishop.

    As for my other hobbies, I enjoy writing and I’m currently learning how to crochet. I’m currently unemployed, and help out my mom with things around the house since she was diagnosed with cancer.

    I also have two cats, a black one named Luna who’s a total sweetheart, and an orange one named Nova who’s pretty chill until someone tries to touch him and ends up losing a finger in the process. XD

    As for my Skyrim characters, I mainly play a Magic Materra who goes by Sumerie [SOO-mir-ee] and I’ve never finished the main storyline of Skyrim, I just mess around with mods to much and have to start over a lot.

    But um, yeah that’s me. I’m not very good that these introduction things… >w<

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    Hey guys, my name’s Kyra. A lot of people can’t pronounce my name on the first try; don’t worry about it. I’m almost nineteen I’m from California originally, moved to Minnesota, ended up in Indiana. My mother died when I was thirteen, and since then I’ve lived with my emotionally abusive father. I got Skyrim when I was sixteen, and it was an escape for me. I would really bury myself into the lore, and the characters, even though the characters were kind of bland and shallow.

    I only recently figured out how to nexus mod Skyrim, and that was when I first met Bishop. I admit, I fell hard for this mod. I loved the characters, and I started loving Skyrim even more.

    A couple weeks ago, I ran away from home. I got lucky, my oldest sister (who actually bought me Skyrim) came for me. She set me up, gave me a place to live… and now I have to find a job by the first of July. It’s hard, but I’ve got Bishop, so I’ll be alright XD.

    I love drawing, writing, and singing. I’m mediocre at each, but I love sharing. It makes me feel like I have worth. However, I must warn those who don’t know me… when I’m obsessed with something, (Bishop cough cough) I draw and write up a storm. Mostly pornographic material. SO IF YOU’RE NOT COOL WITH THAT…. we can still be friends lol. You guys all seem so awesome, so talented, and I’m jealous. For those of the team, thank you so much for making this, and getting River to voice Bishop. Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Hi, my name is Airdanteine. I know, too long, so you can call me whatever you like. I’m Singaporean, and I’m 25 years old. I write fanfics, and I’ll be posting a long Bishop/DG fic in the 18+ forums soon. I may even do digital art of them, who knows. If anyone wants to just talk, pm me or find my scary avatar on the 18+ chat, I’m always open. 🙂

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    Hello, my name is Coriana~ I’m a long-time wannabe writer that writes fanfictions on the side when I’m not working on my original stories. Although I haven’t been writing fanfictions of late, I couldn’t help entering the June Writing Contest. xD

    I help manage a large-scale garden. I’m an avid music-listener. I play video games, and read when I have time. I’m also am learning the Korean language, play a little piano and sing when no one’s listening, and love to cook.

    Thanks for reading~

    Claudio Pucci
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    Hello, I am CPU, from LoversLab.

    I like the site and all the effort the team put in creating a such advanced mod.



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    😀 I just read my figurative butt off with all those intros, such cool people. Happy I decided to make an account.

    Hello all, my name is Rhiri. I am a hopeless romantic, fantasy nerd, and A+ weirdo living in the Northwest region of the USA. I have been playing Skyrim since it’s initial release for XBox. While I loved it and played it many times; I only REALLY got deep into it when I bought it for PC and discovered the wonderful world of modding. Even then I was still extremely unsatisfied with the “romance” provided. That’s when my best friend told me about Skyrim Romance, and I have been hooked since the day I merged it lol. Now I’m cheating on my other romance boos Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I can’t wait for the next version of the mod!

    As far as my life goes…I am a housekeeper and amateur voice actress (not enough love for the squeaky, man lol). My hobbies consist of many things. Drawing, singing, writing, playing the violin, role playing. The least goes on haha. Though I am pretty shy about sharing when it comes to that stuff. Stage fright to the max I guess.

    Anywho, I look forward to chatting with and getting to know you all! It’ll be pretty cool since we all have some stuff in common 🙂

    Stacey Roberts
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    Hey guys. Call me Astral, Astral-Chan or whatever you feel like calling me. I’m 23 (as of this post) and I’ve been playing Skyrim since…well…2014. I only decided to mod it when I begged my boyfriend of 3 years to watch MXR’s and VatiWah’s videos and check out the cool and amazing mods you could install. Sufficed to say, We downloaded a nice selection of mods, ranging from visuals to armors (i’m a  sucker for armour and cosmetics mods)

    I’m also a digital artist and GFXer.

    Look forward to speaking with you lot 😉

    Astral-Chan x

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    Hello! I am Kailia. Obviously not my real name, but it is the name of the character I created. In real life, I am a transgender female (Male to female), and I am a gamer. I’ve not been playing skyrim long. And sadly I have yet to beat the game. I’ve always loved romantic games, like final fantasy 8 and such. Skyrim though was lacking in the romance department.

    So when I saw this mod being reviewed by MXR, I knew I found the mod for me. I’ve not been disappointed. Though there’s been bugs XD, I still love the mod. And any ideas I can contribute to make it better, I will pass along!

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    Wow… how did I miss this piece of the forums? Hah.

    … Well, to start off, I think it’s obvious I used my real name for my account ^^’. I first ran into this mod I think in December of 2015, but only began playing it in January. I really pondered if I wanted to download it or not, but finally did so (and what a good choice that was). I am a 21 year old college student who is really just taking any course that strikes my fancy at the moment. Still not entirely sure what I want to do career-wise (though I may do psychology). Honestly life is just a little too “normal” for me. Hence the reason I delve so deeply into games such as The Elder Scrolls (and its lore I’m obsessed with, by the way). And I use a lot of parentheses, apparently.

    I am engaged and currently live in a tiny apartment (at the moment) in the middle of Oklahoma. I have been into videogames since I was at least 8 years old. I think it started with a Legend of Zelda game- the Ocarina of Time one :). I’ve kinda been hooked since. Especially when it comes to fantasy/rp games. I love to read and mostly keep to myself. I normally don’t talk much (on here or in person) and regretfully so, but eventually I hope to open up more. I am the most honest person you will ever meet (though I try to be so in a polite manner). I am a total weirdo, basically to the point that I will come up with an internal language to speak with those who I’m closest with. And it’s normally really weird and random :). And I (would like) to go camping a lot more often. And hike and fish and swim and just randomly go places for that matter. I’m a person who’s really up for anything.

    I’ve never really grown up in one place, and have only lived in a house for at most about half a year before moving all of the time. I spent almost all of my childhood (besides playing videogames and reading) singing. Mostly Evanescence. I started at the age of 6 and have basically sang all of my life. I also like to write, daydream, cook new weird recipes, and create characters on really any videogame. I really like dogs and hope to get one soon (though I’m sadly allergic to cats :T). And I love going for walks or drives to nowhere in particular.

    And that’s really all I can think to write, it’s been great getting to meet all of you!

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    Hullo! My name is Rhiannon/ Rhia. I think I have been gaming in some way or another since I was a toddler, largely due to growing up in a household in which everyone is a gamer. My sister and I are making an effort to learn the draconic language of Skyrim (too nerdy I know <3 ) but being able to understand the dragons and read the word walls makes the game so much deeper!

    With around a dozen characters or so I have this thing where I need to craft intricate back stories and plan character development that tie in with the lore before I can even start playing a character. I might even be able to write a book for each 😀

    In real life I am a college student in the US with an undecided major & a million hobbies, but I intend to go on to create video games designed to aid physical therapy (i.e. games for veterans, injuries, Alzheimer’s). As a female gamer and someday designer I’ve often felt a bit alienated in the gaming industry, yet that has only made me appreciate this mod so much more!

    I would love to get to know you and always up for a chat. Kudos & take care!

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    HI GUYS!

    I’m really excited.

    So, I’m Krysten, and I’ve been lurking all over this forum since I found out it existed (which, if we’re being honest, has only been a week, so please don’t call the police).  I am, like most of you, an avid video game enthusiast.  Also, weirdly, like some of you, I have a background in vocal music performance and music business.  I’m 28 years old, happily married, and I have a deep abiding love for fantasy, romance, and the literary realm at large.  I’ve been playing and using mods for games like Skyrim for over a decade now.  The first game I learned to mod was actually Morrowind, now that I think about it.  Fancy that!

    I expect I will mostly be lurking for a while yet, but I am learning how to use the CK and all of the tools, and I completed a standalone follower with custom meshes and textures recently (baby steps, y’all). In the mean time, I have a sick vocabulary and a mighty pen if anyone needs writing or editing done!  Unsolicited modding tips and tutorial links are accepted, nay, encouraged :D.  So nice to meet you!

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